Preetan SS : Truth of life Part 4

Karan finds about Sherlyn’s hometown Pune where she resided before from her house.

Sherlyn ; thats okay, why do you blame her, it was just coincidence

One of the ladies comments about bad omen which makes Sherlyn furious.

“Sis, calm down, I will go wash hands, we will put another mehndi, please relax Tanya makes her sit

Rakhi ; she is right, don’t spoil your mood today dear

The girls put Mehndi on Sherlyn’s hands afterwards. They call Rishab to find name on her hand but he is unable to find it.

Tanya : jiju, thats not fair, come on try harder, you will find it

Kareena ; dear, you know you are not supposed to tell your brother in law in this okay, watch out

Tanya ; aunty, whats the fun then if I don’t tease him, I am his only sister in law right

Sameer : but sister in law are sweet, you are too spicy and thats dangerous for health

Tanya : really? too much sweetness can bring diabetes Mr Luthra remember that too

Rishab finds the name in Sherlyn’s hands much to her displeasure.

Pragya : Preeta, don’t be sad, I am sure your would be husband would not want to miss your Mehndi

Preeta : thats okay sis

Abhi ; not bad Rishab, you have became like husband from now

Rishab : there is nothing like that

Everybody enjoys the function in Mehra house except Preeta who has broken from inside due to Karan’s absence in her biggest day of life. Sameer’s doubt has started getting stronger seeing Tanya’s behavior. Rishab witnesses Tanya trying take glass of water but her hands are not dry yet from Mehndi. He offers to help but she denies initially.

“Don’t be stubbornhe puts glass of water in her mouth

Tanya : thank you so much

Rishab ; do you need anything to drink or eat

Tanya : I think you should ask this to your fiancee or else she would say even before marriage I started showing attitude

Rishab ; you know your sister better than me right

Tanya : thats right, wait I got gift for you (runs quickly but Rishab stops her in midway)

Rishab : you can give to me later, your hands are not dry yet and you want to run around, go relax

Kareena takes Sherlyn aside for creating drama.

Sherlyn : what are you talking about?

“How can you be so immature, what was the need to be so angry, you were going to ruin whole function Kareena starts blaming her

Sherlyn : aunty, didn’t you see how that woman was saying nonsense

Kareena : fine that she uttered some rubbish, but learn to have some patience, you should take lesson from your sister, she is so sensible

Sherlyn : you are forgetting that I am going to daughter in law of Luthras not my sister, don’t compare me with her

Preeta recalls her mission to expose Sherlyn which she completely missed in her marriage ceremonies. Later everybody is heading back to their home after long day.

Tanya ; wait, Jiju, you forgot my gift, there you go (puts on his hand a wrapped gift box)

Rishab : what is there in it?

Tanya ; I will not tell you, go home and see it by yourself

Sherlyn starts getting disturbed seeing closeness between Tanya and Rishab.

“Was Prithvi right, did I make mistake in calling Tanya here, with so much difficulty I distanced Preeta away from Rishab, and now again no I will have to stop her Sherlyn leaves the venue

Later at night Preeta keeps calling Karan but could not reach his phone. Shrishti too is worried as Karan did not mention anything about his plan.

Luthra house

Rishab goes to his room and is about open the gift but sees letter on his bed

“Bhai, I am going to Pune for few days, don’t worry about me, I know I should have told you this before but trust me I am doing all this only for you, take care I will be back soon, Your brother Karan

Rishab : this boy is so careless, he should have informed me before leaving, don’t know when he will grow up (goes to open gift)

He is overwhelmed to see musical instrument of friendship with small note inside.

“Rishabji, it is said jiju and saali relation is very pure, I know we don’t know each other that much but during this rituals I realized our relation should be more like friends smiles looking at the note

Rishab calls his manager to find out every piece of detail about Prithvi, his past and present.

