Tu Mera Hero 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the family being very glad to come on tv. Golu says they all will be coming on tv. Rekha says it means what I eat will also be seen, no this can’t happen. Keshav says its nice idea. Surekha says no. Panchi says home is made to keep privacy, I did not like this idea, sorry. Sundar says its good to hide personal things from outsiders. Titu says I will see you later Sundar. Govind is glad to come on tv and joins Titu and Golu. They pose and smile.

Titu asks Panchi to understand, they will show what they want to. Panchi says no, its camera, when I wish to love you, what will I do. Titu thinks Panchi running to him and hugging me. She is about to kiss him and stops seeing the camera in the corridor. Panchi says no way. Titu says I want to show the world how imp you

all are for me, this is my chance to show my feelings. Keshav says Sundar understand, we will get famous and also our shop, Bhagwati would have said yes. Sundar says Bhagwati and Rekha are always against. Rekha falls by mistake and scolds Sundar for coming in her way.

Rekha gets angry on Bhagwati and stops seeing the camera. She tells Vaishaili she won’t like cameras. Vaishaili says we will get everything in the room, please give permission for cameras. Mukund asks her to agree. Govind asks Surekha whats wrong in this. Surekha says its wrong, you are forgetting to take me for movie, and you want to show home movie to everyone. Panchi asks Surekha what did dad forget. Surekha saks Titu not tot ell Govind whats after 2 days. Titu holds his head and asks Govind how can he forget. Rekha and Titu sign Govind. Govind says I remember now, it was in my mind, now it came on my tongue, its our marriage anniversary.

Surekha asks how did he forget and is annoyed with him. Everyone smile seeing them. She says you want to fix cameras, and scolds him. Govind flirts and says he did a mistake. Panchi asks him how did he forget. Govind says he got old and apologizes to Surekha. Titu says this should be celebrated, its big day, we will get cameras on that day to show how good are my parents. Surekha says fine, but its our engagement day tomorrow. She says Govind has to agree to my conditions. Govind says he will agree. Surekha says her conditions. Govind agrees. Titu says sometimes these small things get tough, so dad be careful. Govind says whatever happens, I will fulfill the conditions. Panchi wishes him good luck.

Its morning, Govind shows earrings to Surekha and asks her to choose and buy. Titu shows some earrings and Panchi likes it. Surekha is annoyed as Govind does not know her choice. Govind says he does not understand women. Panchi says Titu knows my choice well. Govind gets a call and says he has to get money. He takes Titu along and goes. Surekha likes a blue dupatta and shows Panchi. Someone takes it and they wonder where did it go.

Surekha asks who stole it. A lady says she liked it and asks the man to pack it. Surekha says no, I also liked it for my bahu. The lady says she is new here and her daughter loves blue. Surekha says fine, keep it. Surekha talks to her and says so we are neighbors, and invites her home. She says its my 40th marriage anniversary. The lady says she has to go, she wants electrician. Surekha says we will send electrician and praises Govind. The lady says so sweet and goes. Panchi says Surekha is so cute, you met the lady for the first time, you did not ask her name too. Surekha says I forgot. She says my mum in law used to say to always help neighbors.

Its night, Panchi and Titu play chess. She says my dad taught me playing chess and then he used to lose. Titu cheats to win and she catches him. He says my wife will win this game and makes her smile.

Govind says its different about first love, Hema used to stay in my neighborhood and I liked her. Titu teases him. Surekha hears Govind.

Update Credit to: Amena

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