Psycho (Episode 2)


“Good morning aunty. Where is he?” Sanskar entering inside the house, his best friend’s house.

“Still in his dreamland. Please wake him up also beta n put some sense to his thick head.” Sumi, in an irritated tone.

“Dont worry aunty, I’ll check on him.” He running upstairs.

His heart began to thump in his chest as soon as he reached the corridor next to her room, a big-eyed-beautiful princess’s room n his steps slow down in its moves. Its been a month he is going through some unusual emotions, n a week visiting her home in search of some peace, with an excuse to meet her brother, his friend Swaroop. He was trailing opposite to her room with baby steps still gazing towards her room door in a hope to have a glimpse of her, but no, it didn’t happen n he stepped inside his friend’s room. The big white polished wooden S n R at the corner, the first thing that drags everyone’s attention there while entering inside.

“Buddy! wake up.” Sanskar approaching towards the bed.

No response.

“Hey man, just straighten up ur lazy back.” He, taking the blanket away from the lying posture.

Again, no response n an idea stroke in his frowning head.

“Ok, go on with ur sleep, I was thinking of giving u an important information about Rags but its ok. I’m going, have a great sleep, man.” He, dramatically.

Sanskar reached the door n opened the door with a mischievous smile but it closed as soon as opened n a desperate, curious gaze met with his.

“What about her?” He, raising his eyebrows.

“Who?” Sanskar, acting cool.

“Ragini. U were talking about some information about her. What’s that?” He, desperately.

“Hallucination, I think u r suffering from it n my valuable suggestions go with a dreamless sleep, it’ll help u in lessening ur hallucinations.” Sanskar, trailing towards the bed n lying down on his back.

“Dont try to humor me u **** n tell me everything.” He, annoyed.

“U need to check on ur tongue too man…” Sanskar, in a teasing tone.

“Oh, so u used this trick to wake me up, u…” Swaroop lunged towards the Sanskar but couldn’t get a hold of him as Sanskar swiftly get out of the other side of the bed.

“Sorry bro, but that was the need.” Sanskar, with a laughter.

“Oh really, now bear the consequences of that need.” Swaroop, picking up his boxing globes.

He chased Sanskar n at last trapped him in the corner.

“Now what will u do?” Swaroop, wearing his globes.

“Nothing much, but don’t u think this R isn’t looking good here.” Sanskar, sliding his hand on the letter.

“Hey, keep away ur hand u moron, now I’ll not leave u.” Swaroop, ready to attack on his target.

“Hey, it’s falling down.” Sanskar screamed n Swaroop’s full focus pulled to the R, which is stilled on its place n then realisation struck that Sanskar escaped his hold, this time also.

A chilled n dark room, in the light of sunrays peeping inside through some air space, up around the room. The room was fully filled with the portraits, the portraits describing destructions. He, Laksh Redy, an unknown star of the artistic world, stepped forward near his recently finished work, a portrait of a girl’s cruel smile. His hand went on the eyes of his creation, the bold-calm-deep-dark eyes full of mystery, n then it trailed down to the perfectly shaped nose, pink bloomed cheek n finally on the plumpy lips, something flashed in his eyes n something stilly entered inside his self.

“Everything is same but something is missing, still, to complete it, in a right way.”

His eyes rolled around n at last stuck on the needles on his paint tray, he used in his almost every arts. He took up a needle n pricked on his index finger.

“Now it’ll show the true emotion.”

He rubbed his index finger on the lips of the creation n gave a blo*dy dark n evil look to the portrait

“Perfect, like u. “An angel with an evil smile”, my heartbreaker.”

Thank u so much for reading.


Credit to: RSR

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  2. He he he all r same Sanskar swaroop and Sanskar’s sis……..who is d heartbreak of Lakshya’s?

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