Pavitra Rishta 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 9th August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 9th August 2013 Written Update

Vinod is going to call Varsha for dinner, but Sulo stops her and says, until Soham doesn’t return, she won’t eat anything. Right then Soham enters. Varsha comes out running and asks him, you didn’t think about me before going? You grown up that much that you left without telling your mai? Soham says, I didn’t want to hurt you. Varsha says, now it’s enough.. you will stay here with me. She asks Vinod if he can stay there. Vinod and sulo happily allow him to stay saying he’s son of this house. Manju doesn’t like it. Varsha then sees a wound on Soham’s face and asks him what happened. Soham tells her everything. Varsha says, Gauri and her family are so good.. they allowed him to stay with them. I will go and thank them. They eat dinner now.

Varsha is taking care of

Soham’s wound and Manav enters with Sachu. Manav tells Sulo that he came to take Soham back home. Varsha says, he won’t go anywhere.. he will stay in this house. Manav says, I came to correct my mistake.. please let me take my son back. Soham gets up and says, so now you remembered your son. If it was like that, then why didn’t you stop me that day? Why didn’t you come to search me? Manav goes towards him and says, I agree it was my mistake.. I knew if I had stopped you, then you wouldn’t have stopped.. I didn’t know how to stop you. Despite being your father, I was afraid showing you my love, and whenever I tried, that love came out as anger. For that, I apologize to you.. please forgive me. Sachu now comes forward and asks for forgiveness as well. He says, I never took you as a brother.. but today I came to correct my mistake.. being an elder brother, I came to take you back home. Varsha says, he won’t go anywhere. Sulo tells her, you always wanted Soham to live with his family.. today Manav and Sachu both came to take him, Let him go.. don’t come in between his happiness. You also wanted this, right? Varsha says, you’re right. She then tells Soham to return to his family.. She says, maybe today you finally became part of that family.. go.. Soham takes blessings from her. Manav, Sachu, Soham leave. Emotional Varsha hugs Sulo.

Archu is working in the kitchen. Gauri and her mother come there. Gauri’s mother says, you’re working so much.. Archu says, I am very happy today.. Manav himself brought Soham back to this house. Gauri offers her help, but she tells her to go and sit outside with others.

Manav’s family, Gauri’s family, Sulo, Varsha.. all are gathered in the living room. Sachu says they will play antakshari, but Teju doesn’t want to play it. Sachu says, then you think of some game. Teju says, they will play dumsheraz. One team captain is Purvi and other team captain is Gauri. Soham says, but first tell me how to play it.. I never played before. Gauri’s brother tells him, its very easy.. I will tell you how to play. Soham gets surprised saying even he knows how to play. Gauri’s brother explains him. Teju tells Gauri and Purvi to select their team. Soham tells Teju to put him in a good team and ask him easy questions. Gauri’s brother says, I am with you.. don’t worry. Gauri’s brother chooses Gauri’s team so Soham has no choice but join Gauri’s team. When they ask Manav, Manav says, I am Archana’s team… and he goes to her in the kitchen. He asks Archu if she took her medicine. Archu says, no. Manav says, i knew it and he gives her medicine. Archu says, I have no tension because you’re there to take care of him. Teju asks Arjun to choose a team. Arjun says, I am not playing. He puts him in Purvi’s team.

