Parvarish 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 5th February 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rinku returning Ahluwalia house, where her boyfriends holds her hand and is in romantic mood. Sweety feels someone is at door, and goes to open it, while the noise make the couple alert. The bf hides him. Sweety asks Rinku if she is there at the door why did not she ring the bell. She replies she was about to. Sweety asks why she is alone. Sweety suggests her not to come alone,she shall inform Lucky or her as there have been many incidences happening in the city. Rinku says as her classes ended early she decided to come back.She says she needs to go to washroom as the washroom in Coaching classes were very dirty.All this while she was hiding the packet in which the dress is there, which has been gifted by her bf. When Rinku is going upstairs, Sweety notices that.


talks about this to Lucky, she feels Rinku went shopping alone.Luck says Rinku has lost her mother, May be she has been independently brought up by her father. Sweety says, but she is their responsibility as they never let Ginnni go anywhere alone..They shall not let Rinku too. Rocky comes there and says he will take care of her and take her anywhere she needs to go .Sweety asks what happened about his dislikes. Rocky quickly replies it is his duty, as his parents responsibility is his own. Lucky says good boy, now bring Ginni home from tuition classes.

Rinku is talking with her BF,she has been discussing about everything, Rocky comes there and knocks the door. She quickly hides the packet, and seems quite irritated with Rocky’s” main hoon na “attitude. Rocky asks her what was she doing in front of the coaching center with a boy,she is tensed and manages by saying her sandals were broking ,she feel on a guy.etc etc..Rocky tells her don’t worry, he will take her to shopping for buying new sandals. Rinku says she will get ready with a list, what all other things she wants to have.

Raavi is buying colors and papers for sunny and while talking to him by phone, she sees the watchman and thief crossing the road, she follows them and near a bus she sees them standing in front of her .She is stunned and runs to two policemen and tells them everything. They go to them and ask about it, the watchman shows the bail letter and discloses to Raavi that they are free now. Raavi is disturbed; she returns back home says everything to Pinky and Jeet. Pinky just then gets a phone call, Jeet receives the call and the watchman threatens him to take the case away or he will destroy the lives of his family members.

Update Credit to: XVIRUS

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