Prithvi Vallabh 10th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi searches for his life mission, Tailap to initiate war

Prithvi Vallabh 10th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the jungle adivasi men throwing weapon on Prithvi to kill him. Prithvi runs for a safe hideout. He fights with them, and injures them. He comes to them. The Adivasi man tells apologizes to Prithvi and says he can’t see his men dying. Prithvi says they are unconscious, and will gain conscious soon. Adivasi man says today I have seen your greatness and asks him to be their guest. Prithvi agrees.

Mrinal greets Guru Aditya. Guru Aditya tells that he is seeing change of happiness in her. Mrinal says changes are temporarily. Guru Aditya tells about the problems in Manyakheta. Mrinal says Tailap’s problem will be resolved soon. Guru Aditya asks her to give promise to him. Mrinal says you wants promise from me and says I know that you might be wanting promise for my

only. She says whenever you ask something, I will think I have given you my Guru Dakshini.

Maharani Jakkala asks Soldiers to go and burn the Kotha. Lakshmi comes there and hears her. Maharani Jakkala tells that this is the right punishment for Kosha. Mausi asks Kosha why did she reply to Maharani and made her enemy. She asks do you want to get burnt. Kosha says she wants to get burnt and feel its heat.

Vilas tells Mrinal and Sulochana that she doesn’t know what will happen to her parrots. Mrinal politely scolds her for coming without her permission. Vilas apologizes to her and says she can talk nonstop. She sees Prithvi’s sword, says it is heavy and asks whose sword it is. She sees poetry on the sword and thinks it is unique. She says it is prem kavita which a yodha must have written. Mrinal scolds her. Vilas says she wants to meet such lover.

Maharani tells Singhdant that Prithvi will be fine. Singhdant tells her that he couldn’t discuss with Prithvi about his heinous crime and says Prithvi is bearing the punishment which I have done. Maharani says truth is that Prithvi will never return. Singhdant asks do you really think that she will not come. Maharani says this is truth and says question is that when we will accept it.

Rajkumari Amrusha comes to Prithvi in jungle and asks him to accept her invitation to come to her place Ujjain. Prithvi tells that her invitation brings happiness and respect. Amrusha asks him to come to Ujjain and says if you marry me then can become Raja of Ujjain. Prithvi says he was never interested to become Raja and says you knows it well. He says he is searching his life mission. Amrusha asks him to go on a new journey, and says she will wait for him and says if you want future will be of us. Prithvi says if I need a true friend then will come to you and asks her to take care.

Maha Kay tells that Maharaj Singhdant is making sena pramuk to Sindhu raj. Singhdant gives sword to Sindhu. Sindhu tells that he will take decision and will respect Malwa. Sindhu proposes that they need to buy arms and weapons and shall attack neighboring territories and make everyone fear of Malwa. Kalari says it is not good to kill others without any reason. Sindhu says you don’t want us to expand our territory. Mrinal sends Tailap to fight with Singhdant. Singhdant tells Maharani that Sindhu presented a bad plan in Darbar and says it is not good to fight and shall not be jealous of others. Sindhu comes and cuts his hand questioning Singhdant’s love for him.

Vilas reads the poetry and says she wants to meet mad lover and kiss his hand. Mrinal scolds her. Kosha’s kotha is burnt. Mausi slaps her for having enmity with Maharani. Kosha says we have to break the wall and go out. Tailap is in the ship and sees Kotha burning and gets shocked. Guru Aditya tells Mrinal that they shall find out who did this. Mrinal says she knows. Prithvi sees a man taking pigeons in the cage. He pays him money and lets the birds free, surprising the man. He asks about the basti near by. Man asks him to come with him. Prithvi asks about old lady who helps people in jungle. Man says even heard about the same. Prithvi goes.

Mrinal comes to Maharani Jakkala and asks who gave her permission to burn kotha. Maharani Jakkala tells that you only gave me permission. Mrinal regrets her decision and tells that why did you kotha as many women and Manyakheta’s people were burnt. She says she has ordered for reconstruction and hopes she don’t have any objection. Maharani Jakala says what about a wife whose husband go to Kotha. Mrinal says she can suggest her to feel the pain of other woman. Lakshmi hears Mrinal and asks Maharani Jakkala to find out what Mrinal wants, if she wants to send Tailap to Kotha. She says you have to find the snake to kill the snake (she means Mrinal).

Prithvi is wandering in the Jungle and recalls his childhood. He recalls insisting to Singhdant that he wants to go to Jungle and asks him not to be stubborn. Kalari tells that he will take him and says only if you keep it as a secret and don’t t trouble your father. Prithvi says ok. He recalls coming there in his childhood.

Tailap cries thinking about Kosha. Kosha and Mausi reach somewhere safely. Kalari informs Singhdant that Tailap Raj is coming there with his soldiers to attack Malwa and tells that their soldiers are incapable to fight with them. Maharani asks what do you want to say that Prithvi can fight with them. Kalari says Prithvi is one man army and asks Singhdant to permit him to call Prithvi back. Later Singhdant thinks about Prithvi and the recent happenings and fall down on the bed as he gears to take bath. Maharani gets worried for him.

Prithvi asks Old lady to tell who is his and what is his life mission. Mrinal tells Guru Aditya that she has decided to live her life without any man. Old lady says you have to become Raja and rule there. Mrinal gets his painting burnt.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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