Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 16)

Scene 1
After dancing Swaragini’ s Dadi and Dida came their fighting. Shekar and Sumi calms them. Dadi tells my Shona is so beautiful and scolds Sanskar to keep her happy. Sanskar nods and Swara smiles.
Next day
Sumi comes to wake up Swaragini but they act to sleep. Sumi says Sanskar swara is sleeping u go. Suddenly Swara wakes up and ask where. Sumi teases her and Dadi comes there. Dadi says get up Shona you have to get ready for mehandi. But Dida comes there and says Shona Rags come lets practise for Sangeet. Ragini gets up in half sleep and says Dida I will come u both go from here and again she sleeps. All laugh seeing her.
Scene 2
In Sanslak house
Sanslak got ready for mehandi. A girl comes and hugs Sanskar. He says uttara and hugs her. Uttara says this is not fair bhai u didn’t tell me about ur marriage and stays annoyed. Laksh says mere ladoo now u came na go and get ready ur Hyannis will cone here anytime. She leaves.
Annapurna comes there and sees them. She asks where r u going. Sanskar says for mehandi. Annapurna says men are not allowed. Sanslak looked shocked. They ask Why? . She says its inauspicious to meet bride but don’t worry evening u will meet her na and she leaves. Sanskar ask lucky how will I meet her. Laksh gets an idea and smiles.
In Swaragini house
Dadi and Dida got ready Swara in red lehenga with Rose and Jasmine accessories and got her down. Sumi keeps a black dot on her ears and smiles. Mehandi girls came there and asked who is the bride. They covered their face. Ragini get them to Swara. One of the girl pinches Swara. She looks at the girl. It is Sanskar and he winks at her. Swara says what are doing here u will be caught sanky. No Swara see there and shows her Laksh and Dida. Swara smiles. They talk by heart. Just then Annapurna enters with original mehandi girls. Dadi ask they r the original then who is that shows Sanskar. Dida, Laksh, Sanskar and Swara are shocked. Sanslak runs. Ragini catches Laksh and shows his face. Before she could shout Laksh kisses her and leaves. Ragini stands still. Sumi and Dadi caught Sanslak. They show their face and turns. Annapurna hold their ears and says I told not to come then y did u came here. Sanskar says to see u mom. Annapurna says Ok then come in the eve now leave and thrown them out. Sanslak look at eachother.
Scene 3
In the evening
Sanslak got ready for Sangeet and came down. Otherside Ragini gets Swara ready and got her down. Ragini sees Laksh but avoids him. Laksh is confused. Dida says there will be competition btw bride and bridegroom family. Dida says i will be on Sanskar side and go to Sanskar. Dp says ok and lets start. Dadi and Dida dance on dil meri chenubi song. Sumi and Annapurna dances on dolere dolere song. Uttara dances on gulabo song. Ragini dances on Didi tera devan diwana song and imitates Laksh. Laksh looks on shocked. Ragini finishes her dance. All laugh and she leaves. Sanskar says don’t know what is going to happen. Laksh stops Ragini but see ignored him. He holds her hand twists her towards him. Ragini looks shocked and doesn’t look at him. Laksh forcefully makes her look at him.
Laksh: Wat do u think of yourself. And twist her hand.
Ragini:Leave my hand.
Laksh: u made fun me.
Ragini:Revenge for Wat u did.
Laksh: Wat I did
Ragini: U ……… u kissed me.
Laksh remembers and leaves her. Ragini leaves but Laksh says don’t think. Ragini says No Laksh I know u did for escaping. He comes closer and says I did it for real and leaves. Whole family dance on Shaandar song freezes on Swasan happy face.

Precap: Swaragini’ s college friends came for Sangeet. Ragini sees someone and gets frightened and runs. Laksh holds and ask her and she hits him.

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