Pearl Princess two shot (helly and jennifer)

Here the story start.

We enter a beautiful Mansion

We see a man sitting  on breakfast table and having breakfast     

We see a man sitting  on breakfast table and having breakfast.

We was seeing the time .

He ask the maid, Mary where are my princess.

Maid :- your highness they are not awake till now.

King Samuel :- what they will never change .
What will happen after their marriage.

Maid :- highness nothing will happen they take care of each responsibilty very cleverly.

King Samuel :- mary dont call me highness. If they listen then they will remove me from my house.

Mary :- yes sir she laugh and go to thier room  to wake them up

She goes and see the door written enter on your own risk.

She goes and see the door written enter on your own risk

She open the door and see a girl is sleeping on floor .

Why is she sleeping on floor?

She shake her head and say this girl will never change.
She go near her and say today i have made chole bhature in breakfast for breakfast.
Her Sleep get distirb listening her word she ask are saying true.
Maid say yes.

Girl 1 :- ok. Go i will come go and wake up di.

She saying all this while close eyes.

After she goes towards a potrait
She open her eyes and say good morning mumma i miss you not.


Give your blessing to everyone.

Now i have to go otherwise my bf will run away saying this she goes to washroom.

Other side

Maid see the door written keep clam one mad in there in our house already.

She enter the room

And see the girl sleeping she go and open the curtain

And see the girl sleeping she go and open the curtain .
And see the girl is moving

Girl say good morning beauty.

Maid :- good morning . Your baby is awake

Girl how can she wake without any tantrum.

Have you make favourite dish.

Maid yaa

Ok i will take leave. She leave from there

Girl go to the potrait with close eyes.
And say good morning mom

She left to fresh and up.

After sometime both come to dinning table.

And girl 1 sit and start asking bring breakfast fast i dieing with hunger.

Girl 2 shook her head and say dramebaaz.

Breakfast come and have thier bf. Girl 1 is seeing her food saying please don’t get over. I will miss you.

Girl 2 yaar kiddo grow up yaar.

Girl 1 hey you oldie don’t call me kidoo
Its age of my marriage and you are calling me kidoo.

Girl w shock to listen her word and then start laughing.

Seeing her laughing everyone also start laughing.

She pout seeing them laughing.

No one love me.

God send my prince he will love me.

Samuel who was seeing this come there.
And say whats happening here.

Everyone become silent and greet him.

Both girls greet him and hug him

Dadaa see they are making fun of me.

Samuel :- how

Girl 2 tell him all the matter. And he become serious and say very bad you are masti alone not taking me in it.

Girl 1 start crying sitting on the floor.

No one love me. ??????

Samuel panick seeing her crying he say princess i was joking see iam holding my ear. You guys also hold your ears and do sit up.
Everyone is doing
Girl 1 start laughing see i make you guys fool.

They were smilling seeing her laughing they were she was doing drama .
But tears in her eyes make their cut in many pieces

Samuel i want to tell you both something .

Both yes dad.

Mary comes abd say sir today also girl1 was sleeping on floor.

Samuel see towards her.abd giving her face explain

Girl 1 :- dad di ma i was sleeping on bed only in night i saw someone

Girl2 in your room. Tell me who is it i will that donkey.

Girl 1 :-  di don’t call him donkey. I saw him i my dream.
I was walking i our garden when i saw a beautiful man

Girl 2 beautiful seriously

Girl 1 he was in my dream or yours . In mine na then he will be beautiful .
You want to listen or not.

Girl ya go ahead. She said while chuckling.

Girl 1:- then i go near him when i was to going touch him her turn and i stumbl and i

Girl 2 and you were in your prince arms.

Girl 1 naaa i was on floor.

Everyone one what.

Girl1 yes. Then i broke my sleep but i was not able to sleep. Then i sleep on floor.

Everyone was controlling thier laugh.

Girl 1 pout you can laugh.

Girl 2 dad what you were saying.

