Piya Albela 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Naren falls in conspiracy and does wrong with Pooja’s family

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The Episode starts with Inspector Shivani coming to Gupta’s house and tells that Naren has filed Police complaint stating that you have hidden Angraj’s dead body. Satish says we are shattered with our son’s truth and can’t come out of the trauma. Pooja says Naren can’t do this complaint and calls him. Shivani shows the copy of the file. Naren comes there in his car. Satish says why we will keep Angraj’s dead body at our house. Naren says I know, but Maa thinks his body is here. Pooja asks why did you file the complaint without talking to me. Naren says I told Shivani not to file complaint. Shivani says you have sent papers to me and shows the papers. Pooja asks him to tell that it is not his sign. Shivani shows Angraj’s locket and asks what is it doing here? She says I won’t be surprised

if I get his body here. Naren gets angry and tells that he will check the house for his body and until he gets angraj’s body, Anuj last rites can’t be done. Mora Piya plays….He goes inside the house and asks Pooja to tell where is Angraj’s body. Pooja tells him that their relation will spoil if he checks her house and asks him who will hide Angraj’s body here. Naren asks her not to think it as their personal fight. He picks the rod and tries to break the cupboard. Pooja says if you break the cupboard then our relation will end.

Neelima and Surbhi have done the conspiracy and have hidden Angraj’s things in the house. Surbhi says Naren has called us rapist family. They talk that they have signed the complaint papers, but Naren will be trapped. Naren breaks the cupboard and gets Angraj’s ID card. Shivani says his shoes are also here. Rahul is the one who has kept the things in the house and sees Naren and Pooja in his phone. Naren accuses Satish’s family and Pooja of both Angraj and Anuj’s death and tells that if they have shown trust on angraj then this wouldn’t have happened. Pooja says you are blindfolded and can’t see his truth. She asks Pandit ji to start the vidhi. Naren says nobody will touch Anuj’s body. Pooja asks him not to do such thing which will bring bad reputation to her sasural. She asks Mami to come and says time has come for Anuj’s last rites to be done. Angraj or his soul come to Supriya and asks her to give him mukti. He provokes her against Naren and Pooja and asks her to go. She tells Dada ji that she is going to Pooja’s house. Dada ji says we all should go and pay our last respect to him. Harish asks shall we present garland to our son’s dead body. Kusum cries infront of Anuj’s body.

Supriya comes to Gupta house and says she will see who will take Anuj’s dead body for last rites. Pooja tells her that Angraj’s dead body is not here. Kusum asks her to understand and let them do the last rites. Supriya acts mad and accuses them for hiding Angraj’s body. Satish says we haven’t done anything. Supriya says if my son doesn’t get mukti then Anuj’s dead body will also not get mukti. She pours kerosene oil on herself. Naren tries to stop her and her that they will do as she says. She agrees and asks them not to do Anuj’s last rites. ‘

Naren tells that he will take Anuj’s dead body to morgue till they get Angraj’s dead body. They take the dead body forcibly. Pooja runs after the car and falls down. Naren stops the car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Kavya Chinnari

    Wow….what a show….if they dont hv story they can stop the series…no one uses brain

  2. It’s so disgusting to see

  3. omg…WHATS ALL THESE. Fed up now.

  4. What a crap. Writers ne dead body Ko bhi Nahi choda drama create krne k liye.. I think this is the worst phase of Indian television thanks to nonsense in the name of kumkum bhagya kundli bhagya yeh rishta and mohabbatein something and many more…. Piya albela is at top in nonsense… I remember watching its starting episodes.. What a different story it was… Innocent Naren and chulbuli Pooja… Their temple story, organic farming… It was a unique concept… Producer took nearly 8 years to write it…. I mean seriously… Not expected ekta kapoor type drama in rajshri’s

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