Are we destined for each other?????(Afterwards..!)

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B: Rudy, what should I do?  I know I can’t force anyone to love me. He likes someone else. Now, after this marriage I have caused trouble in others life. My parents even consider me as a burden. From childhood onwards, I had a lot of disabilities for which my parents had to spend a lot. Then many other teenage problems which clashes with my parents ideology. Now, I even talked to them harshly, because one day when we(Anika and Shivaay) split then my parents should not feel regret as it is due to them, my life is destroyed.(cries)

R: Anika Bhabhi, don’t fall down. We are all there for you. I am sure, one day Shivaay Bhaiyya will know how much you love him. In fact, that Lady Baba is behind his money which we know and he doesn’t. If we are not there for him, then who will be there? You should be strong, Bhabhi! I know you are soft hearted person.

A:(Wiping of tears) Yes, I should be strong. Now we will make sure that Tia’s face shall be opened up! Why should I fall down? That girl has made a lot of problems in my childhood. Now, I won’t allow her to destroy Shivaay’s life too.

R: Bhabhi, come let’s go. Otherwise, people will feel something fishy.

A: Yes, Rudy

They get out of that room. The whole family is talking outside. Just then, Pinky comes near Anika.

Pinky: Ani, why did Gayatri( Anika’s mom) get out of the wedding venue with tears?

A: Nothing Pinky Aunty, she will not come here from today onwards.

P: Not Aunty, only moms, ok?

A: Ok, Pinky Ma

P: Why did she tell like that?

A: I will tell that to you later,Ma.

P: Ok, dears

She goes.

That night, in their room:

Anika is inside her room in the bridal dress. Shivaay comes inside. They both look at each other. It’s as if they don’t know how to control their emotions.

S: See, you know that….(Anika cuts him off)

A: I am even forced into this marriage.

S: So, you got it. Any way, you sleep on the bed and I will sleep on the couch.

A: It’s ok, for me. I can sleep on the couch. I am used to it.

S: Ok


Anika gets up early. She gets out of the room and does her daily chores. It was time to have breakfast and the whole family reached near the dining table.

Shivaay was about to sit in between Omru and noticed they were sitting together. So, he moved and sat near Anika.

While others were eating  their food, Shivaay noticed how little Anika ate.

After eating food, he returned to his room, where he saw Anika ready to go for her work.

S: Why did you eat less?

A: Why do you care for how much I eat?

S: That was not the answer for my question.

A: Just because you asked me, doesn’t mean that I have to answer.

S: Tell me why do you eat so less?

A: That doesn’t matter to you!

S: Oh..your’e dieting! Girls like you literally avoid healthy food to become thin and then go to doctor for sickness.(He knows where to strike!)

A: Just because I ate less, doesn’t mean that I am dieting!

S: Then why are you eating less?

A: I won’t tell!

S: See, I know your’e dieting. Admit it!(rolling his eyes)

A: Why should I admit something which I don’t do?

S: Then tell me why are you doing this?

A: That was because I am used to eat less.

S: Why?

A: Now, Stop it! I am late for my work.

S: Ok..Ok( SSO being soft! Something is fishy!)

Anika goes from there. Actually, she has no work as she has taken few days leave from her business after marriage. So, she decided to utilize the time for exposing Tia. Omru will join after some time. They decided this time gap to not to be suspicious off.

Do they(Anika and Shivaay) like each other?

Why was SSO being so soft??

Will Anika and Omru expose Tia???

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