Somebody found about Karan’s appearance in their old house in Pune. The person tells the detective top stop Karan anyhow to make sure he does not reach the house. Karan is driving on highway when a truck comes in front of him. He tries to apply brakes but in vain as somebody tampered the breaks. Karan’s car fall from bridge. Preeta wakes up from dream and starts getting anxiety thinking about Karan.

Shrishti ; sis, what happened

Preeta : I am feeling restless, Karan’s phone is also not reachable

Shrishti ; sis don’t worry he will be fine, go to sleep, why are you taking so much tension go to sleep

Preeta could not sleep whole night in fear of Karan’s safety. However Karan jumped out of car but his car crashed in water. He asks for lift from truck driver who drops him near Sherlyn’s house. He gets in the house through window from back door. He goes through the room and find pictures of Prithvi and Sherlyn’s engagement. He is completely shocked to see the marriage photographs of both.

“Prithvi Malthohtra, now you are finished, I will not let you ruin my friend and brother’s life Karan clutches the pictures

Next day Shrishti is happy to hear from Karan about their victory. Preeta takes the phone and shouts at him for not calling her back the other day.

Preeta ; Karan, do you even realize how worried I was whole night

Karan ; don’t worry baby doll, nothing can happen to me now, I am coming back today

Later in the evening Karan gathers the whole family including Sherlyn and Arora family in Luthra house.

“Karan what happened, why did you call us like this, is everything alright Mahesh with too much concern

Karan : till today it was not but now everything will be fine

Rishab : don’t cook riddles, come to the point what do you want to say

Karan : bhai, you wanted to know what was the truth of Prithvi, then here is the truth (hands him envelope), his wife is none other than your fianc, Sherlyn (goes to her) am I right Mrs Prithvi Malthothra

“Enough Karan, when you could not find anything, you are stopping low by accusing me like this Sherlyn start defending herself

Preeta takes the pictures from Rishab’s hand and opens the envelopes. She looks at photographs very closely.

Karan : Did you see Preeta? this is the truth I was talking about

Preeta keeps looking at him in tears. She gets in dilemma on what to believe, the proof in front of her eyes or the guy who is supposed to be her best friend.

Prithvi : I don’t know why are you saying this, but Preeta ji, your silence says that you don’t have enough trust on your fiancee who had roka with you

Karan : Preeta, please say something, at least now break your silence

“Is this the truth you are talking about Tanya flips pictures and shows to Karan who is dumbfounded to see the pictures are actually of Prithvi and Tanya’s engagement.

“What the hell Karan goes through all photos again

Karan : bhai, you trust me, I swear I don’t know how the pictures were changed

Rishab : stop it Karan, this is getting too much now

“One minute, Tanya you tell truth, are this picture true, did Prithvi and you get engaged Rakhi asks her first

Tanya : aunty, it is true that Prithvi and I were engaged but that relation is over and I don’t think ti should matter with di and jiju’s relationship

“Karan, you probably don’t know but Prithvi already told me the first day that he had also relation with somebody before but that did not work Preeta explains him calmly

Karan : at least you understand me, I am telling truth that this photographs are fake

Preeta ; you might have misunderstood, nothing has gone bad just accept that you made mistake

Karan : I am sorry Preeta but I won’t apologize for anything I didn’t do

“Enough Karan, today you crossed the limit, we have listening to your nonsense from long time, stop right there, in one moment you forgot all your manner Mahesh start shouting at him but Rakhi and Dadi stops him.

They tells to apologize Sherlyn and Prithvi but he refused and goes in his room.

Rakhi ; Sarla ji, Sherlyn I am asking forgiveness from Karan, he is naive, childish forgive him

Sarla : thats okay but please tell him to be careful, this is not game he can play

Rakhi : I will explain him, you don’t worry

Prithvi drops Arora family at home but asks Preeta to stay back. Much to her displeasure he tells her to choose either her marriage or friendship

Sarla : what are you saying?

