Parvarish 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 4th February 2013 Written Update

Rinku is talking to her bf and comes when lucky notices her asks her where she is going? She is saying its first day of coaching classes so I am going early. Rocky is like which one? Rinku replies gupta coaching classes. Rocky like you should to mine; rinku is like mine are for medical and yours are for engineers. Lucky is like I will get your admission into best coaching class rocky is like no bcs rink’s coaching classes are in same area as rocky so he doesn’t want them changed. Rocky gets ready and tries different clothes to get ready to drop of rinku. Its funny to see rocky getting dressed up.

Pinky is writing a reply to jeet’s love letter..
Rocky is talking on phone while sweety says there are 3 kids at home its still quite how? Lucky is like 2 are out of town; they went

to coaching classes. Sweety says did she alone? U didn’t go to drop her. Lucky says I was going but rocky also went to his classes so he will drop her. Ginny comes and says he went to classes but left his books; and go into her room his room smells like aftershave. Lucky is like what happen to rocky? Sweety is like it happens sometimes.

In auto rocky is staring at rinku and rinku smiles at him. They both have an eye lock. Rocky comes back in reality and starts telling his soccer stories. Rinku says let me study; when teacher will ask me something meri chopsey ho jayegi. Rocky is like I was talking to driver. Rinku gets a message and she asks how much time it will take? Rocky is like why someone is waiting? Rinku is like no I was getting late. Rocky is like how abt the msg. rinku rolls her eyes. They arrive at classes rocky tries to talk but rinku disappears. Rinku hugs her bf. Rocky looks back but doesn’t see anything.

Someone walks in with letter for jeet in office. He reads pinky’s letter. Jeet says I love you too. He says I wont reply on phone gets up and goes home early.
Rocky comes to his classes; his friendz tease him abt looks and perfume. He thinks he forgot in auto runs but driver says you did not have any books. Rocky realises he forgot at home. Raavi calls him rocky requests to borrow her books. Raavi is like how did you forget? Etc. etc. raavi says I will but tell me what the problem is? Rocky says u wont say anything. Raavi is like u r in chakkar again. Rocky is like no not tht type of affair. I am in love. Raavi is like yah rite and walks away.

Rinku and her bf at a caf; rinku is like did you get money? He is like yah its 5000 he is like why? She is saying some tanu weds manu pahely.. something with shaadi ka joda..
Rocky and raavi.. rocky is like when she comes infront music starts; you know someone pressed slow motion button. Raavi is smiling and says this is serous vala love..she is like who, what when where and how? Rocky runs with books in hand. Rocky in class imagining flashbacks..raavi smiles at him.
Rinky and her bf are talking’.

In class teacher notices rocky;. Raavi tries calling him.. but then teacher comes near rocky and says tht u will tell me. Rocky is like what? Teacher is like first law. Rocky gets up’ and says which subject. Teacher scolds rocky for not paying attention. He makes fun of him. Bell rings and everyone leaves. Raavi is like you are going mad in love.
Rocky comes to coaching classes and another dumb music sequence of mohabatein. Rocky realizes and knocks on door. Someone comes and says everyone left. Rocky gives lecture. Guy is like why are you so worried.

At sweety’s house sweety is talking to rinku’s father abt safety. And sweety is like she is nice. Rinku is about to ring bell.. her bf holds her hand. Rinku is like let go someone will come and suspect. Bf goes like I don’t care. Sweety goes near door when they are outside.

Precap: raavi comes home scared saying watchmen and his men are free. They got bail from jail. Watchmen gives warning to jeet.

Update Credit to: cool127

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