Hey guys! It’s me Anshita back with the fifth chapter of ME, YOU AND PASSION. I’m extremely sorry for making you wait so long. Once again, I’ll be writing this chapter in a hurry. Therefore, kindly excuse me for typos. Things might seem bizarre currently while reading this since I had to write it in such less time. Hope you understand and can cooperate just the way you’ve been doing so far. Another thing, I’d like to thank you all for your lovely comments for all my posts??
So let us begin…..

It was 3 am and Sonakshi sat in her chair playing with her fingers and smiling to herself. Yes, she was smiling like an idiot all to herself. But was this smile for her own dear self? Nope, this was for someone very special, a new friend of hers and probably the best one she’s ever had so far, and she knew, she won’t get any better one than him. This smile was indeed dedicated to her dear friend, Dev. Finally, they were friends now. Sonakshi giggled to herself for having chosen such a complicated love story rather than any simple yet cute one.

Sonakshi’s POV: Mujhe pata hai ki maine jo decision liya hai wo bohot khatarnaak hai, lekin main aur kya karti? Mujhe Dev ko paana hai aur aaj maine uss hi ke liye ek kadam aage bhadaaya hai. Magar kya Dev bhi mujhe itna hi chaahta hai aur utna hi mujhse pyaar karta hai jitna main karti hoon? Bhagwaan kare aisa hi ho. (I know that the decision I took is indeed very dangerous, but what else could I have done? I want to get Dev and this was just the first step I took towards attaining my goal. But does Dev want me as much as I do and does he love me as much as I do? I hope that is how it is.)

But little did she know that Dev had already started dreaming of their paradise together. He dreamt of what all they’d do together. They’d eat together, watch the television together, study together, go to work together, go out for outings and picnics together and of course, live together, he thought as an idea struck his mind.

Dev to himself: Kya hua agar hum abhi committed nahin hai? Hum fir bhi saath mein bohot kar sakte hain! Aisa karta Hoon Sona ko dinner ke liye le chalta hoon! Iss bahaane hume saath-saath zyaada vakt bitaane ko milega aur main usse thode aur achche se jaan paoonga. (What happens if we aren’t committed? We can yet do a lot together! I’ll do one thing: I’ll take Sonakshi out for dinner! This way we’ll get to spend more time together and I’ll get to know her better.)

Despite it being 3:30 am by now, he quickly contacted few restaurant managers he had contacts with and planned his perfect ‘dream date ‘. ‘Sona, this might not be the best, but I believe you can make it the best with your presence,’ he thought to himself as lay on his bed, smiling to himself.

Both Sonakshi and Dev had fallen asleep by 4:30 am. Dev was excited to inform Sonakshi about their dinner. Sonakshi, on the other hand, was excited as well. For what, she didn’t know a single bit. She just felt that something was going to happens to tomorrow for sure. Part of her gave her this strong gut that there was something really special planned further on in the day. However, part of her gave her this terrible feeling that something was going to happen, which indeed was horrible and disastrous. She just hoped that it was just a feeling, nothing else in reality.

The break of dawn was very early, felt both Dev and Sonakshi. And why wouldn’t it? After all, they’d hardly had any sleep for 4 hours. They got up, although they didn’t feel like doing so, but atleast for the sake of seeing each other. Sonakshi got this weird feeling, however, she completely ignored it and went to get ready. Meanwhile, Dev was highly excited for the later part of the day. Both of them had breakfast today and left for college with their respective siblings. Elina and Vicky were now the best of friends. Elina felt nothing more than friendship for Vicky while Vicky was madly in love with Elina. Vicky, upon Dev’s insistence, told him that he had a crush on Elina. However, he was aware of Elina just considering him as a friend. Dev was glad to see that his brother, for the first time, really loved someone but was worried if Vicky would be able to get his true love. “You’ll get to know soon as time passes,” is all what Dev could tell Vicky as he himself was in a similar situation as Vicky. Even he felt that Sonakshi just considered him as friend. However, he believed that his love would be able to change Sonakshi’s feeling for him, hopefully. So it was more than clear now, that both the Dixit brothers were madly in love with the Bose sisters. But would they be able to get their true love? To know that, we’ll have to follow Dev’s advise of being patient and eating for time to come and pass.

