Pure Love (short-story of IKRS) Part 23


Kanak calls tripurari and asks him to separate vidhaani fast as she cannot bear dhaani; Suwarna calls wakil babu but dhaani picks up the call and Suwarna asks him to meet her alone as she wants to tell him something. Dhaani doubts her and goes with viplav to her house. Kunal also joins them as viplav enters tripurari closes his mouth and Suwarna hits him on the head. Dhaani and kunal are waiting outside, they hear Suwarna calling for help and runs out and tells everyone that viplav tried to rape her. Dhaani and kunal are shocked, Dhaani slaps Suwarna and tells her to think twice before telling anything, viplav comes out after gaining conscience and is puzzled as he does not know what is happening to him. She tells everyone that it was suwarna’s and tripurari’s plan as they saw everything through the window. She tells Suwarna that she has betrayed everyone and regards her to be worst than animals.

They all go from there, dhaani does not talk much and she shows disinterest towards her work. He hugs her and tells that she wants his dhaani back, she does not reply. Viplav asks her to forget it; Dhaani agrees and goes to sleep. RL tells everybody about suwarna’s plan against viplav, everyone get shocked as they did not expect this from Suwarna. Dulaari calls Suwarna and tells her that the ashrams doors have been closed for you and you do not deserve to live, this shocks Suwarna. Everyone is sad and sita maayi prays for viplav’s and dhaani’s safety.

Daadi comes in the next morning and gifts dhaani a beautiful set and asks her to wear it for the puja; daadi tells that it is muh dikhayi ki rasam. She agrees, they have the rasam and everyone tells that dhaani looks very pretty and complement kanak. Kanak is angry but gives out a fake smile. Dhaani and viplav go out for a date later in the evening; they dance on the song gerua. Dhaani smiles and viplav tells her that he will do anything for her smile.
Viplav: Everyone complemented you and told you were very pretty, now I will complement you.
Dhaani: Ok!

Viplav kisses her and tells that she is very pretty. Dhaani feels shy and tries to go but he holds her hand pulls her close and tells that she will always be his. He takes dhaani to sarla kaki’s house and all of them are very happy seeing them, they bless vidhaani. Piya comes and asks dhaani to forgive her. (Piya wanted to marry viplav) dhaani asks her to forget it. Piya and dhaani have a nice time together and also become close friends.

Precap: Piya organizes a party for vidhaani.

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  1. nice divya ……good going

    1. Thank you

  2. keep writing …fantastic

  3. This is to all the people who read my ff
    Thank you all, I could write so much just because of you people… First i thought I will wind up with 10 episodes but you guys inspired me to write more and more.

    Love Divya


  5. Hai Divya,from the beginning of your fiction itself i noticed something,your’s fiction is short but it is enough to entertin all of us.beautiful vidhani scenes.i think u started writing after nisha and is continuing very well.we all support u and u must continue with it yaar.all the best.

  6. And divya i suggest one thing,it will be better if u provide a small precap as u completed 20 parts by now.it will make us read without any confusion as there are other fan fictions with a similar story.its only a suggestion.either u can reject it or accept it.

  7. Oh,i forgot to tell about one thing.your cover pic is so beautiful and dhani looks very cute and smart in that.thanks for that.

  8. Fatarajo(PHFFANK)

    Nice going continue like this 🙂

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