KAATIL~(A Revengeful love) shot 3

Hello guys next part ??? so early right just enjoy ???????….
Let’s start ?????
Recap : twinj got married …
Shot 3
The episode starts with twinj looking at eo passionately kunj again captures her lips and was sucking biting while she was moaning his name making him go more crazy to have her …
he broke the kiss and looks at her from top to toe and turned her around he started removing her jewellery biting her ear lobe she moaned she moves him hand on her bare waist making her loose her senses his hands reach to the Dori of her blouse he opened it and she came back to senses and turned around n started breathing heavily…
“Don’t worry twinkle be comfortable he says and lifts her in his arms and took her to the bed she being the fellow thought that she shouldn’t stopped him and she loves him too he removed his sherwani and came on top of her and kissed her eyes nose lips and then he put his head in her neck giving her wet kissed while she was clutching the sheets not being able to take up more she pushed him and out of him he looked at her n smirked ..and opened her blouse fully she was kissing his abs ..
Now he came upon her and make her fully naked she was feeling shy n thought to say that she didn’t wanted to take their realtion to further level but kunj says …
K : I know twinkle u must be tired after all the functions so I won’t move further let’s sleep ok ..
T : u know what kunj …
K : what ????
T : I love u how u understood what I was thinking …
K : coz I love u jaan ..now sleep good night he kissed her forehead and she slept hugging him while he was awake he went to his balcony …

One mistake n I’ll loose her forever she the biggest idiot thought I understood her but I wanna give her pain when we will be alone n no one will be able to hear her screams don’t worry babes soon we will be there ..he smirks and went back to his room and saw twinkle sleeping peacefully for a second he lost in her ..and was looking at her lovingly ..
Flash back shows …
Twinkle was shown running in college campus while kunj was trying to catch her …
What happen kunj the great u are not able.to catch me haan …
K : haan then ur running is so fast sometimes I think u are not a normal.girl …
Twinkle looks at him shocked as she was an secret agent that time while kunj laughs …
K : u are scared ????
T :. No why will i ???..
No she says and was trying to go from there when he pulls her and says …
Tell me nah plzz I am dying to hear it from u ..
What ??? She asked ..
U don’t know ?
Nah …
Ok then let it be …he says and was going from there when she holds his wrist ..
I’ll tell u when the right time comes now I had to complete my mission ..
What ??? He asked raising his eyebrow
Nothing she replied and they hug ..
Flash back ends ..
That same innocence which u had 5 years before evething was same but why u did that why ???? What was his mistake haan u wanted to take revenge of your parents death I know but I’ll take revenge back Mrs sarna …if I had knew what mission u were talking about I wouldn’t had loved u ever he says and a lone year escpaed from his eye
He takes pillow and moves towards couch n says whenever I see u I recalled that incident u blo*dy liar u will never be part of my life last night of your peace full sleep coz tomorrow we are leaving for their he slept thinking about that ..

Next morning ::::
Twinkle got up and saw herself in arms of Kunj and smiles she kissed his forehead and ask him to wake up ..
K : good morning jaan ..
T : good morning kunj wake up ..
K : u freshen up I’ll come ..
T : ok ..she went to fresh up ..
K (thinks) : got saved today he recalls waking up early again with the same dream and he looked at twinkle and thought if she will wake up then she will ask him many questions like why he slept n couch n all so he slept beside her …
They had their breakfast as it was prepared by twinkle kunj get teard eye while eating but he wipes it before notice ..
K : pack your stuff we are leaving ..
T : where ????
K : for OUR home where only u and me will be there …
T : ok …
She simply nod and left after sometime
T : kunj I have some work I’ll be back soon ..
K : ok come soon we have to leave soon
T : yeah …
Twinkle went somewhere and kunj asked someone to follow her …
She came to restaurant to meet her friends ..let them name riya priya anshi
Anshi : see who came newly bride ..
T : let’s sit nah ..
Pr : sorry twinkle we couldn’t​ came last night as we came here directly from airport now ..
T : it’s okay ..
R : so what’s your husband name ??u got marriedd in a week ..
T : kunj sarna ..
Riya coughs and says the famous business Tycoon kunj sarna ????
T : yeah what happen ???
R : wo ..twinkle I heard he is a casonova
T : what the hell how can u say this ..
R : wo I heard that so I told ..
T : huh I don’t believe u I trust him so much …he can give his life but can’t cheat upon me she says angrily ..
Pr : cool.down twinkle ..
T : I am.leaving guys bye she says n left from there ..
The whole scene was recorded and the follower send it to kunj ..
He heard twinkle and gets teard eye and sat on the sofa in his house just one thing was revolving in his mind he can give his life but can’t cheat upon me..
Twinkle comes there and saw him and asked what happen he says nothing
K : shall we leave ????
T : yeah ..
They both went to the car and left for their new house or should I say twinkle cage ….
Screen freezes on kunj confused and angry face

So how was the suprise episode ????
Well.next will.be posted in June ..
Coz no time guys …
But I’ll try my level best ..
Ba byeeee .

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  1. great two episodes tysm sameera. so many mysterious. can’t wait for next epi

  2. Simiyy

    Hey Sameera
    I loved it, it so mysterious
    Thanks for posting 2 shots in one day
    Good Luck with your studies
    I can’t wait to read more
    Take Care Xxx

  3. Purvi128

    Hey samee.. just tooo amazing.. this kunj naa…. huhh how can he?
    Twinkle’s trust on him made me teary eyed… he can give his life but can’t cheat on me.. ohh that took my heart away.. she trusts him blindly nd he….
    Well post soon..
    Love you

  4. Sohi

    Awesome episode dear
    Plz keep giving such surprises oftenly
    Do continue and post soon

  5. too good ff sameera di
    loved it
    two episodes at same time
    you have done a great thing
    please post the next episode as soon as possible also
    love you a lot

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing interesting Awesome

  7. Twinj

    Hey sam
    an amazing plot yaar…thanks for posting two parts at a time….it was so mysterious…hawwww itna trust…ufffff that line I don’t trust u…I trust him…he can give his life but can’t cheat on me…that was so touching…par kunj ushe dokha de raha hae….n mission…which misssion….wanna know…plzzzz post soon yaar….plzzzzz

  8. Presha

    hey samy….
    its awesome…
    just loved it,…
    too good….
    try to post soon….
    love u…

  9. SidMin23

    Amazing she trust him blindly but he is so devil and hope kunj soon change and do nothing to twinkle. How will twinkle survive in that cage where only devil will be their.

  10. Mind blowing

  11. Amazing two epi together luvd it yr….. Fabulous epi…. And feeling bad for twinkle she trust him and he will hurt her thinking this i feel like crying…. Post nxt asap…. Luv u…

  12. Baby

    ohh god sam I know ab toh I hv to wait till june naaa…….
    ohhhhh god loved it…….soooo cute sooooooo emotional…..♥
    loved it so mch soooo heart touching twinkle’s words were…….♥
    n twinkle being secret agent ohh god m confused…….♥
    loved it…..♥
    keep smiling…..♥
    love u lods……………..♥
    all d very best for ur exams……♥
    hope to see u very very soon…….♥

  13. really nice try posting kuch toh hua hai also

  14. Ramya

    Wowww sam another epi
    It’s awesome amazing
    I hope everything gets fine
    N u r rocking as always
    Love u keep smiling

  15. Yaar plsssssssss jaldi post karo naaaa or else mainn naa tumhe ……… soch rahi hoon baad mein karongi par kuch na kuch main jarur karungi

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