Detective Didi 10th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Case Of Suicide Or Murder?

Detective Didi 10th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Case Of Suicide of a Famous Actress:

Today on Detective Didi, Pratiksha Chatterjee,a famous heroine takes selfie standing on the terrace and then jumps off from there. Security Guard sees her fallen down and gets shocked. Next morning, Bunty hears the news and is quite shocked. She gets someone’s call and he tells that Pratiksha is murdered. Reporter tells that Pratiksha Chatterjee fallen down from terrace. Her boyfriend cries seeing her dead body. Bheem Singh comes there and asks him to get up. Reporter says if it is murder or suicide. Nana ji and Munna talk about Pratiksha’s death. Nana ji tells that girls shall not go out and work wearing small clothes. Bunty asks them not to badmouth about someone’s character. Nana ji says what wrong did I say. Bunty scolds Gattu and asks him not to use mobile phone much. Pratiksha’s friend Keerti tell that she was happy, why she will commit suicide. Reporter asks why heroines are committing suicide and tells about Pratiksha’s instafone post. Bunty comes to the suicide spot. Bheem Singh asks her to stay away from the case and says it will be handled by IPS officer and Pratiksha’s sister. IPS Officer Sandhya comes there and looks at her body. Bheem Singh asks Bunty to stay away from case.

Bunty looks at the dead body. She comes to IPS officer and says it is a murder. Bheem Singh asks why did you come here? Bunty tells that Pratiksha fell down on her head as someone pushed her. She that one sandal is here on terrace and other is on her foot. She shows the nail polish marks on the railing. Sandhya asks Bheem and others to go and tells Bunty that she wants her to solve the case, and tells that Vishal called her in the morning from Pratiksha’s phone. She says I want non biased approach towards this case and that’s why I want you to solve this case. Bunty promises to solve the case. Sandhya says all the best.

Pratiksha’s body is taken to hospital. Vishal tells that she can’t commit suicide, she called her friends from Mumbai for a big party. They call her friends who tells that she was very happy and was changed since she met Vishal. She even reconciled with her friends whom she was not talking to since months.. Bunty tells Sandhya that it seems they were in strong relationship. A man burns Pratiksha’s pic. Sandhya tells Bunty that she had brought her up and knows she can’t commit suicide. Bunty asks why you hadn’t come to party. Sandhya says Pratiksha had broken up relations with her as she objected to her profession. She asks Buntuy to solve the case and appreciates her for her achievements.

Bunty comes back home and scolds Gattu for using mobile. Gattu tells her that he has uploaded his pic on social networking site and got 99 likes. He asks her to make account. Bheem Singh says she is old fashioned girl. He tells that he has an account and gets many likes daily. Bunty checks Pratiksha’s account and sees her pics with Vishal and other friends. She questions Sandhya why her pic is not with her. Sandhya says may be she don’t want to tell the world about her sister being IPS officer. Pratiksha’s friends come to Police station and tell that Vishal made her far from there and tells that she hugged her and told that she was pregnant. Bheem Singh says pregnant without marriage. Sandhya feels bad. They come to Pratiksha’s flat. Sandhya gets emotional seeing her pic. Servant comes and says he will call Vishal. Bheem Singh says no and tells that they have search warrant. Bunty checks the dustbin and gets burnt pics nd pregnancy report. Servant gets tensed.

Bheem Singh, Bunty and Sandhya are walking on the streets of Delhi. They enquire about the Naari Shakti Clinic. A man asks Bunty why she is searching hospital for abortion. Bheem gets angry and asks him to talk to woman with respect and says he is Policemen. Sandhya asks Bunty and Bheem if they really hate each other. Bunty says she don’t like him. Bheem thinks if she turns then it means she loves him. Bunty turns. Bheem gets happy.

They come to the Clinic and asks about Pratiksha. The Lady doctor tells that they don’t give patient’s info. Doctor comes out and insults them. Sandhya slaps him hard and shows her ID Card. Bunty scolds him for disrespecting woman. Lady Doctor tells that she came to them 2 days back and there was a man with her. A fb is shown, Vishal forces Pratiksha to abort the baby and asks her to think about her career. Pratiksha tells that she can’t abort her baby. Vishal asks her to decide between baby and him. Pratiksha cries and chooses Vishal. Vishal asks lady doctor to keep the matter secret. Lady doctor asks for 49000. Pratiksha tells that she don’t have much cash now. Vishal takes off her chain and gives to Lady Doctor, while Pratiksha tells that it was given by her Didi. Fb Ends. Sandhya asks Bheem to arrest them. Bunty thinks Vishal must be the criminal.

Vishal is taking bath in his house with a girl. He comes out and tells her that they got rid of trouble, and now they will return to Mumbai. He tells her that they got out of problem because of her. Sandhya comes there with Bunty and knocks on the door. Vishal sees Sandhya and asks his partner to leave. Sandhya breaks the door and gets inside. She arrests Vishal. Vishal says he will make her suspend. Sandhya asks Inspector to make him confess and thanks Bunty. Bunty gets message on her phone and gets shocked. She looks at Sandhya’s car and shows that image or video to Bheem. Bheem says it is impossible to solve this case. Bunty says she will solve the case.

Sandhya slaps Pratiksha’s friend. Bunty comes to know about some shocking revelation. If she will be able to solve this complicated case.

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  1. Today’s episode was great and the way the mystery goes on , I love it. It sometimes looks like I am reading some great mystery novel by Dan Brown or Christopher C Doyle . I also like the sweet relation shared by bunty and bheem singh bhullar. Both are great in their job as a detective and as a policemen.

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