Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil confused about his identity

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Usha takes Jackie to get ready for engagement. When alone, Vaidika tells Sahil that Sahil was really proud of her today, and she need not take any further steps. She is sure Sahil won’t get engaged to her.
In the room, Sahil asks Usha to give him some time, he had a major accident and doesn’t remember well what he is doing. He doesn’t know Bhoomi well, but in these days no one marries a stranger. Usha says she knows Bhoomi well, she is his mummy and brought him home from a heap of trash even when he hadn’t opened his eyes. She wants the best for his future. In the engagement party, everyone waited for Jackie. Sahil appears from the stairs walking downstairs. Usha boasts about her son and goes to pose besides Sahil. Sahil looks towards Vaidika. Vaidika recalls all the past times

when Sahil had proposed her for marriage.
Everyone in the family complement Jackie and congratulate Bhoomi. Sahil couldn’t take his eyes off Vaidika. Bhoomi was about to put on the engagement ring in Sahil’s finger. Vaidika leaves the hall. Soon, the lights of the hall go off. Vaidika appears with a microphone and announces it’s the engagement of son of the house. She will sing today, for Bhoomi and Jackie. She sings ‘Hansi Bann Gaye…. Nami Bann Gaye’. Sahil gets some past but vague flashes with Vaidika. Vaidika was crying while she sang. Bhoomi takes Sahil’s attention and puts the ring into his finger. It was now Sahil’s turn but he instead walks toward Vaidika and puts the ring in her finger. Tears slip Vaidika’s eyes while the lights were turned on. Vaidika thanks him for returning her Sahil to her. Usha calls Jackie back, but he turns around and says he is Sahil because Vaidika says so, he can see the truth in Vaidika’s eyes. Bhoomi comes in between and asks what Jackie is doing. Sahil’s head was now banging and says he doesn’t understand who he is, Vaidika claims him to be Sahil and Bhoomi calls him Jackie. Bhoomi says Sahil died a long time ago, Vaidika has gone insane because of him. Usha tries to intervene but Vaidika tells her to stay away. Sahil had severe head ache. Bhoomi says it’s because of the injury in his head, the truth is that he is Jackie and they are marrying soon. Sahil goes to the room. Bhoomi and Usha also leave. Bari Amma apologize the party guests for such situation.
Vaidika speaks to Bari Amma that they must take Sahil to a doctor. She understands that they think he is Jackie, but that’s not the case. He is Sahil and is extremely confused now.
Vaidika sat with the doctor who tells her that Sahil has an injury in his head, he suffers from diffused brain injury. They still need to calculate what Sahil remembers and what not.
Usha comes to Bhoomi in the room. Bhoomi was upset and wonders if she will never get Sahil. Usha says she will. The doctor told them that Sahil doesn’t remember what happened yesterday, he only remember the present. They will continue to assert him being Jackie.
The doctor tells Vaidika they can’t be sure if Sahil’s memory would ever recall? Vaidika says at least she now knows what can be her strategy. She decides to remind Sahil who he was.

PRECAP: Vaidika brings Sahil to her old house which was decorated like Sahil used to decorate it in the past.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa, that actress did the role of Roshni’s hott cousin who ended up marrying Rajveer and he abused her after a time, he was a sicko…but I was watching today’s episode on our broadcast on zeetv Caribbean, well you know how we are behind normal episodes right….so there was this set of flashbacks on the past life of the Prince Ram and the pretty but scary looking chudail or undead spirit, and I nearly fell off my seat, would you believe that flashbacks of black and white snippets of Jodha Akbar were used to narrate this 50O yrs old love story? LMAO… Couldn’t believe segments of JA was used for this serial purpose.. I hope that the producers got copyright permission to do so, otherwise that would be plagiarism…

  2. The episode was so so…not too exciting. I loved the scenes between Sadika, the unseen lovers tug pushing Sahil towards Vedika..and when the gothic vamp pulled the ring off Vedika’s finger, I could have kicked her..sigh…anyway, she’s engaged to her own self, Sahil didn’t put the ring on her, I could feel her frustration, wanting a man and unable to get him no matter what fashion house dresses her or which beauty salon does her makeup, it just isn’t working for her… Poor thing! It’s got to be the negative energy coming from her…friends, Usha really makes me laugh, I just can’t take this woman seriously…i enjoy seeing her curl those lips in frustration… I’d like to think that Deepak has learnt his lesson and he’d be a positive character from now on.. If he wasn’t integral to the storyline, writers wouldn’t have brought him back.. He, Nani and BA would be a good team…

  3. Nina

    Tonight that episode is very nice. I have liked touching singing of Vedika for Sahil, so she is trying to pull out him from the dark. Bhoomi again seizes onto Sahil like a mite.

  4. In the next episode we’ll see Vedika trying to help Sahil regain his memories by taking him to the house where their romance blossomed and bloomed.. Now it’s time to woo Sahil like he did her… Looking forward to seeing Vedika in action…

  5. Our Sadika’s love is in air..wow??no one can defeat their love…at any cost..
    oh..so much love..?love u Suhasi dhami?
    Thanks Faten..

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