Porus 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Kills Puru’s Elephants; Puru Kills Most of Alexander’s Army

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Puru warns Alexander that he spared him last time, not today, he will destroy him like his army. Alexander boasts it is his misunderstanding, he will kill Puru and take his head as a gift, he has already befriended Takshahila and they betrayed Puru. Puru says he knew Takshahila will betray him, so he had already prepared himself and says his small army destroyed Alexander’s vast army, soon he will kill Alexander also. Alexander asks Ruksana to look at Puru carefully as he is seeing him last time. He runs and sits on horse.

Ambhi Kumar tells Ambhi Raj that Alexander faced defeat for the first time, now they should support Puru and kick out Alexander from their land. Ambhi Raj yells it was war between Puru and Alexander and they should not interfere, Alexander will not accept defeat easily. Alexander

draws fire line around elephants. Hasti says Alexander played a trick, elephants are panicking seeing fire. Hepastian shouts Sikandar zindadad. Alexander addreses his army that they have come far away not to go back, they will conquer at any cost. Soldiers says Alexander if fire sets off elephants will kill them. Alexander picks spearhead and speeds his horse. Purus shoots arrow in air signalling Laachi. Laachi asks Dasuy soldiers to return back as Puru does not want to put their lives in danger. Sumer asks her to accompany them. She says Puru has given one more task to her.

Alexander speeds his horse towards Puru’s elephant, jumps and stabs elephant’s eye. Elephant falls down. He orders his soldiers to stab elephant’s eyes and then kill them all. They do same. Alexander boasts that there is no animal which he cannot control, just like he killed elephant, he will kill Alexander. Ambhi raj tells Ambhi Kumar this is what he wanted to show him, Alexander cannot be defeated. Puru jumps on horse and speeds away. Alexander orders Hephastian to follow him with army. They follow Puru. Ambhi Kumar says Puru his heading towards Pourav rastra. Ambhi raj says Puru’s death is heading him towards his home, let us see what this fool will do and orders charioteer to follow Puru.

Puru stop his horse at river shore and gets on bridge. Alexander reaches with his army and boasts that he will see Puru’s cut head on his feet. Puru says let us see and warns to dare touch him. Alexander orders soldiers to kill Puru. They attack Puru, and Puru kills them most. Alexander stops them and walks towards Puru.

Precap: Alexander walks towards Puru and throws bomb. Puru falls into water.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. what a great episode awesome strategy porus great work Alexander good luck to both the warriors and love for show like porus.

  2. It was d best episode…. Its really a great show… Both the alexender and porus ‘ performance was excellent… Keep it up…

  3. Yes very great episode but how puru got kings dress makeup some logic should be there no?

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