Peshwa Bajirao 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha asking Baji and Kashi to give 1001 brahmins Bhog to Bhat ji. Baji says it seems we shall get Bhat ji stay with soldiers and says soldiers will have food then. Radha asks if he thinks everything is joke. Baji says no. Radha says you both are going together for the first time and asks them to behave well, says they have to keep up the respect of Peshwa family. Rakhma Bai teases her. Baji and Kashi are going to the temple. Kashi looks at Baji while he thinks about Mastani. He tells Kashi that he heard a girl singing bhajan…Kashi says bhajan for love. Baji says love is also puja. Kashi asks if love is puja. Baji says love don’t need any name. kasha asks do you love me. Suddenly rain starts. Kashi asks him to come inside. He tells that he is enjoying first rain and asks

her to welcome it too. She smiles and says yes….but stops. Mastani also enjoys the rain. Kashi tells that if Aayi sahib brought this saree for me from banaras and says rain will come again. Baji says but it will not be first rain.

Kashi says if Aayi comes to know about it then she will get angry. Baji asks rain to be faster. Mastani also says the same. Chanda comes to her. Mastani tells her that first rain is always special and it is enjoyable. Ruhaani Bai says you have grown up, but still childish. Baji and Kashi come to the temple. Kashi gets down from the balki. The people present there greet Baji. They come inside the temple. Baji hears a man bringing her daughter to temple while she tells that she don’t want to become Dev dasi. Girl’s father tells Baji that he has promised Bhat and asks Baji not to interfere.

Kashi says we can’t do anything as it is their personal matter and she is nothing to you. Baji says she is my sister and tells that when she saw me with hope in her eyes, she became his sister, and says nothing wrong will happen now. Bhat comes there and tells that if a Peshwa’s son is breaking the rules, customs and rituals then how this society will work. Baji says nothing is big than Pratishtha and Swabhimaan. He says this girl is getting controlled. Bhat says the girls are lucky who gets to do God’s service and says she will never get a chance to become widow in life, and says it is a proud feeling for them. Baji asks if this is a good thing then why don’t rich people get their daughters stay as Dev Dasi. He says he wouldn’t have interfere if she had come with her wish. Bhat says the girl have right on her life.

Baji says everyone have the right to decide their future. Bhat says if her parents don’t fulfill the promise then they will never get moksh. Baji asks who will get moksh by doing this, and asks them to get their daughter educated and give her right to choose the groom. He says when a girl is educated then a decade is educated. Bhat says this is her destiny and that’s why God gave her long hairs. Baji cuts some of her hairs. Bhat says you have refused God’s will. Baji says it is not of God, but your wish. Bhat says she is free to go with her parents and goes. Girl touches Baji’s feet. Baji asks her to be stubborn with him and not to touch his feet. Kashi tells him that they shall do aarti. Baji asks her to do and says he will wait for her.

Mantri informs Rani that Jagatraj is captivated by Burkhan. Mastani says when Raja Saheb refused him to go, then why did he go. Rani asks them not to interfere and asks says it is Rajvanshi’s problem, not yours. She asks who will free Jagat raj.

Baji and Mohan Rao argue with each other. Mohan Rao says you can’t talk to me like this. Chimna says he is my brother and you can’t talk to him like this. Kumud tells Kashi that her brother Mohan Rao is insulted in her sasural and asks her to tell Baji to apologize to him. Kashi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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