Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 8


RECAP:families meet each other

sher gets up and sees shraddh still asleep
sher:get up shraddha
she doesnt move
sher moves her and notices her burning with fever.he gets tensed and calls doc
doc examines shraddha who is still unconscious and disha is sitting by her
doc:mr sher.i told u to take care of her.why r u so eager to get close to her?if u want her to stay alive then maintain distance at least for a weak or else kill her.here are the medicines
sher is extremely guilty
sher:when will she wake up
doc:she is very weak and she might have back pain too.she needs healthy food.and plz i beg u to stay away from her.
sher:u may go

sher looks at shraddha.caresses her face kisses her forehead and leaves
disha:what an animal u have become
sher goes to lounge and sits on sofa.he sees a magazine and sees pics of farmhouses
a girl’s sound echoes in his ear:i want u to gift me a farmhouse after marriage.
boy’s sound:i will give everything to u
girl:u have to
both laugh then

he gets alert as he hears shraddha’s scream from room
shraddha shouts:no plz dont do this
disha tries to calm her
she hugs disha
disha:beta calm down i am here.i am like ur mom.its ok
shraddha stops crying
disha:r u ok

shraddha:i had a bad dream just
disha:i understand
shraddha:where is sher?
disha:dnt take his name.he did so wrong to an innocent girl like u
shraddha:but whatever it is.he is y husband no and i have to bear it
sher who was standing outside hears it
sher:what kind of girl is she:she rejected me.she has no lust for money.it means she was right.
he calls someone
sher:u were right
chanda:what right?
sher:she is different
chanda:i knew it
sher:but i cant forget the slap
chanda:but what have u dont to her
sher:ok fine…i was a bit harsh
chanda:shameless of u
sher:there is aparty of my contract completion after twod days.prapre for party
chanda:fine i will now get lost to her
sher:only u talk to me like this
chanda:cuz i know u

chanda:now go

he enters room and asks disha to feed her
bhavri comes from mandir and sher is irked
bahvri:what happened to shraddha
sher:none of ur business
disha:she is ill
bhavri smiles:dnt worry sher’s love will cure her

sher looks at her and she downs her eyes in fear
sher:i am going to office
bhavri:i will get u milk
disha:relax doc aksed him to stay away fro u for a week

shraddha sighs:finally a week holiday
disha smiles and bhavri bring tea
bahvri:so u have love marriage with him?i wish now he changes andd ur love…
she sees shraddha crying
shraddha:leave me alone plz

tehy leave room and shraddha is sobbing
disha narrates everything to bahvri
bhavri gets tensed
bhavri:that girl….i will kill her….sher is changed bcz of her
disha:what abt u and ur family?
bhavri gets silent
disha:sher was not like this…think the actual reason for this shade of sher
she leaves to tend shraddha and bhavri cries as she is at the loss of the answer of such a deep question
bhavri goes to shraddha
bhavri cries and begs in front of her to change sher
bhavri:he was anice and happy boy befire but sth happened that changed him.now i want u to get me my son back plz….
shraddha hug her but bhavri doesnt reveal the reason of sher’s change

at night sher comes.shraddha is lost
shraddha gets alert and tries to stand but sher signs her not to
sher:its ok

shraddha is already wearing her night dress.
sher comes after changing and sits on bed
shraddha sets her hair and sher holds her face
sher:u r so pretty
he makes her lie and shraddha gets tensed
she shuts her eyes and he leans to kiss her but then smiles and kisses her on forehead
sher:good night
shraddha is surprised.

he takes pills and sleeps
shraddha:what new game r u planning?what do i do?
she reminisces bahvri asking her to change sher.

sher is lying straight.shraddha stealthily keeps her head on sher’s chest and feels scared.she sleeps……….


Credit to: angel

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  1. Fabulous and amused episode and yeah what a direct change in shar ?
    Maybe that girl is rani
    Awesome Angel ???

  2. Please try your best to update next episode soon ? ? ? ? ?
    Please can’twait for next episode ?

  3. Really really really love it

  4. Mehak Kharoud

    Yes may b Rani !!!!
    Hats off 2 u angel… By the way my board exams have already started. So angel i will not b able 2 comment on ff for next 15 days. I wish all of u All The Best for final exams. Please u all also give me wishes so that i can do well in exams. I really need it . I m really worried about exams !!!!

    1. Thnx….all the best dear…my wishes r with u?


  5. loved it n i think d girl is RANI n she ditched SHER for money

  6. best of luck for ur exam mehak may god bless u

    1. Mehak Kharoud

      Thanku so much Kritika ?

  7. Can anyone tell me who was rani???

    1. She was a don girl in serial who wanted to spend a night with dher and entered his life spoiling his business on bhavri’s saying so that sherdha could separate

  8. CHANDA may be rani. SUPER SE OOOPER. And how’s my dp

    1. Lovely?

  9. Angel plz update the epi of pr a love journey too

  10. Jimam Mehjabin

    Very nice…sher is caring shraadha..

  11. Maybe Rani..I think you got a change in Sher way too fast..I mean to say that someone doesn’t change completely with just a day or two..I was expecting something different..i wanted that Sher would torture her but in turn Shraddha won’t quietly bear the sufferings and she would also hate him same as Sher hates her..then those teasings and fights..maybe something related to Gul E Rana…they will come to know and understand each other …and then slowly their love would blossom..! Well,sorry if i sound rude but was just sharing my opinion..!

    1. no jazz….he has not changed yet….there is a lot of mystery nd fun u will read in next epi…..nd talking about gul e rana that is different….by the way did u see next epi?uh…how badly adeel has been alleged by his chipku cousin

      1. Yaa, I have seen the next episode..unlike many people, I used to like Adeel-Gul E Rana together, Hopefully they won’t get separated..and I think Adeel will meet an accident as shown in the trailer and Gul e Rana will return to take care of him..! I’m badly waiting for the next one..!

      2. yeah this will happen….he will meet with accident and have fracture in legshe will eenly take care of him and will pray whole heartedly and this will change adeel and love will blossom between them

  12. awesome . . . .sher is changed or he is playing trick . . . Out of my sense . . , update the next episode fast . . . .please . . .can’t wait . . . ;);)

  13. awesome . . . .sher is changed or he is playing trick . . . Out of my sense . . , update the next episode fast . . . .please . . .can’t wait . . . 😉 😉

  14. Jimam Mehjabin

    Please update next episode soon….can’t wait…

    1. accha jimam apu . .i mean husband . . Please wait . . . 😉 😉 😉 😉

  15. marvellous, super etc…. 😉 🙂 may its rani sher’s past….don’t knw pease update the next epi soon dying to knw wot will happen 😉

  16. hi jazz….yes mystery is right….

  17. Please angel update next episode soon ?
    Please can’t wait
    Yeah update both episodes of ff piya rangrezz ?
    Can’t wait ?

  18. wow..amazing …. episode..i missed previous episodes as per my exam…today i read all that episode…and all t episode is really fantabulous..i just loved ur ff’s….love u loads…

  19. Update fast and long episode pls

  20. It’s really a very long time

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