Parvarish 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 30th May 2013 Written Update

Ahluwalias House

Sidhant Mathur says that mothers confuse their roles with that of house wife and hence there is too many problems at home. Sweety gets angry. Door bell rings. Pinky asks Sunny to open but Sunny says he is too busy video calling Pinky opens and it is Mathur Kids- Tanmay and Ragini. Tanmay informs his father that they both are going to play outside and are going to take in Vitamin D Sweety and Pinky are surprised. Sidhant says Vitamin D is very important but kids nowadays are not playing outside at all(So true). Pinky asks Sunny to go outside and play but Sunny says he will become dark and no one will love him Sweety asks Sunny to go and be with Rocky and Ginny but Sunny says both of them are not at home. Sweety is shocked. Sidhant says he always knows where his kids are and kids

lie because parents make them to. Sweety is fuming. Sidhant leaves as he have to make dinner.

Lucky Office

Lucky is sitting tensed. Jeet comes in and asks what happened. Lucky tells because of this Mathurs life is becoming hell. Jeet asks what happened. Flashback. Sweety is shouting at Lucky. She complains how his kids lied to her and they are nalaayak. She warns him not to come in between today. Lucky then tells after sometime he got another call. This time…Sweety apologises to Lucky for shouting at him. Kids had gone to Pinky’s house only and she only changed plans at last. Jeet tells same case at his house also and Pinky is sitting all depressed. Flashback. Pinky is sitting on the bed. Jeet calls and Pinky tell sadly that she does not want to talk to him now. Lucky tells they need to put an end to this, this Sidhant cannot come and share parvarish gyaan like this and put Sweety and Pinky into confusion. Both fear what if their wives start comparing them with Sidhant. Both decide to go to Mathurs house and speak with him.

Mathurs House

Jeet and Lucky reach the house. They ring the bell. Meera opens the door and welcomes them. Sidhant comes from kitchen with apron on and JL(Jeet-Lucky) watch him surprised. He welcomes them. Meera asks them to sit. JL are very uncomfortable. Sidhant brings water for JL. Sid asks if they need something to drink and will they eat pakoras. Lucky is tempted. Jeet tells No. Meera says she will freshen and come. Sidhant tells he has taken her clothes and has got her shampoo also. JL are looking in awe. Meera leaves. Tanmay(boy) comes and asks doubt to Sidhant. He explains about the number of muscles. Lucky goes to flashback. Ginny has asked some question and he is blinking. Sweety is taunting him asking if he knows anything or not. Jeet brings him back to reality. Jeet then asks Sid whether he cooks daily or cooks for all days on a single day and keep it in fridge. Sid tells he cooks every day twice. Meera helps him in the morning. Kids make their own breakfast. Jeet goes to flashback. He has messed up the kitchen. Pinky shouts at him and asks him to go. Lucky brings Jeet back. Meera comes. Jeet asks when Sid works when he does all household work. Meera tells he works 2 hours during day time and 2 hours in the night. She explains how they will have dinner together now and then will tell stories and make kids sleep and then he will work. JL are shocked to see such a family. Meera asks Sid to repair her laptop. Jeet asks if he knows that also. Meera tells Sid is a computer engineer but likes to do cartoons and has also got award for a book from Rashtrapati. Lucky is like kiska pati. Sid asks them to eat dinner. Jeet and Lucky excuses saying their wives will be waiting and takes leave. Meera invites them to come for dinner on Saturday, both families. JL accept and leaves.

Sweety-Pinky phone convo

Sweety says Mathurs cannot be perfect like this and she will find out how. Sweety says they need to go to their house and find out. Pinky agrees.

Ahluwalias House

Jeet and Lucky come. They ring the bell. Jeet tells he needs to get a diabetes test as how can a family be so sweet. Sweety open the door. JL comes and sits on sofa. Sweety goes to bring tea. Lucky tells without sugar. Jeet explains how they went to Mathurs and what a sweet family they are. Lucky tells her that she will herself see the family drama on Saturday. Jeet gets a call from apartment guy telling how can his daughter paste posters. It is illegal. Jeet leaves immediately.

Ahujas House

Jeet is trying to speak with Raavi. Raavi tells it is just a matter of 5 minutes. Can’t they switch of electricity for that. Jeet is confused. Sweety calls Pinky and informs about Saturday dinner.

Sweety and Pinky are searching something in Mathurs room. Sweety sees a book on Parvarish nuskhe and she understands the secret

Update Credit to: Shweta1502

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