Promise of love- Episode 2

Hi friends. I m here with another part of my FF. I hope you are liking it. And if you are not please do say me so that i can try my level best to improve it.

All those who have commented on my FF thank you soo much. It means a lot to me. Here is the link for the previous part
Episode 1

Recap- Shivay’s plan to take revenge from Anika…….. Boys torture Anika ……… shivay saves her………. shivika hug……. shivay thinks not to say anything to Anika…….. Anika throwing water on shivay……… and here goes after it.

Shivay- How dare you throw water on me?
Anika- Dont react like you dont know anything
(Anika was fuming with anger)

Shivay- Actually Anika……. it was all a mistake……..
Anika- Mistake? What mistake? You did it all intentionally just beacause i pranked on you??

Shivay- Anika i didnt want to hurt you. I just asked them to prank with you and nothing else. I dont know how all that happened. I m really sorry for it. (Shivay was in full guilt)

Anika starts laughing. So does rahul.
Shivay was totally confused.

Anika(seeing him)(laughing all through the conversation)- Let me make you understand shivay. It was just an another prank by me. Just the difference is that you friend, rahul was also involved in it. And yeah i only told those boys to torture me. Actually na shivay i heard that you have never said sorry to anyone. So i just played this prank to hear sorry from your mouth. You look really cute saying that shivay. I think you should always say that..(laughing)

Shivay was now fuming with anger. He gave a deadly stare to first Anika and then rahul, who was continuously laughing

Rahul- I didnt do anything shivay(laughing)

Shivay leaves from there in anger. He went to the garden and sat on a bench.
Talking to himself- What does she think of herself. That she can do anything. And i, i said sorry to her. Why? Even though it was not my fault. I will not leave her this time. And this Rahul. I will not leave him too. He made me say sorry to her. That mad, crazy girl, Anika. What does they think of themselves. I m also Shivay.

A voice from behind- The great SRK….

Shivay turns around to see a laughing Anika.
Shivay- Youuuuuuu!!
Anika- Yeah me. Even tough all this happened. You are still behind me. To trouble me. By the ways you are really very sweet. You didnt say anything to me in front of all of them.

Shivay(turning his face)- Its nothing like that. I was just angry soo……
Anika- Ohhhh so you were angry on me. Ummmm….. can i ask you one thing?

Shivay keeps his face doesn’t reply.
Anika- Please….
Shivay doesn’t reply.
Anika- Ok i m sorry
Shivay doesn’t reply.
Anika(cutely)- Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Shivay(his face still turned and smiling cutely)- Ok.
Anika- Can we be friends. I m sorry for all i did. Can we be friends?

Shivay turns his face towards her to se a cute face expectedly looking at him.
Shivay(turning his face)- No. (O god he is too much egoistic)
Anika- Please. See i am new in this college and i dont have much friends. Pleaseeeeeee

Shivay(smiling to himself cutely)- Ok, fine.
Anika- Fine?
Shivay- Yes.
Anika makes a wicked face and say- Means i can now freely prank you(winking)
Shivay- Youuuu

Anika laughs. Shivay too laughs.
Anika- Can i ask you one more thing?
Shivay- Hmm
Anika pointing him to come closer.
Anika(in his ears)- From where did you get these cat-like kanji eyes?
Shivay(stares at her angrily)- I will tell you from where i got. Wait a min.
Anika looks at him expectedly.
Shivay goes.
5 mins later
Anika- He said me to wait for a min. It had been 5 mins. Where the hell did he go?

Anika- What the f**k!!
Shivay laughs out loud.
Shivay- You are looking beautiful.
Anika- Youuuuuu!! How dare you pour water on me. And that a bucket full of water.
Shivay(laughing)- We are friends? Right? I can prank on you. Isn’t it?

Anika first stares at him. But seeing him laughing soo cutely she too starts laughing.

After an year
Shivay and anika had been quite good friends. They were bff’s and the whole college knew that. They kept fighting with each, obviously Anika starting first and shivay ending it in his own way. Anika considered him just a friend. But shivay had a crush on her, which changed into some unknown feelings. He thought that Anika too had a crush on him. She just didnt showed it. So he kept a gf named tia to make her fell jealous. Dont know of Anika but all other girls in the college felt quite jealous of it.

Shivay- Anika, what do you think about tia.
Anika- Ohh that lady baba?
Shivay- Lady baba?
Anika- Yeah, your gf lady baba. Ms. Tia Kapoor. What i think about her? Hmm. She is good and beautiful But yeah quite cheap. Always yelling out ‘shivay baby, shivay baby’.
Shivay(in mind)- Why the hell Anika have no effect by tia? Or is she just acting like that. O how to make her jealous.

