Perfect Pati 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Pushkar lies to Rajshri

Perfect Pati 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pushkar telling Vidhi about the surprise. Vidhi gets scared at first. He asks her to go and check the gift in cupboard. She goes. She checks the gift and finds a saree. She gets dressed and comes. He plays music. Tera bana….plays… Pushkar gives her another gift. She says I m very happy today and hugs him. He says lets make the ambience romantic. He plays their marriage CD and asks her to open the gift now. She opens the box and finds medicines. She gets shocked. He stares at her. He plays the video and shows her. He throws the medicines and says today I have evidence and culprit in front of me, the coffee was good, but much strong. He recalls throwing away the coffee. He scolds her for giving him poison to kill him. He says you are a murderer.

She says its

not poison. He asks then why these medicines. She says you are not well. He asks do I have fever, see I can walk, jump, see, what problem do I have. She says you have mental illness. He gets shocked. He says you mean I m mad. He laughs and throws things. He says everyone finds me fine, you think I m mad, you started my treatment without telling me. She asks him to listen. He asks what symptoms did you see in me. She says you get angry suddenly, you tortured Badri and me. He says when did I do this, why are you blaming me. She says I m the witness, your behavior is a sign of this illness, I m doing this to make you fine. He gets a knife. She gets shocked.

Rajshri is on the way and recalls Pushkar. She gets restless. She says we shall go home. Rangeela says what will Meera’s inlaws think. She says I will call Meera. Pushkar scares Vidhi. She screams. He doesn’t hurt her. He says you are a clever woman, you want to prove me mad to get rid of me. She says you are misunderstanding, I will not leave you, I love you and this family a lot, I want to make you fine. He asks do you love me, can you do anything for me. She says yes. He gets pills and says you love me a lot, come on, prove your love by having these pills. Rajshri calls up and says Meera, Pushkar is unwell, I m going home, apologize to Max’s parents. She asks Rangeela to drive faster. Vidhi asks Pushkar to come to senses.

Pushkar says you also cheated me to feed me medicines, have it. She says no, and pushes him. She goes to inject him. He stops her and sees the injection. They both fight. She pushes him away. He sees Rajshri coming and gets shocked. He begs Vidhi and says don’t give me injection. Rajshri gets shocked. She shouts what’s happening here. Vidhi gets shocked seeing Rajshri. Rangeela comes and sees them. He says forgive Vidhi, she is giving me medicines since three days, that’s why I feel sleepy and get a headache, I caught her and tried to explain her. Vidhi says no, I will explain. Pushkar shows the video to Rajshri. Rajshri gets shocked seeing the video. Pushkar says she was going to inject me today, if you didn’t come…. Rajshri says I want to know it from you. Vidhi cries. She says Pushkar is ill, but he can get treated. Rajshri slaps her and cries.

Ashwin asks what’s the matter. Rajshri says the matter has got worse, I m breaking this marriage. Ashwin gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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