Pavitra Rishta 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 28th February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 28th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sulo telling Purvi today is very special today. Purvi asks her why. Sulo says, Today Sohan will be released from the jail and Archu’s wish will finally be fulfilled. Purvi says, I totally forgot about it.. finally Sohan dada will be out of the jail. They say its because of Archu’s faith that Sohan has changed now. Sulo says, after he comes out of the jail.. Archu’s family will be complete and she will be very happy.. she will have all her kids with her… manav will be with her too. They are very happy for Archu.

Purvi says aai stayed away from Soham for 18 years and I can understand her sorrow. Sulo says, I understand your feelings, but don’t worry.. you will be mother again and you will have family like Archu too. Sulo prays to God to give all

the happiness to Purvi that she wants. They get ready to go to the temple.

In the jail, Varsha is worried thinking what if Soham really kills Manav as per what Balan said to him. She makes excuse of sister’s illness otherwise if police find out Soham has gone to kill Manav, then they would put him into jail once again.

She calls but no one picks it up. She prays to God that Soham should not reach to Manav-Archu.

Here at the temple, Soham comes and calls Archu mother. Archu gets surprised. She says, you were going to be released a bit later, right? I came here for pooja and was going to come to you. Soham says, but before you come.. I came to you. Archu says, this is very good.. it can’t better than this.. you coming to me after getting out of jail. God listened to me. Manav asks Archu to go for the pooja. Soham says to Archu, I want to talk to you. Archu tells him, aarti is about to start.. We will talk after that. Soham asks her, who is more important for you? God or your son?

Archu says, you don’t know how much I have waited for you. I waited for so long to hear “mother” from you.. and today you did.. so even if I don’t go for bappa’s darshan (prayer).. he will forgive me. Soham says, I want to talk with both of you. Manav says, I don’t want to talk to you. Archu requests him to talk for her. Manav agrees.

They come outside. Archu gets worried seeing Soham’s angry face and asks what you wanted to about? Soham says, I wanted to tell something to you both. He continues, all I wanted in my life was to rule Mumbai city.. I wanted a rich person’s easy life. Manav says, you still can get all that.. but not just like that.. you have to work hard and earn it. Soham laughs and says, I don’t know how to earn money with hardwork.. I was never taught all that. Since my childhood, I have always snatched what I wanted. Manav says, which I will never let you do. Soham says, I knew that.. i Knew that.. and that’s why.. he now takes out the gun. Archu gets shocked and drops pooja’s thaal.

He points the gun at Manav and says, I will get rid of you from my life. Archu covers Manav. Manav tells her, let him do whatever he wants. Soham says, If I don’t get rid off you, then you will always keep interfering in my life. You won’t let me live with the peace.. and today, if I kill you, then.. (now he becomes emotional), he asks himself.. what am I doing? It’s better if I kill myself. He now points gun on his head. Archu asks him what are you doing? Soham says, what else can I do? One father says, quit all this.. other says, go and kill Manav.

I can’t kill Manav Deshmukh.. and the one who raised me.. I can’t go against him either. Until now, Balan was hiding and watching all this.. he finally comes out as Soham puts gun on himself. Balan asks him, what are you doing? Leave this gun. Soham says, I knew it.. you would be hiding somewhere here and see if I can kill my real parents. I can’t kill them. Today I only have 2 options.. (he points gun at Manav).. one that takes me on a right path.. and other (he points gun at Balan).. I know you won’t accept me if I don’t do what you told me and go against you. That is why (pointing gun at himself), I will kill myself. Archu is crying and begs him to take the gun off. Soham now looks at Balan and says, when I pointed gun at you.. there was fear in your eyes.. now when gun is pointing me.. there is no fear in your eyes. You have always taught me wrong things.. and today you told me to kill my father? How many tests you will take to prove that I love you? I want to finish all this today. I will end this.. baba (Balan), you will have to die today.. as long as you’re alive.. I can’t be a good human being which I want to be. manav tells Soham, solution is not to kill anyone.. he suggests that they sit down and have a discussion.

Soham says nothing is going to happen.. I am born to do bad things.. and I am a bad person.. and its my punishment to kill myself. He points the gun at him and presses the trigger, Archu pulls the gun.. and bullet goes straight into Archu’s neck. Soham cannot believe what he did. Archu falls and Manav catches her. Balan takes the gun from Soham’s hand and runs from there. Soham goes to Archu. Ambulance comes and Manav Soham take Archu to the hospital.

Archu is still breathing.. Manav tells her nothing will happen to her. Archu opens her eyes.. Manav says, God brought us together after so long.. he won’t let anything happen to you. Archu says, it’s not Soh .. Soham’s fault.. please don’t blame him for this. I am telling you truth.. it happened because of me.. She joins her hand and says to Manav.. please don’t let Soham go away from you. And now Archu gets unconscious.. Manav and Soham are worried. Manav asks her to open the eyes.. he says we are about to reach the hospital.

In the hospital, Soham asks himself, what did I do? I never wanted to kill you.. you came in between and by mistake bullet got fired from my hands. He’s looking at his hands and feeling guilty. He says, you shouldn’t have stopped me. Manav looks at him, but doesn’t say anything (yet).

Archu’s operation is on.. doctor comes out.. and says, I have taken out the bullet, but she’s in a very critical condition.. we can’t say anything at this point.

Soham goes near operation room. Manav comes near God’s statue. Tears in his eyes, he prays God to save HIS ARCHANA.. He says, you know Manav is incomplete without Archana.. I won’t be able to live.. one thing will always bother me that in order to save me, Archu gave up her own life. Please bappa.. save Archana. Please.. please..

Soham asks Manav, ey Deshmukh.. she (archu) will be alright right? I didn’t understand what doctor said.. please tell me. Manav backs off.. and doesn’t say anything. All the family members arrive. Sulo asks what happened to Archu.. where is she? Manav says, she’s inside. Sulo asks but how did all this happen?

Manav says, we went to temple.. he points at Soham.. and tells everything that happened. Everyone’s shocked. Soham is feeling guilty.

Doctor comes out and says, I am sorry, Mr. Manav.. Manav asks, sorry mean? Doctor says, your wife got saved, but went into coma. Everyone’s shocked. Manav asks how can she go into coma? Doctor says, bullet hit in neck and.. Manav asks, when she will get conscious? Doctor says, that only her and God knows.. we have no option, but to wait. Doctor leaves. Manav is broken down. Soham cannot face everyone. (and leaves from there, I believe).

Episode ends.

Precap: Savita tells Manav, Archu can’t stay without her family.. she will definitely be back. She asks him to become children’s mother till Archu is in the hospital.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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