Shivay- Yeahh she is quite beautiful. Atleast more than you. And she loves me thats why she says me shivay baby. What will you know about love.
Anika- Yeah, yeah. What will i know about love? The whole knowledge about love is filled in you and your ms. Gf only na. Thats why you are always running away from her.

Shivay- I am running away from her? I always wish to come close to her.
Anika- See god fulfilled your wish. Here comes your lady baba. Now talk with her your talks of love.
Shivay sees tia coming towards them

Shivay(in mind)- O god. She had come at time only? Now what to do. How to run.
Tia- Hi shivay baby. (Arrogantly) Hi Anika.
Shivay- Hi tia.
Anika- Hi tia. You know what shivay was talking about you only a few seconds before.

Tia- Awww shivay baby. What were you saying baby?
Anika- He was saying that he always wants to with you.
Tia- Aww baby, really?

Shivay(in mind)- Phail gaya raita. And this Anika, is it necessary for her say her everything.
Shivay gives a deadly stare to Anika.

Shivay(to tia)- Yeah tia.
Tia- Aww baby. I too want to stay with you only. Ok. So today we will go for shopping. How about it.

Anika laughs behind them.
Anika- Great idea tia. Right shivay.
Shivay- Yeah, very great idea. But i have some classes to attend.
Anika- But shivay you said you have no classes today. Right?
Shivay(giving her a deadly stare)- Yeah. Actually i forgot.

Tia- No problem. I m soo happy to go with you to shopping.
Shivay gives her a false smile and gives Anika a “please save me” look.

Anika laughs and says- You both talk i should leave now i think.
Tia- Sure Anika.
Shivay gives her a deadly look for going leaving him alone with this lady baba.

But Anika simply laughs and goes.
Now there are only tia ans shivay present.
Tia- Shivay baby you are soo good. You know i will buy…….(she lists up all stupid things she wants to buy)
Shivay(in mind)- When will her list get over. O god how will i spend a whole day shopping with her. And this Anika. I just praised tia and she left me with this lady baba alone. What a friend i have got. Why am i blaming her? O goddd please save me.

Suddenly he hears a scream.
Shivay- This is Anika’s voice. Lets go and see.

He goes out to see Anika sitting on the floor screaming with pain.
Shivay ran towards her and asks with care- What happened Anika?
Anika- Ahhh! Shivay i think i have got a fracture in my legs.
Shivay(with atmost care)- How did this happen??
Anika- I sliped.
Shivay(scolding)- Cant you walk properly?
Anika moves her mouth near shivay’s ear and whispers- Shivay dont shout at me. I m just doing acting to save you from this lady baba.

Shivay stares at her and laughs. Anika gives him a wink.

Shivay(to tia)- Tia i think we should go on shopping some other day. See Anika is hurt. I should take care of her too na.
Tia- Its ok, baby. Anika you take care.
And goes from there.
Shivika laugh out loud.

Precap- End of some years before.

Guys i really tried to make it big. I almost forgot about it. And so i have just wrote it after coming from school and so i was unabke to make it as big as i thought. I hope it was big enough for the last was i think quite small. And i will try to make the next part bigger. Next episode will be the end of some years before. And i will try to make it big. For i want to complete this some years before fast, because i think i am extending it too much, so the next episode will the last one. But i will bring nok jhok after that too. For shivika are incomplete without it. And as i have written this episode in hurry- burry please ignore the grammatical mistakes.

IB and DBO:-
Today in both IB and it will be an Awesome episode. O good that naintara track is ending soon. I tought that it would also be long for IB was draging tracks from so many days. And i dont get why shivika are behind each others past? Fine let it be. But i didnt thought IB to be a saas- bahu drama. O this pinky is irritating me very much. And again they brought kamini’s track. But its fine for we can see priveer now.

And in DBO the most awaited moment is going to come. Finally, finally swetlana-om marriage track will end. And finally om will accept gauri has her wife. Now we can see gaurika scenes. But still i want rudra story in DBO. For it is looking like DBO is there only for gaurika.

And i am really really really very happy that IB and DBO won 8 awards in total in SPA. And IB swept away most of awards. And shivika got the fav international jodi award??. I am happy for everyone who won in SPA but i am specially happy for my fav couple shivika.

I hope you liked the episode. If you did please do comment. Please do comment. And if there is any silent please please do comment.

Love you all

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