Porus 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Asks Ambhi Raj In Exchange of Olympia From Alexander

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Puru pulls his knife warning Olympia if she is trying to frighten him about death, he will show what death is. Olympia asks if he will kill her. He angrily walks her and raises knife to stab her, but stops. Anusuya closes eyes in fear. Puru says when Bharatis can serve their guests, they can even smash their enemy’s head. On the other side, Alexander wears back war garb and asks Cletius to get their army ready and get remaining boats on water, they will attack Pourav rastra tonight itself and free his mother Olympia. Cletius says their army is not ready yet and have to wait. Laachi tells Puru that he handled Olympia well. Puru lifts Ambhi Raj’s sword and says wants to know whose sword it is which he had to take out from his mother, he will not spare this enemy. Laachi describes him

whole incident where Ambhi raj lays a trap for Anusuya and gets her trapped, stabs his sword into her body and runs away, etc. Puru says he will kill Ambhi raj with his sword and take revenge of his 2 mothers from Alexander. Alexander scolds Ambhi raj that he delayed a chance of saving his son Ambi kumar, he should have killed Anusuya instead of injuring her and running away, now Porus will be very angry and would attack them with double power. He then scolds Hephastian for returning without Barsine and says if they make mistake again while rescuing his mother, he himself will kill them. He gets into boat with his army and heads towards Pourav rastra.

Dasyu Raj apologizes Laachi. Laachi holds his hand and says she knew her baba/father would realize his mistake and not betray their country. Dasyu Raj says Mahanandini’s last words were to not get deterred by enemy’s buttery talks not betray their country till their last breath. Laachi says her mother sacrificed herself for their motherland, she is proud of her motherland.

Puru drags Olympia away while she pleads to leave her. He orders her to get on chariot herself, she has seen Bharati’s hospitality, but not their courage. She does so. He rides chariot and reaches cliff. He then pulls a arrow with a message typed and shoots it on Alexander’s boat. Arrow hits in front of Alexander. Alexander picks it and reads Puru’s letter that he is waiting on North east cliff. Alexander notices him from boat and reaches cliff. He says Puru that after Puru;s mother is injured, he is sure Puru would have done something unique, but he is weak like other Bharatis and gave up. Puru says he will see now what Bharatis can do and moves aside showing Olympia. Alexander is surprised to see his mother. Olympia tries to walk towards Alexander, but Puru pushes her. She slips from cliff, but he holds her hand and warns Alexander to stay right there. Alexander backs off. Puru says he wants to deal with him, he will return Olympia if Alexander gives him Ambhi Raj. Alexander agrees and leaves.

Alexander takes Ambhi raj and queen Alka to prison and shows Ambi kumar in prison. Alka gets emotional seeing her son. Soldier throws water on sleeping Ambhi kumar and wakes him up. Alka pleads Alexander to spare her son. Alexander says he came here for that. Ambhi Kumar asks her not to plead in front of Alexander. Alexander says he brought her for same and says Ambhi raj severely injured Anusuya and left her alive instead of killing her, now Anusuya is battling for life, he wants Ambhi Kumar to do one more task if he wants his son free. Ambhi kumar asks not to obey Alexander now and let him die. Ambhi raj asks what he has to do now. Alexander asks him to go to Puru in return of Olympia. Ambhi raj says he will never bend in front of any Pourav, especially Puru. Alexander says he will go there to behead Puru and not bend in front of him.

Raj guru treats Anusuya and says he has done his best and they have to wait until she wakes up. Puru gets ready for war. Hasti insists to accompany him and says he will not listen to his brother this time. Puru tries to explain him, but gives. His emotional speech for his father continues and he pampers his sleeping mother and promises to save their mother land. Bamni asks him not to worry about Anusuya, he will take care of her till he returns. Puru leaves. Bamni starts his emotional speech for Anusuya. Anusuya says Aarya and opens eyes. Laachi also joins Bamni happily. Rajguru checks Anusuya’s pulse and says her condition is stable now.

Puru reaches cliff back. Alexander reaches there. Puru asks to bring traitor Ambhi Raj. Alexander shoots arrow. Soldiers bring Ambhi raj. Puru walks towards Ambhi raj, but Alexander stops him and asks to call his mother. Puru shoots arrow. Hasti with soldiers brings Anusuya and asks Puru to be alert as 2 tricksters/liers Alexander and Ambhi raj. Ambhi raj tells Alexander everything should go according to their plan. Puru telsl Alexander that Ambhi Raj and Anusuya will take a step each. Olympia taunts Puru that Bharatis are fools and get lose for their emotions. Puru says she does not know Bharati’s emotions are their strength, she will see now their power today..

Precap: Puru kills Ambhi Raj. Anusuya says Puru it is time for her to leave and breaths her last. Puru with teary eyes closes her eyes.

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