Porus 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru And Laachi Disguise As Old Couple To Save Anusuya

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Anusuya throws back knife towards Shivdutt and says she should have killed him with this knife, but she will wait until her son returns, if he spares her now, he will repent. Shivdutt feels humiliated seeing pr*stitutes looking at him and angrily walks towards Anusuya pulling his sword. pr*stitute stops Shivdutt and warns dare not to insult their queen, last time they kept quiet, not this time. Shivdutt stabs and kills her and then walks to Anusuya and keeping sword on her neck laughs in an evil style and says good he did not kill her till now, she will be humiliated each day and today she will be humiliated during city festival

Puru with Laachi drives boat towards Pourav rastra and says it is time to free his mother and motherland. He then says they have to mingle among people during festival in

disguise. Laachi says she has made arrangements already. Puru says she is the soul of his life and his backbone.

Anusuya covers pr*stitute’s body and encourages pr*stitutes that Shivdutt forced them into prostitution and killed their friend. pr*stitutes say they are entertainers and not warriors. Anusuya gives them moral gyaan and encourages them to take revenge from Shivdutt. He emotionally clear their tears and at once shout they will take revenge from Shivdutt.

Festival celebrations start in Poruav rastra. Shivdutt sees Kanishk tensed and asks why Pourav rastra’s king is not enjoy celebrations. Kanishk says he is worried that Puru is still alive and will return. Shivdutt says he need not worry seeing the blast, Puru must have blasted in pieces. Kanishk says Puru is master of disguise and who knows he may be present among citizens. Puru and Anusuya are shown disguised as old couple.

Alexander walks into Roxanne’s bathroom while she is taking bath and maids helping her. She gets out of bathtub and wipes her body. Alexander lustfully gazes her. She notices him and angrily wears clothes hurriedly and angrily asks what was a hurry that king of Asia had to enter queen’s bathroom. Alexander looks at maids, and they leave. Alexander holds Roxanne and asks why she has not accepted his love yet, she saw how he won over Porus and saw him dying into water. Roxanne says she observed minute details which he did not observe. Alexander tries to persude her and she dissuades him.

In Pourav rastra, Kanishk and Shivdutt observe citizens carefully. Puru and laachi disguised as old couple mingle among people. Puru asks Laachi to silenty search Anusuya in prison. They both try to leave when Shivdutt stops them.

Precap: Ambhi Raj confesses Alexander that he did not blast that bridge.
Alexander asks who threw bomb between him and Puru then. Puru warns Shivdutt that his end has come. Anusuya points burning arrow towards Shivdutt.

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  1. great performance looking tremendous in old look Puru lachi and great Alexander ur so cute puru Alexander and all.

  2. great performance by puru and Alexander and lachi puru and lachi looking super cute in old attire what u all think about it and alexander- puru great performance in this super entertaining episode of super entertaining show porus .

  3. Laachi ????

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