Princess (episode 2)

King Janardhan is rejoiced with the new born kids of him. The wicked astrologer comes near Janardhan to take revenge. Janardhan wishes him. That astrologer name is Bhairav. He says to king looking at the two baby princesses, “Maharaja, You are really fortunate because of your first daughter. She is auspicious to this kingdom.” he says. then Janardhan, “Acharya has said about this already. I want to hear about my second daughter too. Tell about her.” he asks. Then Bhairav says hesitatingly, “Raja, your second daughter is inauspicious. The first princess however brought happiness, but this second baby is going to swallow all that happiness. She is really inauspicious to this kingdom.” Janardhan gets angry with his words. He is about to scold him.
But, then only a maid comes and says in agony, “Maharaj, the first queen has left this world. She is no more!” janardhan shocks with this news. He cries. Bhirav thinks as this as chance and says, “Have you seen Raja, as soon as she is born, she has swallowed her step mother. She made first princess as mother less now. The second princess is really inauspicious. Believe my words and send her out of the kingdom now! Otherwise, you have to face many consequences.” warns Bhairav and goes away.

Janardhan believes his words. Janardhan goes near Queen Veena. He says her that the first queen Charulatha has dead. She feels sad. He gives two babies to her hands. “From today, you will be the mother to the first princess. But second princess, is not going to stay here.” Veena shocks with his words. “But why maharaj?”

Then Janardhan tells her everything. Veena says, “what my daughter has done for this? How could you blame her?” Then janardhan wipes his tears and says, “Maharani, if she is going to stay here our kingdom has to face consequences. I will be waiting outside. Bring your daughter(2nd princess) near me.” he says and goes out.
Veena cries alot takes her baby in her hands kisses her many times. She says, “I have to listen to my husband.” and takes the baby with her and gives her to Janardhan and starts crying. He too feels sad and goes away.

King Janardhan calls his minister and says, “This is second princess. Veena’s daughter. Take her away from the kingdom. She must never return back. She is inauspicious.” Minister amazes with his words, “But maharaj, look at that cute innocent baby. How she could be a harm to us? Someone has polluted your mind. Don’t believe this.” he says. Janardhan says, “Do as i say minister! I too don’t want to leave her. But this is important take her away!” Minister takes the baby into his hands and he leaves the palace. Janardhan falls on his knees and cries.

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  1. I guess the kids will get swapped. just a guess. ignore it buddy

    your story is awesome.

    1. Astra


  2. Akshata

    nice one, is this supernatural story?

    1. Astra

      Not supernatural..its normal story only..

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