Prithvi ; I am sorry, but I cannot tolerate this anymore, this is not my insult but my family also, all I am asking from you  to maintain some distance from Karan

Preeta : I know what he did was wrong but human makes mistakes, he did that too, and he supported me in every problem

Prithvi ; look I know it would be hard for you but my principles don’t allow me to take this decision back, I didn’t ask anything from you but this is only I want from you, choice is yours Preeta ji (leaves in car)

Shrishti is overhearing their conversation and asks her sister to fulfill demand of Prithvi at any cost.

Karan is venting all anger on punching bag recalling the humiliation and embarrassment he had to face because of Prithvi and Sherlyn recently.

“Karan Sir, what is happening, all your efforts went in vain, are you sure you picked the right picture Shrishti says softly

Karan : Shrishti, I cannot afford mistake on this thing, something is wrong here

They hear a clap from somebody and turns around to see Tanya coming inside the room with attitude. She sits royally on his sofa rejoining the victory.

Karan ; what are you doing here?

Tanya ; I came to celebrate victory Mr Luthra, cheers (holds wine glass)

Karan : oh I see, you were the one to change those pictures

Tanya ; you are smart but there is problem, you are too much impulsive, always take step without thinking consequence, I pity you and your thinking

Karan ; you know what? just get out of here  I don’t have time for your nonsense

Tanya ; won’t you ask how did I found out


Tanya had hired detective behind him after Sherlyn shared her fear of Karan exposing truth. She also changed the photographs with her and Prithvi’s engagement when Karan was talking to Shrishti on phone.

Flashback ends

Karan and Shrishti look at each other on seeing Tanya’s sharp mind than Sherlyn

Karan ; by doing this you have proved that your sister is wrong

Tanya ; one more thing, those photographs were actually true, the one family saw, I was that Prithvi’s fiancee but I don’t have to share that with you, its personal

Karan ; you have no idea who you had messed up with, Karan Luthra, I don’t give up that easily, just one more chance and I will settle all scores with you

Tanya : I will wait for that day and one more thing consider this as warning, stay away from my sister, till I am alive nobody can come in her way, alright, she have no relation with Prithvi now, don’t drag her forcefully into all this, alright now take chill pill and relax bye looser

Karan takes out anger on things inside the room seeing Tanya.

Shrishti ; was this Sherlyn less that her sister also came in list, she is double witch that this Sherlyn and Prithvi

“From her talk, it looks like Tanya does not know anything about Sherlyn and Prithvi’s current meetings and plan they both are hatching, she thinks that Sherlyn has changed for good, and I will take advantage of that trust she has on her dear sister Karan shares his concern

Shrishti : you are still trusting her?

Karan ; its no about trust, Shrishti but the only person who can help bring down this two cheater is Tanya, just think the girl who can make fool of whole world by just one move, she can be very useful

Shrishti : but didn’t you see, how blinded she is in her sister’s love, why will she support us

Karan ; she will have to, or else that day is not far when her own tables will turn back on her, I will make sure she helps us to win this battle

Shrishti : you are day dreaming, this girl is cunning wolf, she won’t come into words that easily

Karan : Tanya was right, to win move one has to think from mind, till now we played from heart but now we will use same trick our enemies has been using

Shrishti : I want to tell you something important

Karan : what is it?

Shrishti : that Prithvi did told sis not to meet you again from now on

“Your sister might have agreed right Karan says confidently

Shrishti : she didn’t say anything but I don’t think she will agree on this useless condition of her fiancee, I have to go now, take care Karan sir

Preeta keeps ignoring Karan’s call which makes him furious.

Sarla : Preeta, we are going to neighborhood prayer, do you want to come

Preeta ; no mom, you go I am very tired today please

Sarla : okay, you take rest, beeji lets go

Karan sees everybody going to temple and sneaks inside the house.

“What are you doing here? ” Preeta sees him locking door

“Why were you not picking my call, are you following your future husband’s order from now Karan starts arguing

Preeta : and what about your mistake? how many times I told you don’t do anything stupid that I cannot help you

Karan : okay I won’t but tell me one thing, are you happy with this marriage?

