Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga (Shot 5)

Sona’s POV:
I reached home after school, had my lunch and informed ma that Dev and Jatin were to come home and that I had to go to the city with them. She permitted but her face clearly reflected her anxiety.
After my lunch I sat down with my diary and prepared a to-do list. At 7:05 pm I received a call, it was Jatin. I went to the park and he waved spotting me from the other side of the park. I went to him.

Jatin: Where’s your home?
Sona: Two minuted walk. Follow me.
Jatin: If you don’t mind you can sit behind.

He offered the back seat of his scooty. Should I sit? Ya why not? I mean, he’s a safe guy. After all he’s Ele’s childhood friend, more like a brother to me. I can trust him. All these thoughts flashed cross my mind in a moment. I sat behind him and guided him. We reached home.

Sona: Ma! this is Jatin. Ele’s childhood friend.
Asha: Hello Jatin. How are you?
Jatin: I’m fine aunty. Its nice to meet you.
Asha: Same here beta. Come sit. I’ll get something for both of you.
Jatin: Aunty please….. No formalities! Please don’t take any trouble.
Asha: There’s no trouble at all. Both of you carry on…I’ll just be back.

Ma left for the kitchen and we began with our discussion.

Sona: Look Jatin. First we’ll go to the gift shop and get all the balloons, ribbons, plates, tissues n stuff.. Then from the stationary that’s just next to it..we can buy the chart papers, pens and roses.
Jatin: Ya we even have to order the snacks for the day and then buy gifts for the teachers.
Sona: OK so we’ll make the orders on the way to the mall. Fine?
Jatin: Absolutely fine!

And we went on talking about all sort of things. Jatin is an awesome guys to be with. We had never ever talked before….we only knew that Elena was a common friend of ours….but now….we instantly have developed that bond. He’s so easy to work with…..way more understanding and patient than that Dev.

We continued talking…and ma joined us.

Asha: Here! Take these and finish it as fast as you can.
Jatin: Wow aunty! Chop n rosogullas… They’re my favourite!
Asha: Then I want the bowl empty before you leave.
Jatin: Ummm….that’s tough! But we’ll do it!
Asha: That’s like a good boy! Acha so both you continue with your chit chat…but before leaving do inform me.
Sona: Of course I’ll inform you ma.
Jatin: Don’t worry aunty if she doesn’t… I’ll inform you.
Sona: OK OK… Don’t try to become my mom’s favourite…. That place is reserved for me.
Have the juice….I’ll just change and come.

*sona returned after changing*

Sona: When’s Dev coming?
Jatin: Talk of the devil and….here comes his call.
Dev: Kidhar aana hai? (Where do I have to come)
Jatin: Tu school waale road mein aaja…hum park ke paas wait kar rahe hai. (Come to the road to school, we are waiting near the park)
Dev: Main 5 minute mein pahunch raha hu.(I’ll be there in 5 min)
Jatin: Chalo Sona! I hope you don’t mind me calling you “Sona”.
Sona: Oh! That’s completely fine. We’re friends after all.
Maa……we’re leaving.
Asha: OK baccha party…have fun…take care…n sona be back soon beta..
Sona: OK ma…I will….Chalo abhi bye.

Dev’s POV:
I drove to the last crossroad before school. They were waiting near the park.
Why the hell is she sitting behind him?? Oh c’mon…don’t be dumb Dev…its obviously bcoz he came first.

Dev: Shall we go the stationary first?
Jatin: Ya and then to the gift shop next to it. By the way Dev…you missed some awesome rosogullas and watermelon juice bro.
Sona: Its OK..he can have it tomorrow.
Dev: Shall we proceed?
Jatin: Off we go!

We went to the stationary and then to the gift shop…ended up buying a lot of things…with two full sized bags in both my hands.

Dev: So where’s the next stop?
Jatin: That restaurant…. Ashok Vatika….gotta order some wafers/chips and cold drinks.
Dev: OK let’s go.
Sona: Put on your helmet at least.
Dev: No cops nearby…don’t worry.
Sona: Helmet apni safety ke liye pehente ho ya cops ki safety ke liye? (So do you wear helmet for the safety of cops?)
Dev: OK fine! (Hitler!!)…(puts on his helmet)….Ab chale?
Sona: Hmmm….

We reached Ashok Vatika in no time. Tasted the samples and ordered for wafers and cold drinks. By this time I was really very hungry.

Dev: Should we order for swiss rolls as well?
Jatin: I haven’t tried them from here.
Dev: Let’s try it now… Tum dono toh pet puja kar ke aaye ho…but Mujhe bahut zyada bhookh lagi hai.
(I know both of you are full…but I’m really hungry)
Sona: Chocolate
Jatin: Strawberry
Dev: 2 chocolate and 1 strawberry swiss roll please.
Jatin: Tu bhi chocolate?
Dev: Haan…kyun tujhe koi problem hai?
Jatin: Nahi…but I was just thinking tum dono ki choices kitni milti hai na?

What followed was an awkward silence. Me n sonakshi could not look at each other. And this dumbo jatin was smiling like a maniac…looking at our faces. Thankfully the swiss rolls arrived on time…to break the silence.

