united hearts| A rikara ff | shot 3


“Why does it matter to me?” Gauri thought alone. “Who is he..so what he can date anyone he wants..I am nothing”

“What are you thinking all this time?” asked Anika. “You haven’t spoken a word since you left”

“Oh nothing” said Gauri quickly.

“How did it go with Omkara..” Anika asked as she removed her jewellarys.

“Quite well actually..He is not that bad..” said Gauri dreamily.

“Awww my baby sister..This is another instance to prove that I’m never wrong” Laughed Anika.

Gauri angrily left the room, not forgetting to throw a pillow back at her.

Om stopped the car infront of her house. He looked at the side mirror of the car to see if his hair was okay.

He knocked slowly on the door.

“Ishaana?” he called out.

And with that Ishaana came out of her house.

“Hello” said Om as he hugged her tight.

“Hi..?” said Ishaana uncomfortably.

“So why did you call me?” he asked as he grabbed her by her hand.

“Please Om..can we go inside the car to talk..My parents are here” she said.

“Ooh..car..sounds romantic” he said cheekily.

“Actually Om…” she started slowly.

“If you’re going to start saying that you love me, as you have never said that, Don’t!! Because I know your eyes say it” he said as he brushed Ishaana’s hair away.

“Om..listen..I am elder to you..” said Ishaana stammering. “You have only been after me for 3 weeks..I don’t know why you confessed your love and all that so soon..a relationship takes practise”

“Yeah..yeah..stop lecturing me..I love you and that’s that..beside Love has no age limits..” said Om rolling his eyes.

“Listen Om..This has to be sorted out..I know that love has no age limits..but I don’t believe it..you’re too young for me…And Om..my parents will never agree..and I have never felt something special towards you..” she said.

Omkara who was not listening all this time, straightned his ears at the last sentence.

“What?!!” he asked shocked.

“Om..you’re like a young brother for me..I can’t do this..You can’t understand your feelings yet..you’re too young!” said Ishaana as she turned to leave. Omkara grabbed her bu her hand.


“What?! I’m too young? Oh what crap Ishaana..I am a famous singer..you should be overwhelmed of the fact that I love you” shouted Omkara.
“Calm down please..I am a famous person in the music industry to..anyways, do you know how big those words are..I know it’s just three words and eight letters but It means something big..you can’t even understand that!” said Ishaana patting Om’s back.

“Oh please..don’t lecture me about love..I know you have the same feelings towards me too” Said Omkara as he took away Ishaana’s hands.

“STOP!” Shouted Ishaana “I don’t love you Om..that’s what I want to tell you..And I love someone else..and I will marry him soon..so please stop with this nonsense..Anyway I have to go to my class..my students will be waiting”

“Yo-you love someone else?” stammered Omkara.

“Yes” nodded Ishaana. “If you want to know his name too..his name is Swayam”

Ishaana opened the car door to leave.

“I don’t hate you Om..I hope you meet the one written in your destiny..It’s definetly not me..good luck..and please don’t ever meet me” she said as she rubbed his hand for the last time.

“Why is he not answering..I want to check if the words here match the tune..” wandered Gauri as she re-dialled Om’s number.

“Gauri!! Come on..It’s getting late to go to your music class” shouted Anika.

“Coming!!” called Gauri. “I’ll try again later”

 Omkara threw all his work in his room in anger.

“Why me? he shouted. “I hate my life

He fell onto his bed and cried.

“Who’s this swayam, who’s better than the well-known singer, Omkara singh Oberoi?

“Hello everybody said Ishaana as she started her class.

“Hello miss Ishaana greeted everybody

“I am having a terrible head ache today..please can you guys continue the work from last week till I rest for sometime..I will be here if you have any doubts said Ishaana as she rubbed her forehead and sat down on a chair.

Gauri who was Ishaana’s best student stood up to go and talk to her.

“Hi miss! greeted Gauri.

“Oh Gauri..what’s the problem? asked Ishaana.

“Oh no miss..I don’t have any problem..I think it’s you who’s in a problem… said Gauri.

“Yes Gauri..went through a tough time today..with a..student

“May I know why? asked Gauri.

“It’s a very complex situation Gauri..you know there’s this student I taught..he’s actually a famous singer..I started teaching him a few weeks ago…and after some days he came up to me and confessed his love to me..He is younger than me..Probably about your age… I didn’t have a clue about what was going on…besides my heart was with Swayam” continued Ishaana

“and today I explained the situation and he was really heartbroken.. said Ishaana recalling Om.

“Oh said Gauri.

“He’s not in love with me..it’s probably a mix of feelings..you know he’s young and all..I just hope he’s okay!

“Don’t worry miss..he’ll understand soon said Gauri.

“I hope so said Ishaana.

“Hey can I come in? asked Gauri as she knocked on Omkara’s door.

After a small pause Omkara came and unlocked his door.

“Why did you come here? asked Omkara slowly.

“It’s Wednesday..our practice day said Gauri smiling.

“I’m not in the mood to practice Gauri.. said Omkara slowly.

“But I am said Gauri cheekily as she entered Omkara’s room. “See I added a new verse

“I said I am not in the mood to practice shouted Omkara.

Gauri froze for a minute.

“I didn’t do anything for you to get angry that much Om mumbled Gauri. “It’s okay I will leave

“Wait Gauri called Om. “Please I want a break..for a week okay? Please don’t call me..please don’t come to meet me..

Gauri nodded.

“I didn’t know you will be so scary.. she said as she turned to leave.

“It’s just that I am going through a hard time Gauri..do you know how hard it is to go through a break up?asked Om holding Gauri by her hand.

“Break up? asked Gauri shocked.

“Yes..and you know what hurts more..it’s that person has never loved you back! said Om. ” saying she’s too old for me blah blah..

Omkara clenched his fists in anger.

“I don’t why I’m saying this to you said Om. “I haven’t even told this to Shivaay.

“Oh Okay..I’m sorry Om..I didn’t know. Said Gauri.

“No it’s okay..it’s not your fault..it’s all because of Ishaana!! said Omkara as tears fell from his eyes.

“Ishaana??? You mean that music teacher?? asked Gauri shocked.

“yes…do you know her? asked Omkara.

Gauri ran and hugged Om before she answered as Om stood there shocked!!


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