Phir Bhi Na Maane…Badtameez Dil (part-3)


I’m really sorry guys for this late update. It’s been since a week that I’m trying to update it. Every time I go to the website, it shows me error. I couldn’t neither update anything nor read anyone’s ff. I don’t know if I’m the only one who has this problem or everybody. Really Sorry! And also, I had a small problem in my Ipad where I wrote the ff. That’s also the reason why I didn’t have proper time to write the ff. I hope you all understand. And yeah enjoy the ff.

The episode starts with Meher sitting in her cabin and working. The cabin’s door is opened. She sees Sattu Sir playing with his kids and smiles seeing it. She recalls her childhood.

Little Meher is crying in a park continuously and Nissar is trying to calm her down but couldn’t. Abeer and his family come there and see Meher crying.
Nissar: Please Meher! Please calm down! Don’t take his word! (Meher is still crying)
Abeer: Hoy Chashmish! What happened? Did you hit someone? (Abeer likes teasing Meher)
Meher (shouts): Abeer! (And she starts to cry even more)
Nissar (fed up): Arre Pagal, why are you making her cries even more! It’s been one hour that I’m trying to console her and you…you are impossible Abeer! (He again starts to calm down Meher)
Abeer (worried): Sorry yaar…but what happened?
Nissar (without looking at Abeer): Leave it!
Abeer (angry): Nissar! (And the two start to fight)
Meher stops crying louder seeing the fight but somehow tears are coming out of her eyes.
Madhvi and Kuber who are seeing all this, come near Meher as they can’t bear the two fighting.
Madhvi (worried): Meher beta, what happened? (Meher looks down and the boys stop fighting)
Nissar: Wo aunty, a boy tease Meher about her father.
Abeer: Did you leave him like this? What yaar Nissar!
Nissar: No dude, I didn’t leave him. I beat him so much that he won’t dare to do that again. But the problem is that it hurt her a lot.
Meher (wiping her tears): Whatever that boy said was right. My father doesn’t love us. That’s why he used to fight with my mom and now he left us. He hates us.
Kuber sits next to Meher and takes her on his lap.
Kuber: Meher beta, what’s the problem if your father isn’t with you. I’m here na. Just consider me as your father. You know I never made a different between Abeer, Nissar and you. You both are like my children.
Meher (looking at Kuber): Really?
Kuber (smiles): Yes, doll.
Meher (cheer): Ok!
Nissar: Thank god uncle, you made her smile otherwise she would have kept crying all day! (Meher and everyone laugh)
Meher (with doubt): But if you are like my father, then is Abeer like my brother?
Abeer (shocked): Hoy pagal, I’m not your brother and listen, you’re my friend ok!
Kuber (smiles): Beta, you don’t need to be his sister to call me DAD. You can also call me like this if you marry Abeer later.
Meher (happy): Really, then I will call you DAD… (Thinks) no no, I won’t call you Dad as Abeer calls you Dad… I will call you Pops. (Kuber smiles and kisses her forehead) But one thing, I won’t marry this monkey (pointing at Abeer)
Abeer (furious): Hoy, Whom did you call monkey! How dare you!
Nissar: Meher this is bad. How can you call a donkey as a monkey, it would hurt him na (he winks at Meher and all laugh except Abeer).
Abeer: you both! Look what I can do with you!
He starts chasing both. Kuber and Madhvi laugh seeing this.
Flashback ends

Meher laughs but stops after realizing where she is.
Meher (in mind): You have snatched everyone who loved me. You have made me stay away from everyone I loved but now I won’t let you do it. Your presence won’t affect me anymore. I didn’t come here with my wish but I won’t either go from here with your wish. (She closes her eyes and tears are coming out of them)

Here, Abeer is drinking, continuously, in a bar at night. We can see a painful face of Abeer. It hurts him to see Meher working in his office. He goes into a flashback.

It is night and Abeer and Nissar are seen climbing and jump into the balcony. Abeer is about to go inside when Nissar stops him.