Samuel :- ya. After 5 days thier is a ball party where you can choose your life partner.

Girl 1 finally dad you have think about our marriage.
I am soo happy. Now i will see my prince in real rather than dreams.

Girl 2 but dad why so suddenly

Samuel :-  this date was choose by your mom she want her daughter to choose thier prince on her 30 marriage anniversay.

That why.

Now everyone eyes was moist.

Samuel :- forget the past. Now start the preparation for that day go shopping .
Girl 1 and 2 ok. And left.

King Samuel leave from their .

Now both the princess are their they walk to each eachother with a smirk on their faces.

Both facing each other. And say

Girl1 to girl to so my dear jenny is ready for marriage.

Yess girl2 is no other than Jennifer winget.

Jenny to girl 1

Yes my helly. And I know you are very excited for after marriage ritual.

I m right. Baby..

Helly :- you idiot. Have can you make fun of you own sister.

Jenny :- like you make fun of you own big sister.

Helly :- huuuhhh. You know I am very excited to meet hot boys.

Jenny :- but you want beautiful boy na .

She ask innocently .

Helly:- you idiot. Jenny what quality you want in your Man.

Jenny :- nothing much. He should be caring, understanding and he should understand my dream and let me follow also. Like I will accept his dreams as mine he should accept mine dreams as his.

Helly :- ohh god you want this much only.

Jenny :- what you want.

Helly :- my prince(she goes in dream) should be beautiful as u know .

It not necessary by face but by heart he should be, he should be fun loving, caring

He should be like me. I don’t belive in opposite attract concept.

He should do pranks like me. But he should be serious also after all he is a man .

He should do flirting also but healthy flirting you know as my RK (Ranbir Kapoor) say

He should take care of me like mother , guide like father , trouble like brother and

Love like a mad lover . he should be possessive but good one. Not mentel.

You know I have fix that my husband will be first become my friend, then best friends,

Boyfriend, lover , fiancé, husband then my childs father .

And you she see towards jenny who is sleeping as helly was asying some lubby

She shout :- jennnnyyyy ki bachiiii

She jump in fear and and say what happen your story is over. So fast.

Helly :- you idiot girl you were sleeping when I was telling . go I will not talk to you.

She left from there.

Jenny hit head and say yaar now is angry.

Helly come back and get ready we have to go for shopping for party.

She go and come back and say and don’t forget I am still angry.

She laugh at her and go to get ready for shopping

Now the that has come which is waited by all who be the prince of their both princess.

The mansion is beautifully decorated.

The mansion is beautifully decorated

Now Prince have started to come.

Everyone has come now all are waiting for both the Princess.

Light goes dim and we see two angels are decending from heaven(stairs).

All are seeing them.

All are seeing them

Princess Helly

                                                                           Princess Jennifer 

                                                                           Princess Jennifer

Helly to jenny oye is something on our face all are seeing us like this.

Jenny :- shut up. And she giggle.

Helly :- she always say shut up. Go and say to would be shirt up.

Jenny :- helluu

Samuel come to them and take to the center of the table

And introduce them .

Samuel:- heloo ladies and gentleman I would like to

Introduce my gems my possessions my daughters no sons

Helly and Jennifer.

They both are my world . they are princess but never show off.

Both are successful in their field without my help.

My helly she is small but she is successful social worker and


And my jenny she is no1 business women . they both are my pride.

Let me introduce the prince who have come here.

Samuel :- Princess take your places.

They go and sit .

Anchor come so here we have come to enjoy the party before that lets have small introduction from the who have come here.

Lets call the Prince Neil Bhatt

                                                  He is an IPS officer he is right now posted in Rajasthan

He is an IPS officer he is right now posted in Rajasthan.


We call Prince Yash Arora

                                                        He is from Mumbai

He is from Mumbai . he is a Business Man .

Then we call Prince Mudit

                                                  He is from Gujarat

He is from Gujarat. He is diamond Merchant.