The first half of school was terrible for Elina and Vicky, for they had 3 tests so far. One in chemistry, biology and literature each, subjects they both really sucked at. While they were all a piece of cake for Dev and Sonakshi. They both stood as the class toppers. Dev’s marks had been observed from the past few years and no doubt, he was the class’s topper. However, observing Sonakshi’s marks obtained in tests so far, she wasn’t any lower than Dev. In fact, they nearly scored the same in all subject. Just a difference of a mark of two was the maximum difference between their scores. So altogether, both Dev and Sonakshi were the class toppers. Actually, school toppers. Dev didn’t mind sharing his position with Sonakshi at all. However, it was Sonakshi who felt that she’d have to do better to beat everyone, including Dev.

It was lunch time and surprisingly, Dev, Sonakshi, Vicky and Elina had decided to have lunch together. They collected their food from the canteen and went and dat by the stair beside the football ground. Dev and Sonakshi had decided to disclose the matter of their friendship to vickyand Elina and told the two that they something important to share and they mustn’t tell anyone about it. Nobody at all. The four grabbed their spots.

Vicky: Abey tum dono kya ek doosre ko ghoorte hi rahoge ya kuch kahoge bhi? (Are you two going to say anything or continue staring at each other like that?)

Sonakshi: (realising what she’d been doing infront of everyone) Aaaa…aa..wo..wo hum…hum ye kehna chahte the…ki..hum…ki hum…(Well…well…we..we..wanted to say that…that…that…)

Dev: That we both are friends!

Elina: Kya??? (What???) Sonakshi Bose and Dev Dixit friends? Impossible! (smirks).

Vicky: Yaar mujhe to yakin nahin ho raha ki Ms.Hitler aur Mr.Khan friends ho chuke hai! (Dude, I can’t believe that Ms.Hitler and Mr.Khan are friends now!) How is this possible man? Aisa ho kaise sakta hai? (How can this happen?)

Sonakshi: (in angry tone) Ms.Hitler kisko bola? (Whom did you just call Ms.Hitler?

Dev: (trying to imitate Sonakshi) Aur Mr.Khan kon hai yahaan?

Elina: (in a calm and cool manner) Are yaar! Of course, Mr.Khan is none other than Mr.Dev Dixit. After all you’re nearly as hot as SRK! (Winks)

Dev: (in a relieved yet unconvinced tone) Accha teekhe. (Okay, fine.)

Sonakshi: (still in her angry tone on) Lekin Ms.Hitler kise bola rahe ho tum?? (But whom are you calling Ms.Hitler??)

Elina: (senses that Vicky is soon going to be in trouble and plans to add more spice to the drama) Of course Sona, Vicky clearly meant that Ms.Hitler is nobody else but you!

Vicky: (senses the trouble and gives a scared expression after seeing Sonakshi staring at him in rage) Ab mein kya karoon Sona? Ye to tum bhi janti ho what should I do Sona? Even you must be aware of the fact that..that..)

Sonakshi: (yells out) Vicky, tu to gaya! (Vicky, you are gone!)

As she runs after him leaving Dev and Elina laughing out all loud!

Elina: Waise Dev, I mean going-to-be Dev jiju, nice going, huh? (winks)

Dev: Elina!!!! (starts tickling Elina)

Elina: (try to catch breathe) Are baba! Sorry Dev jiju! Ab meri hi gudgudi karte rahoge ya Sona ko bhi choone vaale ho? (Now will you continue tickling me or even touch Sona?) (laugh and runs away leaving Dev embarrassed)

Lunch was nearly over when Dev spotted Sonakshi teasing Vicky and Elina watching them. Both Sonakshi and Dev treated each other’s siblings like their own had a lot of fun together. Vicky enjoyed Sonakshi’s scoldings while Elina liked teasing Dev about Sonakshi. Together, they’d become the most famous group in the class and all the girls were envious of Sonakshi for having Dev and all the boys were jealous of Dev for having Sonakshi, especially Rahul who was yet furious at Dev for ‘stealing’ Sonakshi from him. However, beneath their hearts, everyone admitted the fact that both Sonakshi and Dev were simply made for other and none of them could take any one of their place.

Dev quickly ran to Sonakshi and signalled her to meet him to which she finally agreed and left Vicky saying, ‘Jaa, jaa kar maze kar Elina ke saath.’ (Go, go and have fun with Elina.) Vicky and Elina stared at each other and couldn’t help blushing. Sonakshi went running to Dev and inquired why he called her.

