Perfect Chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode 6)


Neil asked the doc when can we take her home, he said we can discharge till evening bt u have to take care of her….. nurse come nd they than checked her bp, fever, pulse everything was normal then she said u guys pls leave I have to make her change her clothes then nurse said ur husband cn stay here sam felt shy rads said no I will help he has to go to with arjun to complete some formalities.

Neil and arjun left the room. Rads helped sam in changing her gown. Rads phn rang she said boss….she went out to talk nd told him the whole story…. he then said meeting of del I will put on hold, imp is sam’s health nd let me talk to commissioner he will take care of that rascal rajan. Rads hanged up the call nd went inside….

Neil and arjun also came rads told them to go home she will be here till then. They should go nd freshen up. Sam said first u all go nd have something to eat. She could see tension on neil’s forehead. She wanted to talk to him bt she could feel he was nt talking to her. Rads said yes I m very hungry I want to hv something. Arjun and rads went out holding hands sam called neil….he was leaving bt stopped then she said to nurse that she wants to talk to him in private nurse also went out…. she opened her arms it was very painful for her because she was being given saline nd antibiotics through one hand. It pained her… seeing this neil came running nd hugged her. She asked him is he angry on her he didn’t replied just put his fingers on her lips….she then kept mum…. he went away with tears in his eyes saying vl come soon. When he went out of room nurse came. She said ur husband is very handsome, she said yeah……

In the canteen neil rads and arjun were sitting and having coffee, with scrambled eggs, pancake and fries. After eating rads told neil and arjun to go home she will stay here if anything needed she will let them know till then they should go take some rest nd freshen up. Neil said no u go I vl stay here…. she said try nd undertand u go she may need me. Neil said ok nd left with arjun.

While arjun and neil were on their way arjun could feel that neil is disturbed he asked him the reason bt neil changed the topic…. without answering his question. Arjun understood that he doesnt want to talk on that topic so he also started talking the other things around. They reached place took shower and then changed clothes. Neil came to sam’s room he decorated her room with their old pictures of school, sam and rads pictures when they were in colg. Rads nd arjun’s engagement days pictures, her first day of office. He changed the bedsheets, curtains pillow covers, brought fresh lilies and put that in vase. He made a sketch in which he wrote get well soon nd pinned it on board……. nd then went to her bed took her favourite pillow hugged it and slept…..

It was around 5 when rads called arjun he got up and realised that he slept for long . He said sorry to her and told her is coming soon. Arjun went to call neil when he was going towards neils room bt he saw that someone was sleeping in sam’s room and when he came inside he saw neil was actually the one sleeping there. He woke him up said lets go its tym to get her back. Neil said u go I hv some work in the market…. arjun said u sure he then said yes u nd rads get her I will do some preparations here arjun said ok nd get away…then looked back nd said nice…..and went away…

Arjun reached hospital signed discharge papers cleared the bill and they were coming when sam asked neil ….where is neil …?? Arjun said he had some work. Sam became angry and thought he is having more important things at this pt of time rather than her. She became sad. Radhika was trying to make her all in vain….

Then they reached home neil was standing on door waiting for them. He took sam in his arms nd took her inside rads also came slowly with arjun.. she was very much tired. They came to sam’s room nd they all became happy. Sam was really very happy when she came to know that everything was done by neil alone. She could feel smell of fresh lilies which were kept on bedside table……

Rads went to take shower then arjun also came after her nd when she came out he held her in his arms took her to bed and started rubbing his nose around her neck I love ur scent…..rads said arjun leave ….what r u doing? Arjun said romancing nd would be wife….. I hv rite I cn do this…rads said nd who gave u this rite…he said u….rads said me …when I actually dont remember anything…arjun said is it with his brows up nd curve around his lip……she said yeah nd felt shy and was trying to get up…he then held her from hand stopping her from going gave her a jerk and she was on bed again and in no time he was on her….rads was feeling shy her face was totally pink becoz of blushing….she said pls let me go arjun pls….he said as u say my princess and when he left just then she ran from the room as if she vl stay there then he will eat her up…….

Rads went to sam’s room she was sleeping nd neil was caressing her face sitting beside her with tears in his eyes…rads said neil…he wiped his tears nd said come chasni u sit here now I m going…… rads held his hand took him out of the room ….. and arjun was also coming from back he saw them nd said vt happened guys…neil gave expression as if he doesnt know….arjun was then watching towards rads she said neil y r u doing this …. y r u hurting urself…. arjun understood the matter and said radhika let it be I vl talk to him…..neil said I cant see her like this….this is all because of me…may b if wasn’t there in her life she would not have taken this extreme step it’s all because of me…..rads said what….. are u gone nuts?? U know what u r saying…. arjun then held radhika’s hand nd gave her a nod to not say anything more….rads frustated was going back to sam’s room when she saw sam was already there on the door. She said sam everybody in shocked expression was watching her……..

sam ran back towards her room nd tried to close the door bt somehow rads managed to come in…. she hugged her nd started crying loudly….how could I hv let him do whatever he wanted to do….that moron said he needs lift there is emergency nd he is not able to get any vehicle I was just helping him…. bt he lied…he touched me vd his dirty hands…he kissed me…u can’t imagine chasni how I felt…I was feeling like hell..I thought its better to die rather than being vd him. I just wanted to see neil one last tym before my death…I wanted to embrace him once…. rads was also crying along vd sam…. all this was being heard by neil and arjun also…. neil tried to come towards sam with tears rolling from his eyes, bt arjun stopped him and said not now….let her cry… she vl feel better…

Rads and sam sat there crying in each other arms… rads was trying to console her…. that night they slept like that….