Nissar: Hoy Pagal
Abeer: Sshh
Nissar (speaks lower): What’s the need to do all this, at this time? We could have phoned her or meet her tomorrow.
Abeer: Abbe saale, that is what ordinary people do but look at me.
Nissar: What?
Abeer: Abbe yaar, I am… Abeer Malhotra, and Abeer Malhotra always does something special. Plus, this has to remind her all her life.
Nissar: May I say you something?
Abeer: Absolutely.
Nissar: You are completely MAD.
Abeer (proud): I know. (Saying this, Abeer goes to the room).
Nissar (himself): Hey God, this guy will one day get beaten up for his stupidity and will also make me have some. Don’t know how I made friendship with him.
Abeer’s voice: Pagal, are you coming or not?
Nissar: Ha Ha, coming. (He joins Abeer with a big bag)
Abeer: You take this side and I will take this side, ok?
Nissar: Yeah, whatever. By the way, what would we do if we are caught by her Mom? She would misunderstand us, so let’s go.
Abeer: You still don’t know about Abeer. Her mom went to Bhopal and she is alone now, so no problem.
Nissar: And neighbors?
Abeer: You take care of them na. (He winks at him)
Nissar: You know what, one day, I’m sure one day, you will get beaten up for these kinds of things.
Abeer: Let’s see but I promise on our friendship that even in that time, I will also get you beaten up by them.
Nissar (hitting his head): God, why did you make him my friends? Didn’t you find any others for me?
Abeer (irritated): Stop it and do what I said!

While Abeer and Nissar are doing their work, Meher wakes up hearing some noise. She notices two shadows on the left and on the right which make her threatened. She starts to shout.

Meher (screams): aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Bhoot! BHoot! BHoot!
Abeer: Oh no, this chashmish started to shout, now what to do?
Nissar: Go and close her mouth.
Abeer: Good idea! But you go! (Nissar makes a disbelief look and goes to do it but Meher bites his hands)
Nissar: Ouchhhhh!
Meher (worried): Who is it?
Nissar (writhing in pain): Abbe pagal chashmish, put your glass and look who is it and you (addressing to Abeer) switch on the light otherwise she would kill me, ahhhh!
Meher (do as what Nissar said): Nissar, you?
Niisar (still in pain): Haaann!!!
Mejer (worried): Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!!!… But what are you doing here at this time?
Nissar (scream): Abbe saale, switch on light!

Abeer switches on the light and Meher sees the room decorated. Just in front of her, it was written “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEHER”. Meher is overwhelmed and sees Abeer in a corner with a guitar, playing Meher’s favorite tune.

tanha na ghooma, galliyan sehar
aaya khyal tera, aayi na tu nazar

aayi na tu nazar, aayi na tu nazar… (Abeer comes and sit beside Meher)
(Awargi of Badtameez Dil)

Meher: Ho! Thank you Abeer! (She hugs Abeer)
Nissar: And me?
Abeer (still hugging Meher): Go to hell!
Nissar: Meher!
Meher: Acha, you too come. (And she hugs both of them)
Abeer and Nissar: Happy Birthday Meher!
Flashback Ends.

Abeer smiles painfully recalling that. He takes his mobile where he has an old picture of Meher.

Abeer (himself and inebriated): Meher, why are you doing this? I know that I did a mistake but yours was unforgivable. It was you who ran away from me and it’s again you who is coming into my life. Why? Why are you playing game in my life!

Abeer keeps smiling looking at the picture but suddenly he gets angry. He takes a full bottle of whisky and drinks it without making a pause. He recalls something.

Abeer: Meher please, I’m sorry! I won’t repeat it again! Please, forgive me na!
Meher (having tears in eyes): No Abeer, this is the limit. You did this with me without knowing anything. I came to know you don’t trust me. And you know what, you were, all this time, playing with my life! (She shouts)
Flashback ends.

Abeer (throws the bottle in anger): You said that I was playing with your life. Now see, what the meaning of that is. I will show you that. I will definitely show you that. Meher!!! (He shouts in anger)

The scene shifts to Nissar who is stuck in traffic. He watches a girl beating two boys and recalls something.

