Her pure heart- Episode 2

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Part 1

Im giving english translations of dialogues in this format {{ }}

Precap: anika knows nayantara is working with pinky, shivaay sees her crying but she made excuses. She avoids him for the rest of the day.

Part 2

The next morning, anika came to talk to shivaay.
(Anika-A shivaay-S)
A: shivaay muje aapse kuch baat krni h {{ I need to talk to u }}
S: ha bolo anika (while having his americano and looking in his file) {{ yeah}}
A: shivaay ab mai ye sab or nhi kar sakti.. muje azadi chahiye {{ i can’t take it anymore, i want my freedom}}
S: kya bolrhi ho anika, saaf btao baat kya hai {{ anika tell me clearly}}
A: shiv.. shivaay mai is ghar me nhi reh sakti ab, mai is rishte ka bojh or nhi utha sakti {{shivaay i can’t live here, i can’t carry the weight of this relation anymore}}
S: (looks up at her with wide eyes) anika, ye tum kya bol rhi ho.. hmare rishta tumhare lue bojh h!! {{what r u saying, this relation is a burden for u?}}
A: zabardasti ki shaad ko kb tk jhelungi mai shivaay. (Without looking at him)
Jab se aap meri zindagi me aaye hai sab bura hi hua hai, itne badi badi problems jo mai kabhi soch bhi nhi sakti thi.(she couldn’t control her sobs now, Shivaay stood there shocked)
2 rs ki mamuli life thi meri, jbse aap aaye hai aisa raita fel gya h jo mai samet hi ni pa rhi, kbhi police kbhi media kbhi gundey, kuch bhi to sahi nhi hua shivaay. Her baar muje hi suffer karna padta hai aapki vajah se.
Maut k mu tk pahunch chuke hai hum dono. {{how long will i live with this forced marriage. My life was simple, but ever since you came there’s been chaos. We faced goons, criminals, media and what not. we faced death}}
S: a.. anika tum aise kaise keh sakti ho, tum biwi ho meri. Hmare beech jo hai uska kya {{how can u say this, you r my wife, what abt what’s b/w us}}
A: zabardasti ki shaadi thi vo shivaay, na mai tb khush thi na ab hu. Jo hmare beech h uska koi matlab nhi h, muje aapke saath nhi rehna. Aapse milne se pehle sb sahi tha, bahut ho gya ab. Muje azadi chahiye, divorce chahiye aapse {{im not happy with this forced marriage and i never was, what we have means nothing, i dont wanna live with u. i need divorce}}
Shivaay tries to come close and hold her hand but she moves back
A: haath mat lagaiye muje mr oberoi {{dont touch me}}
Shivaay was baffled now.

Pov: how can anika say this, what went wrong. We were so happy
S: anika meri aankhon me dekho or bolo kya tum sach me yhi sochti ho {{look into my eyes and say this}}
A: (with great difficulty and pain, she looked into his eyes with her red shot puffy eyes)ha shivaay, muje aapke saath nhi rehna, muje divorce chahiye. Nafrat karti hu mai aapse or is rishte se. Barbaad nhi kar sakti mai apni zindgi aapki vajah se {{i hate u and i want divorce. i can’t ruin my life like this}}
And that last line did the job, something broke inside shivaay, it was his heart.
Pov: anika hates me, she hates me. It’s all my fault. I could never keep her happy, i destroyed her life. She has gone through so much because of me.
Anika couldn’t control her heart any more. She turned around and started leaving from the room.
She picked her bag, kept the bangles gifted by shivaay on the dressing table and left.
Shivaay fell on his knees, ge couldn’t feel anything, his heart was leaving him.
He looked up but she had left, he screamed her name in pain
S: anikaaaa
But she wasn’t coming back. Shivaay couldn’t control his pain and broke down, his heart was barely beating.
Pov: she left me, what have i done, she hates me, I’m a monster.
He started sobbing
Anika walked out of the house, Pinky saw her leaving and her happiness knew no bounds. She jumped up in happiness
Pinky: oh my maata, anika chali gyi mere shivaay ki zindgi se, aaj to mai celebrates karungi par pehle mai us nachaniya ko nikalungi yha se
She goes to nayantara’s room, pays her and makes her leave. Nayantara was pissed but she left coz she knew she still had sahil so she could get more money from shivaay(well we know how shivaay is fooling her in this case with khanna’s help)
Shivaay cried his heart out and after some time his tears dried but his heart still throbbed with the pain. He couldn’t understand why it was so painful(our billuji still doesn’t understand this is love)

Before he could think of anything, pinky came to his room
Pinky: anika has left with her mother
S: what nayantara ji has also left?
Pinky: yes, acha hi hua dono chali gyi, ab kum se kum us nachaniya or uske gande khoon ko to nhi jhelna padega {{its good they left, atleast now that bar dancer and her dirty blood won’t be in our lives}}
Shivaay was hell Angry but he stayed quiet. Pinky left from there, this was the happiest day of her life.
He stormed out of the room. All day he stayed out of the house, why would he go there now when she wasn’t there anymore. All his employees had to face his wrath
At anika’s place- (sahil was sent back to his hostel by shivaay with full protection after saving him from kidnappers, so don’t worry about him)
She sat on the floor crying vigorously.
Pov: muje maaf krdena shivaay, maine aapse itna kuch kha. Muje maaf krdena shivaay.
Maine jo kia aapke or oberoi family k liye kia. Agar aapko pinky aunty ka sach pta chlta to kabhi bardasht nhi kar paate, or mai aapko aapke parivar se dur hote hue nhi dekh sakti. Mera dhokha aap seh lenge lekin ek ma ka dia dhokha aap kbhi nhi seh paynge. Vo dard is dard k samne kuch nhi h. Pinky aunty muje nikalne k lie or gire usse to yhi sahi tha k mai aapki zindgi se chli jaou hmeaha k lie.
Mai yha zyada der nhi ruk sakti, shivaay yha zarur aaynge muje dhundne. Par pehle muje shivaay ko thodi or chot pahunchani hogi.

{{im sorry shivaay, plz forgive me but i had no choice. I know you won’t be able to bear this betrayal from your mother. i did this for the family. i can’t c u go away from your family. the pain of being betrayed by me is much less than the pain truth would have given u.Before pinky aunty could do sumthing worse to kick me out, i had to leave. Now i can’t stay in my house or shivaay will come here looking. But first i’ll have to hurt him a little more}}

She makes a call and then lies down on her bed.
Shivaay came late at night and departed to his room, he stayed up all night thinking about her.

Precap: shivaay gets shocked

So folks, thank you for commenting on my first part, it was really motivating. Thank you and plz keep commenting. I’m planning to make 6-7 parts of this FF, so i hope you’ll support me

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