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Veer slits his hand and smears his blood over his eyes and says he will make Bhavri and her grandsons shed blood tears. Chanda praises him and says let us have a drink, even her grandma likes drinks a lot. He prepares 2 alcohol glasses and smirks.

Tilakraj’s sister prepares breakfast table in lawn and asks servant to call Aradya as special guest is coming for breakfast. Servant says she told she will have breakfast at hospital itself. Tilakraj joins for breakfast. Sister tells Aradhya is madly in Arjun’s love. Tilakraj says he wants same to destroy Bhavri and her grandsons. Veer comes and gifts him champagne bottle and glass. Tilakraj asks occasion to celebrate. Veer says Bhavri’s grandsons are fighting and says it is policeman’s champagne and is powerful.

They both start drinking. Aradhya passes by wishing bye to Tilakraj and sister. Veer introduces himself and says they both are same as she saves patients and he saves city and asks if she likes policemen. She gets nervous. He says they will meet once again. She says sure and walks out and thinks he was so weird and knows everything about her, she should inform Arjun.

Arjun grooming himself in front of mirror reminisces Aradhya and thinks his phone rang and waits for Aradhya’s phone call.

Veer while enjoying alcohol with Tilakraj says though he got whole UP’s govt liquor contract, he is not as powerful as Bhavri and reminds him how Bhavri slapped him with her slipper. Tilakraj smears is chin and says even he is playing his game and says he made Shamsher and Arjun fight for Aradhya. Veer says he is also intelligent. Tilakraj says wait and watch what he will do next.

Mama tells Bhavri that Tilakraj’s liquor consigment has reached market and due to low prices is selling well, she has to do something, else her business will fall. Munmun and Arjun enter fighting who will tell aji amma. Bhavri asks Ajrun to speak. Arjun gives his phone and asks her to keep it as he does not want to break her trust. She asks till now if she stopped him or Shamher mingle with girls. He nods no. She says Shamsher has many girlfriends, but she trusts him as he is mentally strong and will not fall in love. Arjun has weak heart and will fall in love easily, he can make many girlfriends but should stay away from her enemy’s daughter Aradhya. He gained back her trust by giving his phone, returns it and says he can enjoy but forget Aradya. He nods yes and leaves.

Mama asks Bhavri why did she spare Arjun. Bhavri says he is young and needs some space, if she holds him, he will revert. Shamsher comes and greets her goodmorning. Mama taunts his morning happened now. Bhavri asks him to have lemon water to lower his hangove and asks why he wanted to suicide yesterday. He says he will never do that. She asks then why Veer was telling he wanted to sucide. Shamsher says he does not know. She asks what did he speak with Veer yesterday. He says about family, Arjun, and… Veer enters and says let him explain. Shamsher leaves.

Veer tells Bhavri that enemy is attacking repeatedly. She asks what he means. He plays clip in which Tilakraj agrees that he made Shamsher and Arjun fight for Aradhya. Bhavri says how dare he is. Veer says Tilakraj is using liquor money to destroy her and asks what is her next move. She says she feels like trusting him but also doubts him, so she cannot tell her next move and he will watch himself later.

Veer makes card house and tells his mom that this card house is like Bhavri’s house and with one card house, whole house will shatter, but Bhavri is so powerful that she keeps all cards together. She did not utter what her next move is, but Tilakraj is fool and blurted out all his plan. Mom says Bhavri is so intelligent, but he should learn reading her face. He says he will.

Inspector stops Tilakraj’s liquor van and seizes country liquor. Veer gets DCPs call to arrest Tilakraj. Veer goes and arrests Tilakraj for selling country liquor and murmurs in his ears that it is Bhavri’s counterattack.

Precap: Munmun tells Mama that Bhavri is sitting inside room since a long time and they need to check. Shamsher enters Bhavri’s room hurriedly. Bhavri asks what happened.

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  1. Thanks for early update.

  2. Today episode was really boring because Shamshare Singh seen was very short .
    We want to see on screen Shamshare Singh alot?

  3. The only reason of watching piya rangrezz is Gurave s bajaj sir and I am huge fan of gurave s bajaj
    I love Gurave s bajaj a lot ???
    I love him more than myself

  4. i think pr lossing his charm…pahle chanda ne show kharab kiya aur ab uska beta veer ….bkwas …

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