Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 30th May 2013 Written Update

Shyama telling Nandini she saw Neil in the sangeet she could see it on Neil’s face he had feelings for her. Shyama asks her whats wrong with it. She reminds Nandini.. Neil is still unmarried. She says in life everyone is surrounded by sadness but happiness comes once in a while therefore she shouldn’t let it go. Shyama also says everyone’s past always haunts their present and future. Nandini puzzled.. she keeps her hand on Shyama’s shoulder. Nandini asks whom she is talking about. Shyama says shes talking about her -Nandini. She again tells her to meet Neil. Nandini is thinking.

Balraj in his study room getting FB of Meera talking about her father Prem Ranavat. Balraj is worried.

*Flashback* Balraj many years ago in some warehouse type place.

Some guy comes to him and says he completed the job of killing Kailash Asthana but someone came between and saw the murder. Balraj is worried to know there was a witness.Balraj asks who was he. He answers someone named Prem Ranavat. Balraj remembers him as Kailash’s college friend. Balraj tells him the two dead bodies should be in different places. He needs the police to see Kailash’s body only after he is decladed dead.. he’ll get all the properties. *Flashback Ends*

Balraj is laughing thinking the guy he killed.. his daughter is carrying the child of Balraj’s son. He is laughing hysterically and saying Kismat ka khel!

Arti is smiling looking at Meera’s baby bump. She asks her if she noticed her baby bump. Meera surprised she didnt realize 5 months passed and the bump started to show. Arti says its because she is so thin and tells her to have food properly. Arti is surprised to see Meera not reacting to her scolds and listening to everything she is saying. Arti asks why she didnt react.. Meera says she is feeling good to have someone scolding her. Meera hugs her.

Akhil looks at Shyama’s ghungroo’s and remember their moment. Shyama is shocked to see it and tells him to not take this out. Akhil says he found it while searching for a file. Shyama tells him never to remember that period.. its was a curse. Akhil asks her what is wrong with her behaviour. She answers everything is fine nothing is wrong. Shyama finds his file and she and Akhil have a cute moment. Akhil leaves for work. Shyama is in tears scared of losing Akhil because of Mongia.

Balraj comes to Meera’s house. He tells Arti he came to take Meera for a day because Beeji wanted to meet her. Arti tells Balraj about the letter she found of Kailash’s. Balraj is shocked and super worried.. he asks Arti if she read the letter. The househelp finds the letter and hand it over to Arti. Balraj is tensed. Arti is almost taking the letter out of the envelope. She reads insurance and Balraj lifts her hand and does some nautanki of crying. He says he wants to see his brother’s letter. Meera comes down and says she is ready to visit Asthana house. Balraj still worried with the letter still in Arti’s hand. Arti looks at him suspiciously.

Beeji is back to the house. Anuja, Niranjan, Pallo welcomes her. Niranjan says he missed her a lot and missed sharing his stories. Pallo tells him to stop and she hugs Beeji. Shyama and Aloka also joins them in welcoming Beeji. Beeji asks where Nandini is. Aloka says Nandini is outside. Meera enters Asthana house with Balraj… Beeji and Meera hugs and Beeji tells her the baby bump is visible now. Beeji looks at Balraj.. Balraj looks at another direction looking unhappy.

Nandini comes to meet Neil. She stands outisde his door she rings the bell but is reluctant to enter. She is about to leave when Neil opens the door while fixing his shirt. Nandini is feeling embarassed. Nandini and Neil look at each other. They come out of the daze with Neil asking TUM. Nandini says she came at a wrong time.. she should have called before coming. Neil says its been 5 years. She came after 5 years it cannot be a wrong time. He asks her if she wont come inside. If she wants to stay there then his neighbours will get excited seeing a beautiful girl outside his door. As they want him to get settled he cracks a joke if they should settle there outside the door…which makes Nandini laugh. She gets in and Neil tries to fix the mess his house was. She says she needs to say him one thing.. he say she’ll have to take coffee made by him. His coffee is special in Delhi. He goes to make coffee and Nandini looks on.

PRECAP Nandini tells Neil she cant look back he asks her why. He says Ani was a cheat who gave her only betrayal. Arti reads Kailash’s letter and is shocked to find Balraj killed his own brother.

Update Credit to: ablazedmelody

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