Parvarish 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 6th February 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Jeet shouting at the kidnappers who had got bail and called them for threatening. Pinky is very frightened. Jeet and Raavi goes to police station to enquire about the kidnappers and learns that the kidnappers got bail by the legislator. Jeet (in shock & dissatisfied with the cop’s reply) tries to convince the cop but to no avail. Raavi stops Jeet from yelling and also tells the cop that they will not take back their case. The cop also assures them to give Raavi police protection.

Pinky is worried ; as Raavi, Jeet return home she ask them a pile of questions in tensed mood. Raavi like a responsible citizen explains the real meaning of law and order. She also tells that she will get justice by jailing the kidnappers and also tells them to feel no guilt as they are on the good side. At night, door bell starts ringing; Jeet, Pinky, Raavi & Sunny are frightened to open the door while Jeet says that they had to face it. Jeet opens the door and……they show a big sigh of relief as the chairman, watchman and Mr.Chadda [or something, I don’t remember his name]- (he was shown when calls him to show that how the watchman is and fires him).

They tell Ahujas that they got a call that the Ahujas are unsafe and therefore they rush at their house. Jeet pretends it to be a prank call but Raavi is in a great thought. After, Jeet & Pinky are having a talk about this when the kidnapper calls them and threatens them to take back the case or else. Raavi listens to their conversation but still Raavi pretends to be brave and hugs him tightly. Pinky too hears but Raavi tells her to not worry and they all hug each other.

Hey guys there was also something Raavi spoke when the show ended with no precap. Raavi said something like – Believe in our parents, don’t be afraid cuz truth always follows along the right path.

Update Credit to: PhoenixSnitch49

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