Both teams are discussing which movie name to give. Soham tells Gauri to speak loudly. Gauri gets annoyed. Teju says, you have to whisper so others dont find out. They discuss it and then Gauri’s brother tells that movie name to Arjun. Manav and Archu are watching them playing from the kitchen. It’s Purvi who guesses it and movie name is Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hai. Soham says, that was very easy.. I will give a difficult name. Teju says, now its their turn to give movie name to your team. Arjun Purvi Sachu discuss the movie name. Arjun and Purvi highfive after deciding. Manav tells Archu, everyone is so happy. Archu says, yes.. but not everyone. Manav asks, whose not happy? Archu says, there are still some happiness that is still to come in this house. manav is confused. Archu says, you remember I told you about Purvi’s 2nd marriage? Manav says, I remember it very well and I supported to you as well. She deserves a happy life and a good life partner. Archu says, I have chosen that good life partner for her. Manav asks who is it? He looks at happy Arjun and Purvi and say, Arjun? Archu says, you’re not happy with my decision, right? But I think this will be right. Manav says, no.. I don’t have any objection.. in fact when you first talked about Purvi’s 2nd marriage.. Arjun’s name came in mind. Today he still loves her a lot and will keep her happy. Meanwhile, Purvi and Arjun are having pillow fight. Manav continues, Purvi and Pari will get their family. Archu asks him, you’re not upset with me right? Manav says, no.. I just hope something like this happens with Ovi as well and she can have a happy life as well.
We come to Canada now. Doctor tells Ovi, you’re taking too much stress and that’s why you’re having all these health problems. Once you start taking care of yourself, you won’t have to come here anymore. And you’re in modeling career.. so stop taking stress and relax. Ovi says, I promise I will take care of myself. She’s leaving and bumps into her friend. Her friends says, she married and got settled here. And after finishing medical studies, started working here. Her friend then asks her about her family.. teju. And then asks, how come you’re here? Ovi says, I can’t sleep in night so came for the checkup. Her friend says, all these happens because of stress. She takes Ovi with her.

Archu and Manav are worried how Ovi will react. Archu says, she will feel bad, but we will explain to her and she will understand. Manav says, yes.. and now Purvi and Arjun need to come together. They have already gone through a lot in their lives. Archu says, last time they couldn’t come together, but this time we won’t delay and bring them together. Manav wants to go out and tell this to everyone, but Archu stops him. She says, we just decided about it.. we need to know what they think about it. Manav says, I will talk to Arjun about this then.

Ovi tells her friend about the divorce. Her friend says, I understand you’re having very stressful life. She then shares her story that she had complication in her pregnancy and either her or her child would have survived, but one doctor saved both of them. Ovi says, he must be genius.. what’s his name? Her friend says, Onir Dutt. Ovi is surprised. Her friend continues, everyone here respects him a lot and our hospital’s dean has decided to give him an assignment in medical college here. Ovi asks do you know where he is now? Her friend says no, but I am sure by now he must have become a world recognized doctor. Ovi says, no.. he’s not even a doctor now. He was stuck in human organ trafficking racket. Her friend cannot believe it. Ovi says, this is the truth.. and I have been a victim of his racket. She tells her how Onir exchanged babies and she lost her baby. Her friend says, but all that doesn’t prove that Onir was involved in that case. He just exchanged babies.. he didn’t sell baby’s parts. And maybe you don’t know.. he’s so good that he can work in any of world’s best hospital and earn lots of money, then why would he do such work? He doesn’t care about money.. he did treatment of many people for free. Ovi says, this is only his half truth. Now she tells her friend, he married my sister despite being married and when my sister found out the truth, he left her. Her friend says, during my treatment.. I didn’t talk to him about his personal life so I am not sure about that. Ovi says, I don’t want to discuss his personal life either. All I know is that he made a big mistake by hiding truth of my baby and I will never forgive him. Her friend says, after hearing all this from you, I can tell you one thing that he did all these for you. Ovi says, for me? Her friend says, yes.. so you don’t feel the pain of losing a child. You can check his past record.. he never did any unethical work. Ovi asks, if he’s that good person, then why did he hide the truth? Her friend says, I also can’t understand why he did this.. but if he did this, then there must be a reason.

Episode ends on Ovi’s thoughtful face.

Precap: Manav tells Arjun that they have decided to do Purvi’s 2nd marriage with a guy who can take care of Pari and Purvi. Arjun is surprised.. expressionless (because Manav didn’t take his name yet)..

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