Peshwa Bajirao 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balaji bending down infront of Yeshu Bai. She stops him and says you are my rakshak and asks him not to bend down infront of them. Balaji says as he is injured, he can’t take them to Satara and says his son Baji will take them. Baji says he wants to talk to him alone. Yeshu Bai asks him not to hide things from him. Baji says if I don’t take Baba with me then Peshwin Saheb will get angry on me. Balaji says wound and pain are old friends are a soldier and tells that he has promised Shahu ji that he will take them safely. Chima ji comes and says you forget that you have two sons, and greets Yeshu Bai. Balaji tells her that Chima ji will take you to Satara. Yeshu Bai gets happy with them.

Rakhma reads the letter written by Chima ji, and reads that he is taking Yeshu

Bai and Savitri Bai to Satara, and tells that as Baba is wounded, Baji is bringing Baba home. Radha tells that they will keep the function. Kashi asks how can we keep the function as Baba is hurt. Radha says we have to make others know that we are not weak. Kashi says if I was on your place, then couldn’t think about this. Radha says I don’t want any woman to be on my place, specially you Kashi. Kashi says she will send invite to everyone, even Anubai and Bhiu Bai also. Radha says if you can handle everything. Kashi says she is Peshwin’s daughter. Baji and others are taking Balaji home. Gotiya smells the flower. Baji says it can be poisonous. Gotiya asks him not to be worried about Peshwa Saheb. He asks him to stop for sometime. Baji says he has two identities, one is sword sharpness and other is his horse speed. Malhar tells that Baji have not much time to wait for right time.

Shahu ji meets Yeshu Bai. Yeshu Bai tells Shahu ji that her vanvas is successful. Shahu ji appreciates Savitri Bai for her patience. He asks Chima ji where is Balaji and Baji. Chima ji says Balaji got hurt and that’s why Baji took him to Saswad. Pant Pratinidhi says he hopes he is not serious. Chima ji says Balaji will be fine as people like him motivates him. Shahu ji asks Pant to make arrangements to welcome Balaji and Baji. Pant says ok. Shahu ji asks him to welcome Chima ji Appa with honor. Chima ji is surprised. Pant honors him with a shawl. Chima ji says his mum taught him to respect others. Pant Pratinidhi blesses him. Chima ji says he will not be defeated now in war or politics. Yeshu Bai says Balaji’s one son is wealthy in Shastra and other son is wealthy in Shashtra. Shahu ji says my family is completed because of you and announces him as Pandit and gives jagir as a prize. Chima ji tells that he don’t deserve this, but will try to be suitable for this. Someone tells Pant Pratinidhi that one brother have jigar and other having jagir. He says Balaji is a clever player and asks Pant to do something.

Radha sees the jewellery. Jeweller tells her that it is a Bundelkhand diamond. He says Maharaja Chhatrasal made same jewellery for his queen. Radha says that’s why she don’t want and wants unique jewellery. Kashi and Rakhma comes there. Radha says she wants them to buy jewellery for themselves as their husbands will be coming soon. Kashi asks Radha if she will not buy? Radha says their smile is enough for them. Gotiya feeds the horse and thinks about Namrata. Baji comes and teases him. Gotiya asks if he don’t miss kashi Vahini or love her. Baji says he don’t get time to think about her or someone else. Kashi tells Rakhma that don’t know Baji remembers her a lot as much time is passed. Rakhma teases her. Baji tells Gotiya that he has no memories with Kashi and asks how can love happen. Gotiya says you would have understand if you had fallen in love. Baji says he has loved Swaraj’s aim. Gotiya hugs him and says you are a big yoddha, but your life is empty. Gotiya thinks Baji will understand if he falls in love.

Baji comes near the pond. He sees Mastani and thinks who is she?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    What is this stupid nonsense?? Why is this serial scurrying to mastani? Baji met her in 1729- 9 years after death of his father in 1720 but his father is still alive in serial. He also had 9 year son nanasaheb from kashibai when he met mastani in 1729. Campaigns of Malwa, Palkhed and Bundelkhand also preceeded before bajirao met mastani. Is sony TV going the way of fake story of BajiRao Mastani movie????

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