In college days, Meher, Abeer and Nissar are seen listening to a professor in a classroom. They are seemed bored and start chatting with each other.
Professor: What’s noise there?
Abeer: Nissar, Sir!
Nissar (shocked): What!
Abeer and Meher: Yes sir! He is the one who is talking!
The professor fumes in anger.
Professor: Nissar, get up! I’m explaining to all about exam and you are talking, get out of my class!
Abeer and Meher are giggling listening to this. So in order to take revenge,
Nissar: Sir, actually Abeer was telling me that it would be good if his candidate number is like a fancy one. Will you fulfill his wish sir? (He acts innocent)
Professor: Abeer, get up! Here people are getting worried for exams and you are asking me a fancy number! Get out!
Abeer and Nissar prepare to leave when suddenly,
Abeer (in mind): Arre, How can we leave Meher here? She also has to be out with us! (Abeer goes near Nissar and tells him something)
Professor: What are you doing both of you, here? Haven’t you still gone out?
Abeer: Sir, actually you have to know who gave us this Mahaan idea!
Professor: Who?
Nissar: Sir actually … Meher gave me this idea! (Meher opens the mouth in shock and Abeer smirks)You know sir, She is an expert in numerology and she said that if my candidate number is a fancy one, I would have lots of children, that’s why sir. (Whole class laughs and the professor is angry and at the same time embarrassed to hear this)
Professor: Hey Bagwan, don’t know what this generation is up to! Please save me! And you three (pointing at Abeer, Meher and Nissar) GET OUT!
The three leave the classroom. They come out and Meher is super angry on the boys. She takes her slipper and chases the boys to beat them. Everyone, who sees this, is laughing.
Flashback ends.

Nissar feels bad recalling this and speeder his driving. He stops it in an isolated place and comes out of it.

Nissar (himself): That time, we all were together but now… don’t know what Abeer is up to. I hope nobody will suffer this time. Damn it, if Sasha didn’t come in our life then this wouldn’t have happened, especially in Mehbeer’s. By the way, where is Abeer? One minute, what if he had gone to disturb Meher…Oh no! (He receives a call) Abeer? (He picked the call) Hello! Abeer! Where are you? …What! …I’m coming…you be there, ok! (Nissar goes to the bar and sees Abeer in an inebriated state) Oh no… It seems he drank too much… I should drop him home.

He picks him and takes him home. Kuber sees this and panics as he knows that Abeer would drink too much when he is upset.

Kuber: Nissar, what happened?
Nissar (with difficult): Uncle, today, Abeer drank much, that’s why. Let’s take him inside.
Kuber: Yeah.

They both carry Abeer inside. Nissar makes him lay on the bed and Kuber removes his shoes. Finally, Abeer is asleep. Nissar and Kuber come out.

Kuber (worried): What happened, Nissar? Why he drank so much? Even before, he uses to drink but not this much. Did anything happen?
Nissar: Uncle, don’t know how to start but yeah, Abeer is very much upset since morning.
Kuber: Why?
Nissar (hesitates): Because…
Kuber: Is anything serious?
Kuber (surprised): What?
Nissar: Yeah, Meher is back and she is now working in our office…As the new CEO.
Kuber (happy with tears): Really? Oh my God! My child is back. I want to meet her, Nissar.
Nissar: Uncle, calm down. Just because of seeing Meher, Abeer is like this. If he comes to know that you want to meet her then…
Kuber: Yeah, you are right. I will talk about this with him later.

Next morning, Abeer wakes up from the inebriated state. He looks here and there and finally understands that he is at home.

Abeer (himself): Oh my god! What a headache man! Ouch! It’s so paining! One minute… How I came home? … (Shocked) Did Meher bring me here?!


What happened last night? Why Abeer said “Did Meher bring me here”? Did Abeer and Meher meet again? Why Nissar is blaming Sasha for Mehbeer’s state? Stay stunned to know further.

Guys, I know that I didn’t update it for more than one week but what to do I had a technical problem here and I was really busy in repairing my Ipad. Once again, really sorry :(. I hope you all liked it. Keep commenting :).

Credit to: Miya

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