Piya Albela 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja aims to do Anuj’s last rites using Politics

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The Episode starts with Pooja addressing to the people as the political contestant against Naren. She recalls opposition lady Shailaja giving her support to Pooja and says she will get her brother’s body. Pooja asks what do you know? Shailaja says you can check my record and tells that she has a clean image and she does clean politics. She says Naren thinks Politics is game and that’s why she wants her to stand against Naren. She says once you enter Politics, you can’t back off. Reporter asks if she is Naren’s Vyas’s wife or a woman. Pooja says she is standing here as a woman who wants to fight for women justice and for their self respect. Shailaja says she is not an ordinary woman and tells that her brother’s body is kept captive by someone. Dada ji tells Harish and Supriya that he kept shanti paat for Angraj. Supriya refuses. Pooja says she wants to fight the election with honesty. Naren claps and starts walking out.

Pooja sits in her car and sees Naren already there. He says you can get 5 mins for your husband alone. He holds her face and says you will have your jalwa in hrishikesh. He says there is a difference between handling kitchen and people. Pooja says when I can handle you, I can handle the people. Naren says he will enjoy to break her ego. She gets down from the car and pulls him out of car. Naren says I am betrayed and you are tears in your eyes. He asks her to tell about the constitution. Pooja refuses to give answer to him. He twists her hand and asks what was the need to do this? She says you have kept my brother’s body as your private property and says she will take his body from him with Politics help.

Dada ji thinks I couldn’t do anything as Naren and Pooja separated. And my son snatched rights from me to say anything. He suffers a heart attack. Naren and others come there. Harish and others take him to room. Naren burns the newspaper and asks Danish to end phone call, wifi, internet, landlines etc. He says he doesn’t want his family to know about Pooja and his fight. Shailaja asks Pooja to go to hospital and get Anuj’s body and says she will make the necessary arrangements. Pooja asks Shailaja to search Angraj’s body for Vyas family.

Shailaja assures her and tells that hrishikesh will get a good neta. Dada ji admires Naren and Pooja’s pic and tells Harish that he didn’t climb sone ki sidi (golden hair), he means to say he didn’t become great grand father. He asks where is Pooja and asks Surbhi to call her. Doctor tells them that Dada ji has suffered a trauma and lost recent memory and went back 2-3 years back. Everyone is shocked. Shailaja comes to Vyas Mansion. Naren says where is the media and asks how the headlines will be made now that you came here. Shailaja gives papers and says Anuj Gupta’s body will be with Hrishikesh police custody and his last rites will be done by evening. Naren thinks I am sure that it is your plan Pooka, but I will not let you do.

Naren burns Anuj’s dead body. Pooja and her family come there and see the ashes. They get shocked.

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  1. Why doesn’t pooja give naren the hate he so deserves, he’s such a useless husband! I can’t stand this serial anymore because of naren’s abusive, easily manipulated, nature! He doesn’t deserve pooja, I hope he actually dies, he, supriya, rahul, surbhi and angraaj. Pooja should leave that stupid piece of ? and find happiness for herself and not worry about the vyas morons. And I hate that he wasn’t punished for anuj’s murder, whatever it was he disrespected anuj, and found a way to torment him even after death….

  2. I never thought naren would stoop so low. I hate him to the core he is so digusting. He should have been dead if anuj had’nt shot angraj. But naren killed anuj itself. Instead of believing anuj and pooja whom he had known for two years and whom were in all his difficult times. Anuj even helped him many instances like in bela problem, He believed in his brotherwhom he had known for four days. He is so ungrateful and heartless even now he is not regreting a bit. If his mother is first for him why the hell he got married. Such jerks should not get married. Well supriya like mother like son how many times pooja saved naren risking her life. What nerve she has to slap pooja. If she slapped pooja kusum should have slapped supriya and naren for killing her son. Well pooja also in the begining did’nt believe her brother in meghna case. what sister does that, well anuj did’nt deserve to die. The writers are doing injustice to naren character they are turning the hero into villian.

  3. When this show began it was nice and different and was not supposed to be like this. The show has lost his essence. Now it is has become a crap. After mayanks death itself it started to go downhill. Only one story line in Indian serials hero stupid and abusive. Heroine silent sufferer and door mat runs back to him like a puppy. What kind of message does this give. Husband will abuse his wife and she should be a good wife no matter what happens. Same storyline for all serials.

  4. Sad naren did’nt get any punishment. I hoped he would rot in jail. I think angraj might still be alive. Soon naren should know the truth about angraj and should regret for killing innocent anuj.

  5. Supriya is the worst mother. A mother in law like her never let his son settle down. She is one who is responsible for all the crimes naren does. She uses her son rather than loving.

  6. As per the spoiler Angraaj is alive.

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