Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh showing his trick and putting coin at the idol front. Naira and Kirti laugh when coin falls down. Kirti holds coin with him, and it sticks. Naira says good team work. Dadi and Surekha look on. Dadi thinks she will get Kirti married. Bhabhimaa comes and says don’t worry, they will get married soon, we are finding a girl for Naksh, you will get a nice guy for Kirti too. Naksh says we will go. Dadi blesses him. Naksh hugs Naira and asks her to take care. Naksh and Bhabhimaa leave. Dadi sees Kirti seeing Naksh and smiling. Dadi smiles.

Naira says I will go office to convince Kartik, no he can get annoyed. She gets Manish’s message. He asks her to come and meet Kartik, as he is not able to focus on work, due to which company has to bear loss. She says is this message or govt. Letter, its good, company’s owner called, so I have to go and save my husband’s job. Kartik asks manager to go and have lunch. Naira comes and holds Kartik. She says sorry. He says fine some other word, you have no value of sorry, this is office, not your bedroom. He says let me go, stop it. She takes him on the chair.

Manish says like Akhilesh explained, we will present our new company details. Naira gets Kartik there. He asks her did she go mad. She apologizes. Manish switches on lights. They see everyone and get shocked. Manish says take a break, come. Everyone leave.

Kartik asks happy now, you have idea what you did, Naira shouts enough, I did not do anything intentionally. He says I m going. She says don’t do double loss. He says its because of you. She says I will convince you. She stops him and sings Acha ji mai haari….. She shows sorry on the board. He sings along. He runs after her and asks where will you run.

Lav and Kush play. Suwarna asks what are you finding. Lav says my specs. She says oh, I will show it. She shows the specs on his head and says the thing we find everywhere is often close to us. Dadi hears this and recalls Naksh and Kirti. Devyaani asks really. Bhabhimaa says yes, Dadi did not look annoyed, she blessed Naksh so much. Bau ji says its good, Naira will be happy too. Devyaani says I always get scared of her mood. Surekha says you are thinking of Naksh and Kirti right, its good thought, we should not delay. Dadi thinks.

Kartik runs after Naira and asks her to stop. Naira says no, I don’t believe you. She collides with peon and papers fall. She says Kartik will not leave me now. They pick papers. He sees a bank statement and gets shocked. He sends the peon and keeps papers. Naira asks what’s there in papers. He says Suwarna gives lakhs of rupees in charity. He calls accountant and says I have to sort this.

Accountant Vinod comes. Kartik asks what’s this. Vinod says sorry, I can’t tell this, its her personal account, she is handling it since 19 years. Kartik says fine, go. He says she is sending money to her Maayka, why is she cheating, why is she hiding this since 19 years. Naira asks what are you doing, leave it, she can give her money anywhere. He checks and says see there is no charitable institute in Mount Abu, she did this theft and cheated everyone, you always praise her, she could share problem with Manish, he would not refuse her, why is she lying, I will bring this truth in front of entire family, Manish has to accept this, he should realize I said right about her.

Naira thinks Suwarna would have reason to hide this. He says we must find out, come. She says you did not have to talk in this. He says others are linked to this. She asks who, tell me, your Papa, her husband, maybe he knows this and he has no objection, how can you ask this to her, come home. He throws papers. They leave. Manish hears them and gets angry.

Suwarna says I think accounts is right, this money is for temple fund. Manish comes and says Suwarna, Kartik and Naira have some questions in heart, answer them. Suwarna says I did not understand. Manish says I completely trust my wife, I still want you to answer them, tell them which is this NGO, why do you send them money. She gets shocked seeing papers. He asks her to give them accounts, tell them whom do you send money. Dadi comes.

Naira says Papa please, let it go. Manish signs her to stop. Kartik says we don’t want any accounts, stop this drama, I got the papers by mistake, I had some questions in mind, when Naira explained me, I understood I should not involve, its your personal matter, end this here, come Naira. Manish says stop, if you asked, I won’t let you go without knowing truth. He asks Suwarna to answer them. Kartik shouts enough. Naira says Kartik please…. Manish says let him ask, we have answers, will you have judgment, matter can’t end if you say. Dadi says enough, I m still alive, even then you both are…. I don’t know whom Suwarna gave money, she did charity or sent to her Maayka, relations can’t spoil because of money, just pose question with peace to get answer. She asks Suwarna to go to her room. Naira worries.

Dadi asks Bhabhimaa did she see any girl for Naksh. Bhabhimaa says many proposals came, but he does not agree. Dadi sees Kirti happy with them and says this is the right family for Kirti. Naira hears her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Keerthi and naksh scene was too good.they are very mature in character and in acting too.the way they take care of each other are appeciatable. dadi also looks good.the way she looks at keesh was heartouching.she is also great in acting.keerthi and naksh looks like akshara and natitik in their early cute.

  2. Fenil

    Hello Everyone !!

    Prettypreeti ,how are u and bro? After a long time hnnn.

    Positive episode until Suwarna’s matter came into light of Karthik.

    Wow ,i m so happy Dadi herself is thinking about Keesh relation.

  3. I actually like dadi..

  4. Please start focusing on naksh and kirti..
    Make them lead pair now.. Enough of kaira, start NAIRTI

    1. Yes. Enough of them. They look more mature than Karteek and Naira.

  5. who dances around the office? karthik and naira are so immature.
    what is karthik’s issue?cant he mind his own business. Chooses not to be happy and spoils everyone’s happiness.
    I don’t blame manish for the drama. what makes karthik think that only his wife’s honour is important

  6. Aastha1

    I think in place of naira nad kartik, kirti and naksh will replace akshara and naitik. They are so adorable together. Kartik and naira are arguing over same things again and again. Kartik is like a little kid and naira is shown over mature.

  7. Aastha1

    I think in place of naira nad kartik, kirti and naksh will replace akshara and naitik. They are so adorable together. Kartik and naira are arguing over same things again and again. Kartik is like a little kid and naira is shown over mature. they are annoying.

  8. Jennifer &Jessica

    If dadi gets keesh married that would be the only good thing she actually did.

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