Jatin: Its good. I liked it.
Sona: I didn’t like it.
Dev: Its not bad…but I guess we should better order for pastries.
Sona: Ya that would certainly be better.
Jatin: Guys I’m done! Jaldi karo its 8:45 already. Mall bhi jaana hai. Sona jaldi kha yaar.
(Hurry up we have to go to the mall as well….sona hurry)

SONA??? Yeh Sonakshi se “Sona” kab ban gayi? What’s cooking between the two of them? Chhod na Dev tujhe kya? Huh!

Jatin: Here take this helmet Sona. Aage police hogi.
Sona: I’m eating…haath gande hain.
Jatin: Ruko phir… Main pehna deta hu.

MAIN PEHNA DETA HU?? Kyun? Haath nahi hai kya uske? Khaane ke baad bhi toh pehen sakti thi na….but nahi bhai sahab ko toh khud hi pehnana hai….toh pehnaao…huh!

Sona: Miss. India waali feeling aa rahi hai. As if I’m being crowned.
Jatin: Miss India hi kyun? Dream big…u can be Miss. Universe too.

Bas bhai bas….diabetes ho jaayegi usse. Itna sweet agar yeh Kiara ke saath hota…toh aaj inke
do bacche hote. Bechaari….Isse aise dekh kar Kahi suicide na kar baithe.

Dev: Agar tum logo ka ho gaya ho toh chale?
Jatin: Haan Haan Chalo…………….Hey wait! Meri scooty ki chaabhi kaha hai?
Dev: Don’t tell me you’ve lost it!
Jatin: Holy shit! How could I ??
Sona: Jatin are you serious?
Jatin: Guys! I’m dead now!



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  1. awesome as usual. dev’s jealousy. too good. interesting precap. waiting waiting. post soon dear.

    love u??????

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank you you too sweety?

  2. Priya12

    Woww, again a amzing epi di…
    U nailed it di..
    Sona and dev chocolate flavour..aww
    U remembered me swiss roll…see now I want to eat that di…
    It was an luvly epi..
    Post asap..

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thanks Priya…I’ll surely try posting asap?
      Hey I get confused…what’s your actual name? Priya or padmaja? Or both?

      1. Priya12

        Di, my official name is padmajaa…
        Priya is my old name, becoz of some reasons they changed my name to padmajaa..
        U can call me in whatever name u want, I m comfortable with both the names…

  3. awesome episode….dev’s jealousy & chocolate swiss role….interesting…..amazing precap….can’t wait…post next soon dear

  4. awesomeeeeeeeeeeee loved it …………. sona is d best

  5. Post soon deer..???….bdw NYC one..ab jatin kya krega .. ??

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Deer? Like seriously? PJs ki dukaan…..kabhi mat sudhariyo….bdw thank you…n jatin…woh bechara kya karega…ab toh Jo karna hai dev ya sona hi karenge!

  6. DramaQueen1004

    It was so funny n awsum
    Dev ki jealousy dekhkar oops sry padkar bahut maza aa gya
    Meri manoranjan karne ke liye shukriya
    Formalities apart…. yeh padkar mujhe bahut acha laga
    Thnks fr this amazing epi
    Mujhe toh lagta hai ki ab log kahenge ‘Diabetes na ho jaye tujhe’
    Waise kya tum ‘ek duje ke vaaste’ dekhti thi?
    Main toh uss serial ki bahut badi fan thi aur ye diabetes wali line wahan pe bhi aayi thi
    Yahan uss line padkr mujhe uss scene ki yaad aagyi
    With loads n loads of love

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Hey nafia…I’m glad you liked it dear. Main tv bahut kam dekhti hu…EDKV bhi kabhi nahi dekha….bas KRPKAB dekhti hu aur koi daily soap nahi. Love you loads more?

  7. Awesomeee amazing chappy…
    Loved it…
    Will be waiting for the next one..??

  8. ShrutiP

    Hey… Everything was perfect just perfect…Dev ki jealousy…This is what I was waiting for… Diabetes ho jayega…Omg…I was smiling to myself all the while I was reading… Just loved it to the core..And sorry for not commenting in the previous one…Post soon…
    Love you???


    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank you shruti….n its all OK… I’m glad you commented on this one… you too.??

  9. V.V.harshita

    Awesome…. plzs plzs Post soon…and srry fr the late comment

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thanks Harshita….its all cool….I’ll try posting asap?

  10. Ritya

    It was Awsome ??
    Please post soon…

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank you sweety….I’ll post asap…love?

  11. Nikkita0194

    di its amazing unbelievable
    a huge round of claps 4 u
    sry i can type big 1 is liye chotu sa
    luv u

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thanks niks…luv u too baccha?

  12. wow Sam!! really awsom dear…jealousy scene was solo gud….shopping end all as all awsommm….ur great yrr next part asp waiting dear…love u

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank you aysha…I’ll try posting asap…. Love you too sis?

  13. Darshana

    Omg!…dev jealous haan….what an episode..nailed it!…lovely???..

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank you darshana…..welcome back dear???

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