Dev: Sona, I’ve gotten a surprise for you!

Sonakshi: Reallyyyyy?

Dev: Yes, of course. What do you think it is?

Sonakshi: it a ticket for Zayn Malik’s upcoming concert?

Dev: Ughh Sona! For once, leave that Zayn of yours and think properly!

Sonakshi: I’ll only listen to you if you speak no ill about Zayn!

Dev: (once again accepting defeat from his lady love) Okay, fine! Please dear Sona put aside dear Zayn and think properly! I mean in a majestic and royal manner without him. Please!

Sonakshi: (laughs) Hmmm..better! So, is it a…I give up Dev!

Dev: Not so easily Sona! Come on and use that brainy brain of yours!

Sonakshi: Fine! Umm…is it a book or the latest album of Za…I mean is it something related to studies? (makes a puppy face)

Dev: (passes a lovable laugh at her expression which makes Sonakshi look at him adoringly) Nothing about studies either! Well, I think of it to better if I myself tell you..

Sonakshi: Reallyyyy?! What is it then??!

Dev: (holds her by her shoulders) Well my dear Sona, today, we shall be going on a date, a friendly one, to cherish the starting of a new relation between us!

Sonakshi: (overexcited hearing his words) Sochchi???! Love you Dev! (Really???!)

Sonakshi hugs Dev in excitement and both of them feel great. Absolutely wonderful. It felt as if they were on cloud nine. As if this was all they’d ever wanted. Just then, Sonakshi realises what she’d just said and been doing. She quickly lets go of Dev and both of them stare at the ground awkwardly.

Sonakshi: Umm…umm..I’m sorry Dev. It was all because my limitless excitement.

Dev: No problem Sona! I’m overwhelmed seeing that you liked my gift (passes that same sweet yet killing smile). Besides, isn’t hugging a part of friendship? (winks and holds his hands out)

Sonakshi: Really??? I loved your gift Dev! And…(she runs into Dev’s embrace yet again and this time for a really long time, without any shame)

Dev: (continuing their hug) I’ll be at your place at seven. I’ll be waiting for my gorgeous friend’s arrival.

Sonakshi: Thank you soooooo much Dev! I can’t thank you enough for all this! I’ll be waiting for you!

Dev: (lets go of Sonakshi) K then, I’ll catch up with you in class!

Sonakshi: Sure! Bye!

Dev: Bye!

And the two leave in opposite directions. They were shocked yet thrilled thinking about what’d just happened.

Dev’s POV: I’m so happy that my gift was liked by you Sona! Moreover, there’s one thing that has gotten proved, that you love me as much as I do!

Sonakshi’s POV: Dev, I can’t tell you how baldy I want to stay in your embrace forever! I love you! And today, I finally got to know that you do feel for me and you do love me!

Seems like things seem to be going well in DevAkshi’s paradise. Well, for how long? Dev and Sonakshi don’t know either! A date is all that can be seen on the cards currently. And a lovely and remarkable one as well! But, will it help bring the two souls together? And if yes, will it remain this way forever? Will this date truly help some part of their souls to become one forever?

To know more, stay tuned to ME, YOU AND PASSION by Anshita.

So how was it??? Hope you liked it!
This might’ve been a bit short but I don’t really have much time. I’ve gotta complete one more unit from geography and then have a bath and then I’ve gotta go out. Hope you understand ???
Do drop in your suggestions and comments!
With love,

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      1. Heshine

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  5. Manya

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    1. Thank you sooo much Ayushi!
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    So sweet Anshita 🙂 🙂 Loving it!!!!

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    1. Thank you soooooooooooo much Azzuu dear!!!???????
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    1. Hey Maria di!!!
      Yes, I indeed am a huge fan of Zayn Malik??
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      I’m glad to see that you liked the part when they hugged each other. To them, at that moment, it might’ve just seemed a hug in friendship. But for us DevAkshians, it was lovely and sweet???
      Yes, they sure do know that they both have feelings for each other. Yet, it seems that taking this relationship much ahead will be hard for them. After all, Sona is yet to chase her dreams!!!!??????
      I’d been wondering when to include my promo as well and finally, it seemed to me that putting it in this episode wouldn’t be that bad. And I’m happy to see that you remembered!??
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