The last sentence echoes loudly in her ears. She herself did not have any answer to his questions, all this while she wanted her family to be happy. They were proud of alliance but she never asked herself if she is happy with everything.

Karan : I am asking you something, are you happy with all this

“What kind of question is this? everybody is happy, mom, daadi, Shrishti Preeta talks looking at other side

“I asked about you not whole world, this is simple question I asked Karan pulls her towards him very close

Preeta feels uncomfortable with his gesture but he keeps asking her.

“YES, I am very happy, this is what you wanted to hear she pushes him away with flow of tears in eyes

Karan still could not believe her words as they speak different from her eyes

“Karan, you don’t understand, this marriage is very important for my family, once a girl’s marriage is broken, people start questioning her character, do you want your friend to go through this phase Preeta leans down from wall weeping loudly

but she grabs her collar next moment revealing the ugly truth

“Do you want to know truth, then listen yes I know Prithvi is Sherlyn’s husband, I found this right after roka ceremony when I saw him and Sherlyn talking


After everybody left Sherlyn and Prithvi were still in kumkum bhagya hall. Preeta comes back to take her phone when she sees them taking janki into van.

Preeta : you both? (shocked to see Prithvi and Sherlyn together) blo*dy cheater

Prithvi drags her insidie grabbing her hair and drops her on floor hardly.

“I will tell everybody, and Karan will not leave you Preeta threatens them but Prithvi slaps her

“You are such an idiot, what do you think, you will tell everybody and we will stay quiet, you will foil my whole plan and this Prithvi will keep quiet no way he pulls her hair very tightly with all force

Sherlyn : don’t be so mean on her, look Preeta I did not have any enmity with you but your stupidity is the reason for this mess, if you had stayed in your limits then I would have not let my Punnu marry you

Preeta : you have gone crazy, both of you

“Hey, now listen to me carefully, if you want to save your family and janki , shut your mouth till my Sherlyn marries Rishab, or else let alone your family but that friend of yours Karan, he is responsible for all this, I will ruin his career and his life will be at stake just because of your foolishness Prithvi gives her ultimatum. Seeing the craziness of both, Preeta decides to keep quiet and burn herself in the fire to save everybody from humiliation

Flashback ends

“Preeta, I can’t believe that you did all this, and why to save me really Karan blames her helplessness

Preeta : not just for you, but janki aunty is in their capture, if marrying Prithvi can make my family happy then I will also walk on that fire

“Listen to me, this is all rubbish, people’s hobby is gossiping, they will say it one day and forget another day but for that you will spoil your whole life, why? Karan cups her face slowly

Preeta : you won’t understand, when a girl’s honor is tarnished in front of society

Karan : if this is what you have understood me from all this months, then I am sorry you never valued my friendship, you know I always wanted you to be happy and safe, sorry for everything I won’t interfere in your life again (gets up but makes her sit properly on sofa)

“Karan, you are forgetting my promise that you will never break this friendship holds his hands and gets up

She quickly hugs him tightly while he too lets his tears come out he had been hiding. He covers his face in her hair when she keeps her hand running in his hair.

Karan ; okay now listen to me, you just relax, I will not let anything wrong happen but you will also not force yourself on anything

Preeta ; but tell me one thing, where did you go yesterday

Karan : I went to Sherlyn’s house in Pune to find about her ex husband and I was close to the truth but at last moment that Tanya ruined my all plans

Preeta : what ?  Tanya, what does she has to do all this and why would she do it

Karan ; she is crazy, but trust me only she is that weapon we can use against Sherlyn to achieve our mission

Karan : Preeta, I have one last chance to save Rishab bhai and you from disastrous marriage

Preeta : I trust you above everything, but please don’t do anything to risk your life

Karan ; if you can put yourself in fire for everybody can I not jump in that fire to save everybody from catastrophe

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