Early morning neil left for some imp work….sam was sleeping so he didnt disturbed her… rads woke up saw sam still sleeping in her arms she tried to remove hair from her face bt she woke up by this….rads said goodmorning sam gave her a smile saying goodmorning…they both went to take shower… arjun was still sleeping radhika kissed him on his ear…by that he woke up bt acted as if sleeping…then radhika kissed on corner of his lip bt he gave her a kiss on her lip nd held her tight….rads said u monkey u was acting how rude…and hit him with pillow… and then they both hugged laughing….

Rads went to kitchen to make something to eat…arjun also came after taking shower…sam went to neil’s room bt couldnot find him then she came downstairs bt didnot saw him anywhere, went to kitchen and asked arjun..about neil he said there was an important meeting so he had to go may b he went there…. sam became sad…rads said dont worry everything will be fine…..they all ate breakfast…and rads told sam abt getting married to arjun. She became really very happy and hugged them both.

Morning to evening she waited for neil’s call bt he didn’t called….she asked rads what to do she said try to talk to him when he vl be back I m sure u vl make everything fine ……. rads and arjun went back to there place in evening….they said her to tc nd they are just call away…

Sam was waiting for neil all the while she was thinking what to do for him nd she then went to his room..took one of his white shirt from wardrobe came back to her room took shower wore that shirt nd a black hot pant….did her make up with smoky eyes…pink lipstick…few bangles in one hand…. combed her tresses she left them open….she was looking hot….

She switched off all the lights when heard breaks of his car. He came inside and saw darkness everywhere, he got scared and went up to sam’s room calling her name….bt didn’t find her…he was trying her no than saw her phn was in her room only….then he heard something nd looked back..came towards downstairs…..

In living room he saw sam standing on dining table with few lights focussing on her….she was looking sensuous…his heart just skipped a beat seeing her like that ….she said hii jaan how is u….he still mesmerized by her looks didnot say anything…..then a song started to play from audio nd all lights got on….

Zara zara bahekta h mehekta h aaj toh mera tann badan mai pyaasi hu mujhe bharle apni bahon mai
(sam was showing her grooves)
meri kasam tujhko sanam duur kahi na jana… duuri kehti h paas mere aajare…..
(Neil opened his coat loosened his tie and was swinging his head…vd smile on his face….)

Uhi baras baras kali ghta barse
hum yaar bheeg jaye iss chahat ki baarish mai
( sam very closed to neil took his hands on her waist nd started swaying..he was doing as she wanted, both had eyelock )
meri khuli khuli lto ko suljhaye tu apni ungliyon se
mai toh hu isi khwaish mai…
( neil’s hand in sam hairs he was removing hair from her forehead and kissed her there)
Sardi ki raaton mai hum soye rhe ek chadar mai….hum dono tanha ho na koi bhi rhe iss ghar mai…
( she got a quilt and covered themselves and kissed him on his neck)

Tadpaye mujhe teri sabhi baatein ek baar e deewane jhutha hi shi pyaar toh kr…
mai bhuli nhi haseen mulaqate bechain krke mujhko mujhse u na phair nazar…
ruthega na mujhse mere saathiya ye vada kr tere bina mushkil h jina nera mere dilbar….
(As neil was trying to go she held his hand ……Sam’s back was touching his front and his hand around her waist and face was on her shoulder she could feel his breathing on her neck…..she was dancing seductively)

Song finished bt neil and sam were still close neil holding her waist.. he said sam she said hmmm he said song finished can I go now…. sam gave him angry look and said what ….this is what u wanted to say…. he said yes now bye….

she hung by his arm and said u cant do this he gave her side look nd said what I hv done…she with her mouth hung open u such a big leech I did this to make u happy because u were angry nd still u r giving me ur attitude….

neil said oh thatsy I was thinking y so much of love u r showering on me suddenly, she said what nd then he put finger on her lips nd said who told u that I m angry vd u…she said thats why u r nt talking to me u went away without meeting me…he started laughing and said my sweety If love u nd I m nt angry with u…yes I was angry bt nt on u bt myself as I couldnot reach the place on time because of which u did vh u shouldn’t have….nd remember whatever happens no matter my love for u vl always be lyk this….nd he kissed her on her cheeks then on her lips softly….nd said I love u my cutie I love u alot… nd by the way u looking very hot….she ran from there into her room blushing….

……….:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)………….

Frnds song is from RHTDM 🙂
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Credit to: KIRTI

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