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Kunj sarna a well sculpted man with small eyes , sharp nose and sweet lips. He has a lean figure and well heighted. He was working with his father in his fathers company. He didnt had good relations with his father. He was forced by his mother to work with his father. His mother and father were not having a healthy relationship. They always fought with each other. His father Manohar used to torture his mother Usha mentally amd physically.
Kunj was indeed frustrated from his life. He wanted to get rid of all this things. So his one friend advised him a cheap way to remove his frustration. The way was to call a personal call girl for a night and f**k her hard as he can and remove all frustration and also enjoy and fullfil his lust. Kunj was being reluctant but later found this way appealing.
His friend gave him a number of a call girl. Kunj approached that girl and asked her to come in xyz hotel.

The girl was non other than twinkle. Twinkle was a call girl but nobody ever approached her bcz ppl didnt find her appealing. Twinkle was didnt like this business but had to be in this bcz she had no money. She agrees to fullfill kunjs desire because she wanted money. Kunj was the first person with whom twinkle was going to sleep.

At nyt twinkle reached xyz hotel and she proceeded towards their booked room. Twinkle was hell nervous and scared. She entered the room and bolted the door. She proceeded towars the bed wen someone came from behind and started kissing her nape. She turned around and suddenly she felt heaviness on her lips. Kunj smashed his lips with her as soon as she turned. Kunj was kissing twinkle wildly. Twinkle didnt respond to his kiss. Kunj broke the kiss and proceeded his hand to her waist and removed her tshirt. He then pushed her on bed and removed his shirt and came on top of her. He started kissing and bitting her on her available flesh. Twinkle was having tears in her eyes. She was in short crying. Kunj then removed her pants and bra. He completely undressed her and started kissing, bitting and sucking her body. He was turning wild by each passing second.
All this while twinkle was crying as she never experienced all this. Kunj then started playing with her br*asts. He was enjoying all this while and his frustration was also getting removed. Then he did the main thing and f**ked her hardly. Twinkle was shouting and crying in pain very loudly. The screen blured and kunj f**ked her.

In the morning twinj were sleeping in a hugging postion. Kunj woke up because of sunlight and he saw twinkle beside him. He felt somewat guitly but next moment he brushed his thoughts and started kissing twinkle on her face. Twinkle woke up due to his touch and saw his kissing her. She didnt utter any word. Kunj again f**ked her for 2 hrs and then went to fresh up. Twinkle also dressed her self and was sitting on bed. Kunj came and stood infront of her.

U r my personal call girl. Wenevr i call u , u have to come. I love ur body its just amazing said kunj with a wink.
Twinkle was nodded her head and asked for money from him.
Kunj gave her money and she went from der. Kunj was feeling very relaxed after yesterdays night. He then happily went to the office and did his work.

It had become a routine for kunj to call twinkle wnever he was frustrated. He used to remove all his frustration by f**king her. Twinkle also came to him because all she needed was money to look after herself. Its been 6 motnhs to der this journey.

Twinkle had a soft corner for kunj because she noticed his soft side many tymes. Twinkle admired kunj but she knew the difference between a normal girl and a call girl. She supressed her feelings. Kunj also somewat noticed her strange behaviour. He had become habitual of her. One nyt twinkle was sitting on bed and kunj was sitting on couch.

Y dont u ever respond to me. I mean u r a pr*stitute then also u reamin silent asked kunj.

Tears started forming in twinkles eyes and she burst out and was crying vigorously. I am not a pr*stitute. U r the first with whom i had s*x cried twinkle.

Kunj was baffled to hear this from her because generally people have bad image about pr*stitute , so does he.
I didnt understood anything said kunj.

Twinkle told him everything about her past. Twinkles mother leela was married to a man named rt. Rt and leela were happy but one day everything changed and rt blamed leela and declared to everyone that she is a protitute. Rt loved leela but money was more loved by him. He wanted leelas property so he fooled her and ashamed her infront of the world. Leela was left with nothing and she started living with twinkle in a chawl. Twinkle was 19 yrs wen sm man who always had a bad eye on leela raped her. Leela couldnt tolerate this sho she left her daughter twinkle alone in this world. From that dat day twinkle had to live all by herself. Soon that man pushed twinkle into prositutes business.

Kunj was shocked , baffled to hear all those things.
Twinkle was crying vigorously. Kunj felt bad for her and he went and sat beside her on bad. He took his hankerchief and wipped her tears and fave her a side hug.

I am sorry. I shouldnt have said all those things said kunj with a concern and guitly face.
U r not at fault but plz let me go today said twinkle.

Kunj nodded his head and twinkle went from der. Days , months passed but kunj didnt contacted twinkle.
She used to miss kunj but she couldn’t tell him about her feelings. Kunj also started feeling for her slowly and gradually.

One fine day kunj contacted twinkle and asked her to come in a resort. Twinkle reached the resort in half an hour. She came to recoptionist and asked about the booking on the name of kunj sarna. They directed her the way to der room. As she entered the room she was shocked to see the room decorated. Kunj came from behind and hugged her. He then made her face him.

Twinkle i know watever happened with u was wrong. Just forget it and start a new life with me. Twinkle i love u will u become my beloved forever and ever said kunj.

Twinkle jumped on him and gave a bome crushing hug to him.

I love u tooooo said twinkle.

Twinkle i am not a hopeless romantic person. Hope u dont mind said kunj.
Twinkle nodded her head amd tben they both shared a passionate and a slow kiss.

Soon twinj got married and usha also accepted twinkle as her daughter in law, actually as her own daughter.
They both were soon blessed with a baby girl and they named her kavya. They both lived a happy married life.

Last but not the least never question any girls character if she smokes or drinks. Sometimes circumstances are worse and sometimes bad. We just need one person in our life who always stay with us, support us and love us unconditionally. So be thankful to that person and always care for that person and love him or her unconditionally and he will never leave ur side.

Hello guys. We r back with our os. Hope u all will like it.
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      Can anyone do favour on me I’m searching an OS of twinj….I did’nt rem.the title…I know stry….Twiraj were getting marraied but Kunj marry Twinkle for sake of Mahi…cuz mahi luv Yuvi..,Twinkle was dancer

      1. Kruti

        Supriya its “As long as bunny has a tail my love for u will never fail”
        Nd its not a Os its few shots by lover

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      Thanks dear but its not an os its a ff written by lover name Till the bunny has its tail my love for u will never fail. ❤️???

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