One night (Part 3)

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Aryan will comes out of that hotel. He tries to call some one. But it is switched off. Then he will msg to rajveer to call him as soon as possible. After some time he get some call & sees it. It is from aradhya. Then by seeing it he again starts to say his story.

” I want to say about another important person in my life. She is aradhya. I think u have seen many types of lovers in books & movies. But i am sure u have never seen lovers like us. 24th october 2014. ”

Flash back starts.

Aryan & his 3 friends sudeep, rajveer & karan are sitting in some area & talking with each other.

Sudeep: Aryan who is your lover? How is look like?

Aryan: She is aradhya. Aaru. I will not say she is only beautiful but she is also cute. (In exciting tone)

Sudeep: Ok relax dnt get excite.

Raj: Aryan i am sure she has a boyfriend.

Aryan: No raj she doesn’t have.

Karan: But how do u know?

Aryan: I had followed her.

Raj: Hello what is your blo*dy following? When this kunfu panda karan is having girlfriend, aaru is such a beautiful girl then y can’t she have a boyfriend. Be practical aryan.

Karan: Aryan remember one thing there is no beautiful girl without boyfriend.

Sudeep: He is right.

That day i thought my friends are saying true. So finally i decided to meet her & i went to her college directly. Then only one thing happened which i never expected. Some one came beside him & calls him by touching his shoulders.

She is aaru. Aryan did’nt observed her as she is behind him. Avoiding he completely looks into college.

Aryan: Y she is taking this much time to come out.

Aaru also looks like him into college.

Artan: She should be here by this time daily.

Then suddenly aaru speaks.

Aaru: What are seeing?

Aryan gets shocked by seeing her beside him.

Aryan: Woh….woh… i… a..mmm standing here for casual.

AAru: U came here to meet me right.

Aryan: He nods his in no. My friend is studying in same college.

Aaru: Ohhhhhhh……..

Aryan: Thats y i came to m…..mmm meet him.

Aaru: Ok what’s the program?

Aryan: What program? (in confused tone)

Aaru smiles.

Aaru: U are following me from last 2 weeks. After 2 weeks u will come to me & will ask the same question. So y to waste time & energy. So tell me where we have to go & what is the program?

Aryan gets surprised & also happy & says coffee day. Aaru agrees.

Aaru: Hey wait in middle i have small work is it ok for u.

Aryan: Sure no problem at all. Where to go?

Aaru: Go straight i will say u.

They leave on bike. After sometime she stops at one place.

Aryan: But this is wine shop.

Aaru: I know.

She will go in shop & asks shopkeeper to give 2 beers. Then again they will go on bike.

Aryan: Madam….

Aaru: ha…

Aryan: From how many days u r having this habbit?

Aaru: From how many days u r having this?

Aryan: I think from engineering 2nd year.

Aaru: I am senior i am having from inter 2nd year.

He was shocked & stops bike.

Aaru: Relax it was just a beer boss.

Aryan thinks that she is so fast. Aaru says him to stop at some place.

Aryan: what happened now?

Aaru: U just hold this i will come just now. He will hold it & thinks if my father saw me like this he will kill me. She will go to one shop & she will buy con**m packets.

Aryan does’nt know what she buys & thinks there she bought beer & here what he had bought?

Aaru: Ha now go.

Then they will go to one isolated place. Aaru will go first. Aryan is confused.

Aryan: Now y we came here?

Aaru: First sit here. He will sit being afraid. Some beer?

Aryan: No thanks.

Aaeu: First i will go & then u follow me quietly.

Aryan is shocked & surprised. They will sit at one place.

Aaru: What is your name?

Aryan: Aryan. Aryan shashwat rao.

Aaru. Aryan. Ok average name. Ok now go & see there if any one is there or not.

Aryan is stunned.

Aaru: Go na….

Aryan: Ok ok. He will go to see. Here aaru will open bottle to drink. At some distance aryan will see some boys are forming a group & drinking. He will say the same to aaru.

Aaru: Super.

AryanL What r u doing now? He will see two con**ms which contains beer & tied as a balloon & he laughs.

That is y u took con**ms. I thought it for……

Aarru looks at him angrily. So he stops talking more.

Aryan: Actually what we are going to do?

Aaru: Ahhh we are going play games. Just hold these. Follow me. Both will go to those group of people. Aaru will see angrily at one person. Then she will remember one incident.

Aaru & her friend both are eating ice cream on road. Then the same person hold same con**ms with beer & comes to them. He will call aaru’s friend & says u blo*dy lady because of mine drinking infront of your house u have gave police complaint on me right. Now see what i will do. And then he throws that packet on her. He scolds her again & says this time i am leaving only with con**m & beer next time u can’t imagine. ” He leaves.

Now aaru will remember him in that group & calls him.

Man: Wow u have came directly here.

Aaru: Aryan go & beat them badly.

Aryan: What i have to beat them that too alone. Please think again.

Man: Idiot are u her boyfriend?

Aryan: No boss i am not that talented. She is an innocent i will convince her. Aaru they are so many here. We may be in problem.

Aaru: Idiot just leave my hand. If u will not go to beat them then i will bet them.

Those persons will get angry on her & will come close to her. Aryan will request them to leave her. Aaru will push aryan aside * she will take pepper spray from her bag & spray on them. All will fall down due to pain. Aryan will stay in shock. Then aaru will beat them badly & scolds them. Again she will take con**ms from aryan & throw them on those people.

Aaru & aryan runs from there. They will hide at one place. Aryan was completely terrified & asks aaru y did she beat them?

Aaru: First u say y u have followed me?

Aryan: Be….because….because…

Aaru: Do u like me? Aryan being shy nods in yes.

Aaru: What do u like in me?

Aryan: I like everything in u. Specially those eyes.

Aaru: Ok then promise me. U should not say that i should wear only particular types of dresses. U should not say not to talk with men. I will cook for 3 days U should cook for 3 days, Remaining one day we can eat out. If u want to drink u can in home. But I will not allow to smoke in home. And…

Aryan: Wait wait ….. y are u talking about those matters.

aaruL Before marriage we should discuss those matters right.

Aryan: What??? Marriage,

Aaru: Will u not marry me?

Aryan: I did’nt mean that we have meet now only 1st time right but suddenly marriage….

Aaru: Then what we have to do?

Aryan: We will meet regularly & understand….

Aaru: Ok tomorrow sharp at 3 coffee day.

Aryan: Perfect.

Aaru: ok done.

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  1. OMG!!?Dz stry..Aaru z so so so perfect..I feel lyk that..?????Thankz for dz cute update…

    1. So sweet of u rebba & thanks for commenting

  2. I know this story already its one movie Right?

    1. No its not from its from one concept i am making my own story.

  3. Nitha

    Awesome yaar esp aru?.. Aryan ‘s innocence ?it’s getting interesting day by day post next..

    1. Thanku nitha i will update soon & thanks for commenting

  4. Wow imagine the character of aru it’s perfect so Gud sophi yar Aryan is so innocent and this makes the perfect pair between them God just enjoyed it please dear post Nxt epi quikly cn’t wait????

    1. Thanku sitara i will update soon

  5. That was very interesting keep it up

  6. Hey I know this story. Its tamil movie right……

  7. Yes ,it is one Tamil movie . movie name is ya kavaraiannum na kakka.

  8. Year too late please post another part

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