Puppy Love – Kumkum bhagya Episode – 5

Pragya came running towards terrace with her eyes filled full of tears. She saw the beautiful full moon,which she admires alot. Seeing it she always get mesmerized. Her pains and hurts get disappeared once she see it. Same happened now too. As she was admiring her moon, she sensed someone near her. She turned towards her right side, she saw a man whose eyes were filled too, lost in thoughts. Then she cleared her tears, then identified the person standing beside her was Abhi. She was shocked to witness the great rock star in tears.

She touched his shoulders, abhi turned to see her,he saw the beautiful moon in her eyes. Yes,he can see the reflection of moon in her eyes. Their eyes get locked. Abhi while seeing her eye can feel an unknown comfort and also her eyes says a painful story to him.

Pragya was mesmerized seeing the sharp innocent eyes. She found comfort for her pain too. It also expressed the guilt. Their eyes told their story to eachother. The cool breeze touching their body brushed them back to the reality.

Both turned aside. After a minute of awkward silence pragya spoke, hey duffer, what are u doing here at this time…?? Abhi’s face changed as soon as he heard the word duffer. He asked, i can too ask the same Ms.fuggy…

Hearing fuggy pragya gave a irritating confused look to him. Hey duffer,What does the fuggy means haan..?? Am i looking like a fugga(balloon) to you..?? Asked pragya like angry lioness. ”

Haven’t you seen your face in the mirror, when you become angry your face looks like a red balloon which is ready to blast at any time saying so he bluffed his face with air. Seeing that pragu’s face become red ? in anger. Abhi laughed seeing that and said, see i told u right fuggy, fuggy looking like fugga.. Saying so he laughed aloud and again bluffed his face. Seeing that pragya came forward and punched his cheeks with her hands. He pouted and seeing that pragya started laughing. Seeing her laughing happily abhi felt an unknown peace inside him. His lips curved into a smile.Pragya contolling her laugh said, the scary rockstar now became a funny rock star. Abhi faked anger and said, see i am neither scary rockstar nor funny rockstar. I am famous abhi the rockstar who is well known for his rocking music and voice. Saying so he gave an proud smile. Pragya seeing that again started to laugh. Abhi gave a confused look to her. Seeing that pragya stopped laughing and said, you are so cute rockstar. Saying so she pulled his cheek lovingly. Abhi too gave a loving look.

Screenshifts between their faces.

Precap: “so she is my doll. The one for whom i am longing.” “Where are you pooh..?? Will u accept me..??”

Sorry guys i know its a very small one. But i am really frustrated with the central board. They are not all declaring proper result date for 10th class. Each website is publishing different different date. If anyone know the proper date pls do inform me.

Guys pls say me if the story is not nice. I know some of u r confused about this, but surely ur all confusions will be cleared soon. I know i am not nice, but will try to be up to all ur expectations.Pls comment ur opinions.A big thanks ? to everyone who are supporting me from the beginning.

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  1. Your story is so good
    Please continue

  2. sherly this one is so perfect and beautiful story dr !
    Its short but so sweet !
    The dedication of the emotions was so beautiful !
    Waiting for your next update !

  3. Loved it and this is perfect but precap alone is confusing and waiting for next update

  4. Loved it and this is perfect but precap alone is confusing and waiting for next update

  5. B_Ani

    its so good pls cntnu…

  6. Cute nokjhok. Waiting for the next.

  7. Nice one waiting for the next

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