Pavitra Rishta 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 18th December 2013 Written Update

Naren’s Office .
Ankita tells Naren that he should start his work and she will go and sit on her work station .Naren makes her sit on his chair and tells her that from now they will sit next to each other in his office ( he gives her a plant as a present and puts it next to his plant ) .He also tells her that she will be the signatory on his behalf .
This makes Ankita very uncomfortable and she tells Naren that she is no one to sign on his behalf .
Naren tells her strictly that she is his wife .He says that this company belongs to him and he belongs to her .He then tells her that now they will both practice a signature for her new name ‘ Ahana Karmarkar ” .He makes her hold the same pen with him and makes her practice the signature .


Office floor …
Arjun is told by his manager that Purvi is on her way to attend an important scheduled meeting with him .Arjun gets worried as he was not expecting her to come .He quickly leaves for the meeting …

Sachin’s room in Canada .
Nina is happy that Purvi is getting married soon .She tells Sachin that hopefully now Purvi and Pari will be out of the house and two less people to worry about in the property share . Nina says that Ovi is as good as gone forever and now even Purvi will go and they will somehow take care of Teju as well.
Teju hears this and she comes in .
She sarcastically tells Nina that now she will have to take care of the company as Purvi will be getting married and surely she will hate doing this as Nina would not want to neglect Sachin .
Teju says to Nina that she is going to make sure that she takes care of the company so that Nina should not neglect her husband .
She also tells Nina that Archana has made lots of expensive jewellery for Purvi’s wedding and she invites Nina to come and have a look at them .
Nina is very angry and tells Sachin that even though she is going so much money is being spend on Purvi’s jewellery .
Sachin does not seem happy the way his wife is talking against his sisters .

Archana’s room in Canada
Archana is showing Pari and Pushti the jewellery she got made for Purvi. Pushti also wants a necklace like Purvi’s . Nina comes in and tells Archana to give Purvi’s gold necklace to Pushti as Purvi is not serious about getting married and is just living with Arjun .
Pari gets very angry and warns Nina strictly not to talk nonsense against her Aie and Baba .
Archana also tells Nina that is she cannot talk good for someone then no need to talk at all.
Teju also tells Nina that she can never think good for anyone and that Purvi is old enough to take care of herself
Nina is very angry because she feels that she was only talking for Purvi’s good and she says that she gets no respect in this family .She leaves the room and takes Pushti with her .

Mr. Chadha’s office ( Mr. Chadha is a government officer ) .
Purvi and Arjun come to this meeting with Mr ,Chadha .
Mr.Chadha is a horrid lecherous guy who is clearly looking at Purvi with wrong intentions .he also looks corrupt as he is talking on phone about taking bribes .
He asks Purvi and Arjun about their marital status .Arjun tells that he is married to Ovi and Purvi says that she is a divorcee .
Mr. Chadha calls Purvi’s ex husband a bewakoof that he left such a beautiful wife .
Arjun gets angry and tells Chadha to get on with the work .
Chadha invites Arjun and Purvi in his private bungalow in Panchgani ( his intentions look very wrong ) .
Arjun says that he cannot come but Purvi agrees .
Chadha goes out of the room to attend a phone call .
Arjun is very angry with Purvi that she agreed as Chadha is clearly a shady character but Purvi says that she will definitely go .
Arjun then tells Chadha that he too will come with his wife .
Chadha is annoyed ( he wanted to be alone with Purvi ) but tells Arjun that he can be with his wife while he will spend time with his guest Purvi .

Outside Chadha’s office .
Arjun is very angry why Purvi is going to Chadha’s house .Purvi tells Arjun that he is getting possessive about her because he wants to protect her from a horrible man like Chadha .
Purvi says that this is happening because Arjun still is in love with her .
Arjun tells Purvi that he does not loves her but he loves Ovi .
Purvi says that never will she ever accept that he loves Ovi and not her .

Naren’s car .
Naren and Ankita are coming back from the office .
The song ‘ sun raha he na tu ‘ is playing in the background . Naren , like a child , is playing with Ankita’s hand .Sometimes he puts his head on her shoulder and sometimes he wants her to enact some playful gestures with her hands with him ( almost just like what kids do ) .Ankita though disinterested is trying to smile and do what he wants her to do .
She starts smiling at Naren’s antics but then Naren kisses her hand and that makes her uncomfortable .She starts to look out of the window .
Prashant calls Ankita and wants to know if Soham’s asking for money from her susral got Ankita in any problem .Ankita tells him that Rushali is well aware of the kind of person Soham is so Prashu should not worry about anything .

Sohum’s house .
Prashant strictly tells Sohum that he is never to go to Ankita’s house and ask for money and if he does that then he should not consider Prashu as his son .
A shameless Sohum immediately tells Prashu to leave his house if he is not his son .Sohum is very happy about the windfall that he is having these days and has no plans to change anything about it .
A neighbour lady comes in the invite Mansi to her daughter’s wedding rituals …Soham even talks rubbish to this woman, advising her to get her daughter married to a millionaire so then she too can have a life of riches just like what he is enjoying right now .

Arjun’s house .
Arjun is telling Ovi that she has to come with him to Panchgani .Ovi thinks that Arjun is being ridiculous because he wants to protect Purvi but at the same time he is pushing her away .
Arjun tells Ovi that it is only a matter of one and a half month more .
Ovi begs Arjun not to be negative .The operation can work good for him and he can have his family back with Purvi and Pari in his life .She says that she will herself tell Purvi how much Arjun loves her .Arjun still wants Ovi to come so she agrees .

Precap :
Rushali is telling Ankita about some lady coming to their house .Rushali looks very worried but Ankita assures her that she will take care and will not let this lady know that she is Naren’s wife .Rushali tells Ankita that she will have to take off her mangalsutra and her engagement ring …

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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