Promise me..You won’t Fall in Love with me (Chapter 1)~Shreya


Chapter 1# That Girl…

[This ff will not be entirely in Kunj’s or Twinkle’s voice…I’ll have to write both of there perspectives as per need of the chapters]

Kunj’s POV-
‘Another lovely morning’…I stretched my arms waking up ..its always those melodious chirps of these little birds near my room’s window…I opened the window to allow the cool Darjeeling breeze sooth up me…I went into the bathroom …of course to have a you wanna come inside??… Leave it girls..?

I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist…and stood up in front of the mirror shaking my wet hair…why God why?… Why did you gave all the hot and s*xy looks to me only??… Mere bhaiyon ke liye bhi kuch chod diya hota..(you should have saved some for my brothers too)..??..with and enough of praising session.. I dressed myself in a white shirt..denim jeans with cuts and a black long overshirt jacket..Saraj..our house servant came with a rack with my shoes and watches… now its so hard to choose one!…finally I chose a black shiny one..and wore it in between my black-brown beaded wide hand bracelet..and a pair of white sneaks for me…
And went down for my breakfast…”Morning Dad..morning Mom..”..I greeted my parents sitting on the dining table..probably waiting for me….”My son..You woke…exactly 15.45 minutes late than yesterday… What takes you so much time?”..My dad said…I know..He is always conscious of my ‘PUNCTUAL’? behaviour!..” you know naa..its quite confusing to choose..what really to wear..”..I answered as a maid served me my breakfast..”Why dont you get married Kunj…your wife will everytime clear all your confusion..”..I gave a ‘Cm’mon mom’ look to my mom…

After being done with my breakfast.. I took my car keys and drove off to my office..

‘Demeanor’…I reached..the most renowned designing company here in Darjeeling..I work here as a photographer.. Ya..right.. Many ask me the same question which is right now running down your mind..’why?..this job don’t brings you so much of wealth’..what to answer yaar..I don’t work her efor money..if that would have been a reason to work ..I would have joined my father’s business…”hey Kunj”…and here comes Sia..My..’girlfriend’ per her!.. we shared a short hug..”how’s my dress baby? “…she asked forcefully bringing my notice towards her full sleeved crop top and her mini skirt…”Nice “ I gasped as I really don’t feel that a girl’s beauty is in her clothes!..I donno how..we being colleagues though..ended up in a relationship.. But not truely a relationship.. I never shared any bond with Sia as I should have shared with my better half…we just hangout together…

I was sitting in my cabin when got a call from the boss and headed towards her cabin..

“May I enter?”.. I knocked…
“Oh!.yeah Kunj…”..answered eyes fell on her PA…what was her name?…Ya ya…got her…Twinkle.. Twinkle… I don’t know her full name…!..she was silently working on with Kiara’s files or something like that…Why is this girl so ….weird?.. I mean..I donno why..but I just felt!??

“You called”… I said..
“Yup…See…we have campaign to shoot….for our new magazine.. here are the concepts from the clienf…”..Kiara said pointing me a file..I took and went through it…”Nice…we need some wide and you know….green place “…I said..
“ yes…”..she agreed….well do remember.. whenever I say she here means Kiara…what can be done..I doubt if Twinkle knows to speak or not!?
“But…this client has some important things as per them to be indulged in the campaign.. “..Kiara continued..and asked me to take my seat..
“ hmm..what they are?”..I asked sitting..
“..a simple model…an actually simple model…”…
“That’s …not..a problem”..I nodded

“..a bungalow as the prop!”…” Really!?… they are really..demanding ..but I agree that a bungalow as a prop is really an amazing idea!”…I said..
“And..last…which is quite difficult as ..we have to start shooting from tomorrow ..a garden with..only white daisies and purple flowers!! “..
“ what!??”…I continued standing up..”don’t these people know that a seed cannot turn into a blossoming plant overnight!! “…I alleged…

Both were tensed..we thought of calling some florists..may be we can get some hopes..”umm..Twinkle.. call and inquire if we could get some location.. “..Kiara asked Twinkle…
“Ohkay Mam..”.. Twinkle answered still busy in the laptop and called ..after a short conversation.. she informed the denial… And back to work!!!!!…”Ummm..Mam..if you don’t mind..can I say something..? “..twinkle stood beside Kiara..”ya Twinkle.. Say..”
“Ma’am..if that’s convenient for you…you can use my garden!…I ..have grown white and purple flowers in a part of it…”…My goodness!!… I am surprised…firstly.. really this girl can speak..and secondly…”thats awesome …what do you say?”..said the joyous me..
“Hmm..we can do..we don’t have any other option.. and I trust twinkle.. surely that location will do..but what about… you live in a bungalow “..Kiara asked Twinkle who was as usual looking at the ground..”.. I do in a villa…not a lavish one”… She answered.. Her head was hanging not because she was ashamed of it..but because its her ..habit..”No problem… We’ll use graphics..”..I suggested…
“Ohkay then…Kunj…you’ll check the location today…”..Kiara said…

I nodded and took my leave…

It was the evening time…
I was searching Twinkle…”searching for Love??..” idiot buddy Samar asked..”of course…one for you..”..I answered.. and saw twinkle passing by..”there she is..”..I went to her…”really Kunj!!!…Twinkle!!???..that too for me”..I heard…I turned “Shut up..”..I said and went to her…”what’s your address.. “..I asked..well I am not interested in her…NOT AT ALL..but if you remember… My BOSS has asked me to check the location.. “You won’t get it..”.. She answered..” Why?”..I asked
“I live in a place where you’ll not find a signboard ….even in your dreams..”.. she said rubbing her palm on the strand of her side bag..”Do you live on Mars?”..I asked..”Why don’t you only go and check.. “..saying she started to move.. “Fine…let’s go to your house together “..I said..
“ You’ll come by your car ..but I walk till my house..”..she said looking at her nails…
”No problem .. I too know to walk..”..

“Where’s the great power that’ll make you realize that you are a lucky enough girl to get a walk with Kunj!”.. Sia came taunting Twinkle ..whom she has always seen as a ‘nerd’..yes a nerd!..
“ May search of a brain for you “..Saying Twinkle motioned out..Well ..I never knew that Twinkle can be so good with words!!!….I really can’t understand THAT GIRL!….


Phew!!..thats all for Today!….I can’t extend this more….

Hope you liked this…thanks for clearing my confusion..since this one got more votes… I am posting this..and will come up with Love in battalion from the end of March…

See..I’ll not drag this story too much..and will wrap up in 8-10 chapters…or before if possible.. But I don’t think it will anyhow extend 8 chapters… You know naa annuals will never allow you to get some free time…

Plz plz plz plz…Do comment…

I’ll post next on may be 27th or later as my net pack is exhausting… But if it will cause me to be late…I’ll give episodes with a short lap…otherwise… 1 epi in 1-2 days….I know you’ll understand…

With Love ❤

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