Jalkukda-Ishqbaaazian SS by Daisy (episode 1)

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A/N Here Advaay is a singer as well as a successful business persona. He’s Shivaay’s old friend. No dealing with current illegitimate or separation track.ShivIka are happily married along with OmRi.Shivaay and Advaay are in late 20s not in early 30s yet.?

“Phew! At last the concert was over!”
A man in his late 20s with a little beard on his face was running his long fingers in his gelled black spiky hair. He was wearing a white tee with black leather jacket and wearing denim blue keds. A golden ‘AR’ Pendent was encrusted with diamonds and was slinging around his neck with the support of a gold chain.

His coal black obsidian eyes were darting in order to locate a clock which was hanging against the dark blue painted wall.
“Hmmm…..I’ve lots of time to kill before the flight. What shall I do know?”
He lost in thought.

He kept staring at the wall. His mind drifted towards the blue colour of the wall which reminded of sapphire blue eyes of certain person who had great impact on him for past few years Shivaay, his diaper-buddy.
Grinning ear to ear, he picked up his iPhone 7 to make a call for his driver to drive him to Oberoi Mansion.

Shivaay and Advaay share a relationship which was beyond friendship and brotherhood.
Advaay was a man of creativity while Shivaay was man of brains. Together they were a pair of dynamite which can create a lot of explosion. They used to be Prankster Kings in their student carrier. Advaay studies and marks depends on Shivaay’s diligent notes and Shivaay was a bookalohic, his social life and bland espresso of life was stable and filled with craziness because of Advaay.

They were like Yin to Yang for each other vice versa. They helped each other in their bad times and though they were away from each other but still their friendship stood still.
He reached Oberoi Mansion and greeted everyone and asked about Shivaay’s whereabouts.
After a small chit chat, he went to Shivaay’s room to scare the hell out of him.
Grinning ear to ear he went towards his pool and his behind the pillar nearby.
Shivaay(today’s outfit without his inner coat) was talking with Mishra and reading a file which he held in his hands.

Advaay was watching his moves and waiting for the right movement to strike and execute his plan to surprise Shivaay.
He was lost in his world of thoughts which was weaving a plan to surprise Shivaay.
He heard a splash sound which brought him to the reality.
He turned his head in the direction of the said sound and he got the biggest shock of his life.

His best friend Shivaay Singh Oberoi was standing fully drenched in water. His clothes was sticking to his body and water was running from his face.
He was shocked out of wits too.

Advaay was shocked at the courage of the said person who had the guts to throw water on him.
He darted his curious obsidian eyes in the direction of the culprit to find a Lady with brown soft and silky hair who was wearing long earrings and had vermilion applied in the partition of her hair.

She was dressed in a navy blue saree and red sleeveless blouse which was backless. Her Mangalsutra was adorning her naked swan like neck. On left wrist she was wearing bangles and holding a jug whose contents were evacuated out some nanoseconds ago. She was wearing a smirk of confidence. A fierce yet pride look had adorned her beautiful face and a killer smirk on top to bring men on their knees.

To be continued…..

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