Psycho (Episode 4)


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‘Delhi. Huff…’

Ragini walked out of the airport with a girl, Saby, hiring as her manager there, by her sister. They reached a white SUV parking out there, a muscular man stepped down n stod in front of them.

“Mam, he is Shiva, ur bodyguard. Raima mam herself strictly recommended him for ur service.” Saby noticing a clear frustration on Ragini’s face.

“What the ****…” Ragini, irritated.

‘Oh girl! Whats all this, I mean first manager n then bodyguard, now what? She always treat me like a kid, being my little sister in reality. But I cant do anything or else I have to face her emotional blackmail, again n I hate that. I hate that situation when I have to become a victim of her emotional blackmails n despite of knowing all, I have to surrender myself, every time. So, lets just leave the things go on its own way n forget about everything.’

“Hello, mam.” The man greet her with a gentle smile.

“Hello Shiva. OK, Saby, I want to go my place now.” Ragini, looking towards the girl.

“Yeah mam, please.”

Laksh let out a irritated sigh looking around the drome, once n made his way through the crowd straight towards the exit.


A girly voice hit him from the back but he ignored that.

“Hey, stop there man.” Same voice, again.

He stopped in his moves n turned around to the source n got a view of 2 girls approaching him in a quick moves, Swara n Salina.

“Oh goodness! finally u stopped.” Swara, going out of breath.

He took his glass off n his eyebrows lift up a little, pouring clear arrogance n disinterest from the look. Swara’s eyes read his gaze n an annoying shadow covered her demeanor. ‘No matter, how much changes would occur this stoic jerk of the ages will never change. God! not even a single change except for his physical changes, same attitude, same arrogance, mannerless idiot. What is he think of himself? He staring at me as if I’m no one. No hi, no hello, though I don’t expect these all hearty gestures from him but not that stingy irritating look also. Whats the use of those broad muscular body when there is only a pea size brain inside that thick skull? Face can lie, true.’ She turned to her friend.

“Actually, we r here for u. Sumi aunty asked us to pick u up.” This time Salina, feeling the tension in the air there.

“Lets go.” Swara storming out of there.

As soon as they came out of the airport, a grey SUV stopped in front of them n Swaroop stepped down n hugged Lucky. Sanskar sneak out through the window shield n a boyish grin creased on his lips noticing fuming Swara staring her brother n Lucky.

‘Lucky, the hard headed jerk. I’ve to tolerate this loser also from now onwards for god knows how many days. God! please help me.’ Sanskar’s face scrunched up looking at the stone faced man staring at him, dangerously n he very well know, y.

“Man, good to see u. So, what’s going on?” Swaroop, gleefully.

‘Poor man! will he smile n talk with this man like this if he come to know about that.’ Sanskar.

“Nothing.” Came as expected cold n cut reply.

“Whats new in that.” Swara muttered in her breath.

“So, how is Jerry n by the way what is he doing right now?…” Swaroop.

“I think, we should leave now. Lets have rest of the talks on the way guys.” Sanskar interrupting his friend in the middle.

“Thats better.” Swara dragged her friend who was busy staring at her brother with her puppy eyes, towards the car n stepped inside.

“Whats this Shona?” Salina, annoyed.

“Back seat of ur brother’s SUV.” Swara, nonchalantly.

“Very funny.” Salina turning her face towards the window shield.

Swara rolled her eyes observing her friend’s uncontrollable actions just by the presence of her brother n her eyes clashed with a pair of twinkling black orbs glued on her, weirdly, with a smile plastering on his face through the mirror.

“Oh god! loon heads everywhere.” She murmured breaking the eye contact.

“What did u say?” Sanskar, turning around completely.

Swara’s face paled with his sudden question.

“Nothing. Y r u asking so?” She, meekly.

“I guess I heard loon heads or something like that.” He, narrowing his gaze.

“What? No…I mean not at all. How could I call u loon head n all. U r like my…” She stuttering between the words.

“Bhai.” Salina interrupting in middle.

“What??” Sanskar almost jumped on his driving seat out of shock n terror.

“Open the door bhai. Look u locked the doors.” Salina.

“Oh! sorry.” Sanskar, relaxing his tensed muscles.

Swaroop opened the back door from Swara’s side.

“Princess, move.”

“What bhai, I love to see outside views clearly, I cant move anywhere from here. U sit in the middle.” Swara, childishly.

Swaroop took his seat between the girls n Lucky sat beside Sanskar, they felt the unpleasant heat coiling between them.

“Hey, u guys know each other, right?” Swaroop screamed from the back.

“Very well.” Lucky, curtly throwing a cold stingy smile towards Sanskar.

‘Got u bastard. So, u r still holding onto the past, right, u blo*dy orthodox…’ Sanskar’s chain of thought halted on the middle with the ring of his cellphone.


“Whats up partner.” Came the familiar girly voice n a wide grin appeared on his face.

“Oh my goodness! Rags.” He, jumped up in his seat, grabbing everyone’s attention in the car.

“Thank god, u got me man. Well, where r u, right now?” Ragini.

“Heaven.” Sanskar, dreamily looking back at Swara through rear view mirror.

“R u alright, man?” She.

“No. I mean yes. Where r u?” Sanskar.


“What? Delhi? U didn’t even inform me. When have u arrived?” He, in a complaining tone.

“Just an hour ago.”

“Dont tell me, u r staying somewhere else.” He, in an investigative tone.

“Actually, u r right.”

“What the hell r u talking about? I won’t let u live on ur own, no way girl. Now, send me ur stay address n get ready with ur stuffs, I’ll pick u up.” He, in a command.

“Oh dea! don’t be silly, I’m alright n well, don’t worry, I’m not alone. Raima has appointed good no. of staffs to look upon my every single act. OK, bye, I need to take a nap, very badly.”

Call disconnected before he could say a word.

“What happened, u r talking with Ragini, right?” Swaroop, desperately.

“Yeah, she is here.”

A moment of silence occurred inside the car n then Sanskar looked around there, observing everyone’s expressions, among the four individuals only one was really excited, that’s Swaroop.

“If u r done with ur stuffs then please let’s just get out of here.” Lucky, bluntly.

“Yeah, sure.”

Ragini’s Appartment.

Her peaceful sleep broke with the ring of her cellphone. She lift her sleepy eyelids difficultly. Her mind was filled with the haziness because of an unpleasantly intervention in her wonderful sleep. Her irritated eyes snapped at her cellphone n she picked up the call without looking at the no.




“Hey, how r u?” A familiar male voice struck her earshell.

“I’m good.” She, uninterested.

“So…u r staying alone, right?” He.

“Not really, I’ve a lot of good peoples around me.” She.

“So, u r really staying there?” He, weakly.


“Can we meet?” He, innocently.

“Off course. I’ll come ur home tomorrow or a day after tomorrow, ok.” She, hurriedly.

He became silent for a while.

“I want to meet u right now, Ragini?” He, desperately.

“I’m so sorry Swaroop, we can’t meet right now. I’m really tired.” She, irritated.

“Alright, but please try to show up ur face tomorrow, anyhow. I’ll be waiting for u.” He, intensely.

“I will. OK, bye.” She put down the cellphone on the bedside cabinet n drowned into the thoughts.

‘Swaroop Sen, a well mannered, smart, tall, attractive, handsome man, my ex-boyfriend n my life’s biggest mistake. I never gave a damn to relationships in my life till now. Many boys came in my life n went as well but no one could change my point of view. N among all of those, Swaroop was turned out to be one of the most clingy, possessive man in my life. He is totally crazy. For me, he is a bundle of terror n shock I would like to avoid all my life. God!’


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Credit to: RSR

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