Kumkum Bhagya 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi informs Tanu about Pragya and King’s marriage

Kumkum Bhagya 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that he will do the world album and prove him best. Dadi calls Robin. Pragya hides hearing her voice. Dadi sees her and asks if she came to meet Abhi secretly and asks her to unite with Abhi and move the unconcerned people from their way. She hugs her and tells that they can’t live without loved ones. She says even your Daljeet Dadi would have said this and asks her not to leave her hand. Pragya thinks of Abhi and his words. She tells Dadi that she can’t come back and stay in the house. She apologizes. Dadi thinks how did Abhi let her go? Abhi thinks of Pragya’s words and calls King. King says yes. Abhi asks him to cancel his party if he has kept as he backed out. He tells that he talk to Mr. Wick. King asks what do you want to do? Abhi says I am coming

back and will not leave you until you leave this country. King thinks he has mood swings and tells Pragya that Abhi called and said that he is doing the album now. He tells her that he will not work with Indian singer again. Dasi and Tanu return back home. Tanu says she don’t want to go again. Dadi says next time, Pragya will go with Abhi. Tanu asks her not to be in the illusion and tells that Pragya don’t love anyone and haven’t come here till now. Dadi laughs and says you are having an illusion and says Pragya came here and met Abhi and me. Tanu gets angry on Dadi. Dasi tells Tanu that she will complain to Abhi about her. Tanu goes. Dasi asks Dadi if Pragya came? Dadi says yes and gets emotional.

Tanu goes to her room and thinks what did Pragya talk to Abhi. She thinks Pragya can’t return in his life and she can’t bear her. She thinks to ask Abhi about her importance in his life. Abhi picks the handkerchief which is fallen from Pragya’s hand and thinks it fell by mistake so that he can have her presence. Tanu comes there and thinks Abhi might be feeling Pragya’s handkerchief touching it. She takes the handkerchief and burns it.

Abhi tries to stop her. Tanu asks what do you think that I will keep quiet if you betray me. She says we are married for 5 years and you don’t allow me in the room, but you brought Pragya to this room. Abhi slaps her and asks what is our relation? He says our marriage is a deal and I told you all clauses clearly and never questioned you. Tanu says I agree, but you didn’t let me become your wife. She asks him to answer what is the relation between them. Abhi says they have no relation now. He tells her that Pragya likes someone else now and don’t love him now. He says I like Pragya even now, but the woman who came here was not like Pragya in thinking wise. He says Pragya is my enemy’s wife and I have no right to remember her. She asks then why did she come here? Abhi says she wants to celebrate my defeat and was celebrating my rival’s victory. He says she is changed now and tells that I hate her husband a lot. He says now I will show them that Abhishek Mehra is the best in the music world. Tanu says sorry and goes.

Kiara thinks of Abhi’s words that he gets disturbed seeing someone who resembles Cookie. Kiara asks him to tell her name and asks him not to underestimate the power of Kiara. Abhi asks her to take cookie. Kiara says ok, I will take cookie, but will return when you patch up with her. She says when you have cookie then I will sleep with Mamma and if I have cookie then you sleep with Sunny or some other doll.

Kiara talks to Abhi and tells him that his mum will meet her tomorrow. Abhi asks really? Kiara says my mum never break promise.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice yr plz do fast and let abhi know the truth of kiara and pragya and again become united with pragya and his beautiful daughter kiara

  2. What the shit was today episode all about. Okay so pragya managed to convince abhi to do the album, but what was this faceoff between abhi and tanu… What does abhi mean that he married tanu as a puart of a deal so tbta he can forget pragya. Such a weak spineless man.. Can’t manage on his own, does all the possible damn things and conveniently blamed pragya.. Poor pragya she was a punching bag for tbe entire mehra family.. Abhi is such a shallow person, says he loves his family, but married tanu who cares a damn for his family and is making life miserable for them every day. Also if he married tanu to forget pragya why cany pragya marry someone else to forget abhi. Why these double standard, why should pragya be labeled as a wrong doers.. But that’s what kkb ks all about. Degrading women all along and evil TRUIMPS… Tbe evik tanu and Aliya havd more screen space than the lead pragya.. Don’t know tbe reason.. Either tanu and Aliya are keeping the writer warm between the sheets and maybe abhi also, that’s why he is agreeing for such a shit role or else they ard licking and cleaning Ekta backside. Either way this serial should be banned.. Have no moral values… Every one wants to see abhigya and their chemistry but now guess it’s not going to happen. Guess even the leads are fed up. And now with every one fed up of the serial maybe they will just wind up showinf abhigya tog. And purab after all the insult still stay in mehra mansion.. Cant digest such shameless behavior

  3. Pragya ne toh joker ( king ) se shaadi ki ( according to abhi ) but abhi ne kya kiya, usne ne toh murderer, kidnaper, cheapness, characterless aur shameless etc. ( evil tanu ) se ki..chalo maan lete hain ki pragya ne galat kiya par tanu ne kya sahi kiya? Kya tanu shaadi karne laayak thi? Anyway , tanu’s room mein abhi-tanu ki photo ko dekhkar bahut bura lagta hai…usko dehk kar disgusting marriage anniversary ka din ( abhi-tanu ki ) yaad aa jaata hai…isliye main tanu ka scene dekhti nahin..( specially tanu’s room ) , waise bhi main tanu ka scene dekhti hi nahin…abhi ko kam-se-kam ek baat toh kahni chahiye thi ki agar woh pragya ko waapas laa sakta toh use ( abhi ko ) chori-chhupe laane ki zaroorat nahin hai…

    1. If I understood your comment…I am just re-learning Hindi… Tanu provides a lighter, irritating, in the head/mental, always there …anger. Aliyah provides deep anger. Deep anger from places no one likes to talk about in the body. Dangerous life-threatening anger and hate. This way, the viewers will always have an element of anger when they are watching. The viewers are then more easily led or directed to stay watching because they become ‘hooked’, or addicted to experiencing deep feelings. Could be love, could be hate. Of course as the viewer keep waiting for a crumb of love..”just a short experience please” is what the viewers ask for. Notice how this is exactly like an abusive relationship? We do not always get to have those deep feelings in our daily lives. It keeps people hooked to this place where they can just ‘feel’ deeply. If viewers can feel their own anger, love etc. in this show… then they will likely never do anything in their real life about their own problems. This serial has been purposefully designed to keep individuals caught up in their own sentimentalities or pain, rather than spending time changing and enjoying their own life. This serial is more than ‘entertainment’. It is a pretty slick product.
      Total failure when it comes to intelligence, plot/strategy or as art. Unless the conversation is about ‘how to manipulate and keep people addicted to abuse’, as an art.

      I do not believe that Ekta’s astrologer, has explained to her that she is playing with Karmic fire. There have been many viewers, who are being or have been robbed of their dignity. I actually feel sorry for the actresses who play Tanu and Aliyah. All that hate, from so many people.

  4. @Akituster you are right. just look at #kumkumbhagya in twitter. people are scolding Tanu using bitter words. And they are even saying that Abhi is a spineless brainless foolish person.
    just have a look ..

    1. thanks Zeeba, not on twitter, yet, but did get to view a couple of comments. As well, I suspect that Ekta hires actors not necessarily according to their ability, but rather according to their personality. So the actress who plays Tanu is actually like her character…acting isn’t that much of a problem when you are just playing out an extension of yourself.

  5. Congratulations sriti ur bf got a hit show .nagpalji leave her now let her marry instead of spending night in hotel room.

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