My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-24

Laksh was disturbed by d thoughts of ragsan…he says to himself am i over thinking..i knw teni loves me only nd bhai he knws how much i loves teni.. but y im feeling like my teni cant do this with me…he consoled himself nd brushed off his thoughts about ragsan…

@next day
Ragini comes out frm home to go to clz..she sees sanskar car..she smiles nd gets inside..
Ragini(without seeing him ,putting seat belt):chalo my love..
Laksh(surprised nd smiled):sure
Ragini(hearing laksh voice,turns at him):laksh
Laksh:ha..did u thought some other one
Ragini(smiles faintly):no
Laksh observed her fainting smile after seeing pained him alot..
Ragini:havnt sanskar went office
Laksh:he went..why r u asking
Laksh:he took my car..
Ragini gives a weak smile nd says in mind thank got i didnt say anything further..
Laksh:teni..y did u went to our clz
Ragini(shocked):vo..vo..laksh i went for my certificates..
Laksh:u went with bhai na
Ragini again shock..thinks what to tell.. asking something
Ragini:ha laksh..he has some work there acdentily we met in airport so he gave accompany..
Laksh:didnt u told me
Ragini:vo i forgot..

Ragini(noticed his annoying face):sorry laksh..
Laksh:its k teni..dont be sry..vaise..did u met karan..
Ragini:karan??no no i didnt
Laksh:he was in jail..
Ragini:oh really..(pretends as she dont knw anything)
Laksh:i dont understand y he was in jail..we knw him..he was wrong in only ur thing..orelse he never harmed anyone..
Ragini:leave it na laksh..
Laksh:how can i teni..afterall he is my best friend..
Ragini double shocked nd says in mind what karan nd laksh friends..stry turned into another what to do..
Laksh:i also went to meet karam
Ragini:what..did u met him what he said..
Laksh:he was angry on me na so he doesnt like to talk with me..
Ragini( gets a realief):laksh u dont wry all will be fine..
She smiles assuringly..laksh noddes..
They reached clz..after bidding bye to ragini laksh left.ragini immediately dialed sanskar nd posted d matter..
Sanskar:what they wr friends..
Ragini:ha bffs
Sanskar:i will get to knw..u dont wry..
Ragini nodded..

Sanskar comes home nd goes to laksh room..
Laksh:what bhai u came early today
Sanskar:ha …for my lovely brother
Laksh:really.. missing my lucky..shall we go to ride..
Laksh(with bright smile):sure Bhai..
They both took their bikes nd enjoyed that evening..they sits in some place..
Laksh:ha bhai
Sanskar:will u tell ur lovestory
Laksh:u knw na bhai
Sanskar:i want to knw with detail..then only i will learn how to love someone unconditionally..
Laksh smiles..he was going to say stopped by his mbl ring..after cutting call he says bhai i want to meet one friend..i will tell nxt time..
Sanskar:fine laksh..
Laksh smiles nd leaves..

Laksh comes to sanskar room nd doesnt find sanskar anywhere..he looks at watch it’s thinks..where he went this time..he comes to balcony nd sits there itself nd enjoying cool breeze..
Meanwhile in xyz pub..sanskar nd divya r shown sitting where as parth nd ragini r dancing…
Sanskar looks at divya who was smiling at ragparth..
Sanskar:divya..can i ask something
Divya:what bhai
Sanskar:r u not feeling jealous seeing them..
Divya(smiles):no bhai..u r feeling na
Sanskar bites his lower lip..
Divya:dont be bhai..they have a pure friendship we cant measure..whenever i was with them i felt i too want someone like them..they knw d meaning of friendship..i got understand..u will bhai..we r lucky to have them as our partners..
Sanskar looks at them they r doing dance making funny faces nd enjoying..sanskar was lost seeing ragini antics..after a while ragpartg comes to sandivya..sanskar moves close her nd kissed her forehead nd says i love u..ragini blushes..
Parth:oye hero we r also here..
Ragini:tho..he has a right..his wish..if u cant see..then close ur eyes..
Parth:fine..u both enjoy..we will go
Ragini:u can directly tell u both want some privacy thats y u r saying we will go..
Parth:k what ever u thought..we r going bye..
Ragini:areh duffer dont jst kidding..
They four enjoyed sometime..

When ragsan reached home…laksh who was in still sanskar room’s balcony sees ragsan who r getting down frm car..he was jst numb..his heart was aching..he goes to his room nd cries..
@next day
Sanskar sees laksh who was at dining table..sanskar was concerned seeing his pale face nd asks what happened..laksh without looking at him muttres nothing nd goea frm there..sanskar feels something fishy..the whole say sanskar tried to talk with laksh but he ifnored him..
Sanskar dails ragini..
Sanskar:ragini i dont knw what happened to laksh..he was looking moody nd not talking with anything happened bw u both..
Ragini:no sanskar..
Sanskar:u will only get to knw d reason..
He askd her to take laksh out nd behave with him properly..
Ragini nodded unwillingly..
Ragini took laksh to park..there is a silence bw them for sometime..
Ragini:laksh what happend..y r u looking sad..
Laksh:u r not my teni
Laksh:ha u r teni loves me only she never lied to me..she always wanted to be with me only..u changed teni..y did u changed like this
Ragini(recalling sanskar words):laksh u r ur teni only..
Laksh:really..u loves me really..(ragini feels bad about laksh)
Ragini nodded..
Laksh hugs her..
Sanskar was seeing raglak who r coming hand in hand nd smiling..he wonders seeing them like this..

Sry for borong nd bad epi..

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