Now we will call Prince Aanshul Trivedi

                                                       He is an army officer

He is an army officer. from Jharkhand..

now we will call Prince Naman Shaw

                                                        He is from hydrabad

He is from hydrabad. He an software engineer.

Now we will call Prince Karan Wahi

Now we will call Prince Karan Wahi

He live in Mumbai . hi is an actor.

Now we will call Prince Anuj sachdeva

                                                                  He is a Singer

He is a Singer. Live in delhi .

Now we will call Prince Karan Singh Grover

Now we will call Prince Karan Singh Grover

He is an industrialist . from punjab

Now we will call Prince Piyush Sachdeva

Now we will call Prince Piyush Sachdeva

He is archaeologist. He is from Madhya Pradesh.

Now we will call Prince Harshad Chopra

Now we will call Prince Harshad Chopra

He is a Pilot . live in Shimla.

Now we will call Prince Varun kapoor

Now we will call Prince Varun kapoor

He is a shark of Business world Mr. V.K. from Kolkata.

Now we will call Prince Gautum Rode 

Now we will call Prince Gautum Rode 

He is a football player. From maharastra.

Now we will call Prince Namish Taneja

Now we will call Prince Namish Taneja

He has a chains of hotel . from uttrakhand.

Now we will call Prince Kushal Tondon

Now we will call Prince Kushal Tondon

He a journalist. From Delhi.

Now we are done with introduction lets move to the party hall enjoy the party.

Everyone move to party hall . each one is willing to dance with princess but they are busy in themselves.

But Prince Anuj could not control himself he go to them and ask for dance but both denied. He felt insulted and move from there.

Jenny :- why you said no to him.

Helly :- you know after seeing him I get some bad vibes. That’s why.

Now I am felling hungry . then we will dance.

They move to dinnig area where dinner is been served .

Samuel see them and ask what are they doing here .

They say they are hungry .

He say ok. Come have dinner with prince then you guys can join for ball.

Both say ok.

All the princes and Princess sit and start eating .

Everyone was seeing them. While eating.

After dinner they went to fresh up .

In washroom

Jenny :- helluu I want to say somethi9ng

Helly :- me also. You say.

Jenny :- no you say

Helly :- say

Jenny :- ok I will say. Remember we went to mall that day

While coming we save one lady from an accident .

And we told her about our marriage . and she bless us and say

Today whichever boys have come to marry us we can see our

Hint of future while seeing in their eyes.

And you know I have seen my future with them.

Helly :- me also. And that’s why I doesn’t went with Mr.Anuj for dance. You know what I have seen with him . he become such a

Physco with me. He doesn’t let me go out of house.

Jenny :- but I was not able to see my future with him.

helly :- because he is not in your list we can see only in that person which is for us. Remember she said, the person who will be related to our last birth we can only in that person eyes. And we have to find or true soulmate.

Jenny :- yaa. You I like one person

Helly :- who tell na.

Jenny not now..

Come lets go.

They left to hall

Where dance was going to start. First dance is done by princess

And father. So helly, jenny and samul are sancing together.

After some time prince and other Princess join them.

It is like they changes partner after 5 mins.

They were dancing and princess were finding their true soulmate

Seeing in their eyes.



So here is the task .what you have to do is just do i comment pairs which you want.i want for both princess.

Which pair will be max that will become the pair.

It depend on your comment.

1. Mudit

2. Anuj sachdeva

3. Piyush sachdeva

4. Karan singh grover

5. Yash Arora

6. Kushal Tondon

7. Namish taneja

8. Gautam Rode

9. Naman Shaw

10. Harshad chopra

11. Karan Wahi

12. Varun kapoor

13. Neil Bhatt

14. Aanshul trivedi .

Max 10 comment for making a pair.


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  3. I want jenny and harshad to be paired , they look adorable together , so please please jenshad only

  4. Jenny n harshad
    Helly n varun

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