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Sher takes out his gun to shoot Pankaj. Shraddha stops him. Sher says he knows she is doing drama, but don’t know why and who is forcing, he knows she does not have relationship with this man and loves only him. Shraddha says it is enough now, howmany times should she kick him out of her life, there is no relationship between them. She asks him to leave this place right now before she could get out of control. She feels devastated hearing this and leaves.

Shraddha closes door and starts crying vigorously. Her friend tries to console her and gets her water. Pankaj says he does not know what problem she has with her husband, but he is not happy taking money for acting. Shraddha says it is better for sher to get out of her life.

Sher while driving his jeep reminisces Shraddha’s

words and drives very roughly. He reaches home. Bhavri asks why is he looking tensed. He says he does not want to talk to anyone at this time and asks her to leave him alone. Once he leaves, mama says their tiger has become wet cat. Bhavri says her lala is tiger and he should respect him. He is in pain after heart break.

They hear sound from Sher’s room and see Sher beraking his room’s things. Bhavri asks to open door and mama asks to listen to his amma. Sher says this is Shraddha and his world and nobody should enter in it. Bhavri says he will get hurt. She says he decided to bring Shraddha in his life and build their own world, but she left him alone here leaving her memories, he will break all the memories today. He sees his marriage photoframe and breaks glass with his hand, injuring it. Bhavri asks maama to break door, enters in and asks why did he injure his hand and is ruining his life. He says Shraddha left him alone and betrayed, till now he was blaming amma but now he will apologize her. He touches his chest wound and feels blood oozing. Bhavri says he will listen to only her and asks Chanda to remove glass strand. Chanda removes and goes to bring bandage and milk.

Sher tells Bhavri he will do whatever she likes, but before that he will do what shradda wanted and reminisces Shraddha telling she has found her new partner and wants him to marry someone else. He says Shraddha wants divorce, so he will divorce her. He signs divorce papers and gives it to maama. Bhavri gets happy seeing this. He says he wants to remarry before Shraddha marries her boyfriend. Bhavri says she will do whatever he says. Chanda brings medicine and applies to his injured hand and gives him turmeric milk. Bhavri leaves with mama.

In the morning, Shraddha reads news that Sher is remarrying and reminisces Sher breaking down. Her friend comes and consoles her. Pankaj enters with news papers. Friend says as she wished, Sher is moving ahead in life. She knows it is easy to say, but difficult to follow. Even she should remarry forgetting her past.

Bhavri calls girls to audition for Sher’s marriage. Mama says there is a very good response. Bhavri shows 1 pic and asks him to send everyone out except this girl as she does not want sher to get shocked seeing these makeup laden ugly girls. She addresses girls and asks to stand in a que whle Sher seletes one of them.

Shraddha says Pankaj she knows Sher is remarrying on his amma’s insistence.

Sher in his room reminisces time spent with Shraddha. Bhavri enters and asks him to come down and select a girl for him. He says he does not want to and she can select one. She says she will get a girl who will give him happiness and show Shraddha that she lost Sher. Sher agrees to come down. Bhavri smirks.

Precap: Shraddha wearing pallu enters Sher’s house with Gajra’s help. She slips and Sher holds her. She silently leaves.

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  1. Please do not remarry. Sher please. . . . .

  2. remarry Sher with Sraddha again by secretly.

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