Parvarish 2 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simran prepars pasta for Ria and says it is to celebrate her victory in SOTY. Ria picks sauce. Door bell rings. She goes and opens door and is shocked to see policeman. She drops sauce bowl in a shock. Inspector says he caught her red handed. Raj comes and says he is his close friend DCP Pandey and takes him in. Simran asks who has come. Raj says Pandey. She asks if he would to have tea. Pandey says yes. Pandey says he saw Ria somewhere. Raj says her pics are all over his clinic and his day starts seeing Ria.

Ria says Simran that she will bring sauce from Suri aunty’s house and rues to Suri’s home. Suri is with Jassi and Jogi discussing about hit and run case. She says accident does not happen purposefully, but whoever does should take victim to hospital and not elope. They all 3 go to room and Jassi says she told them to inform mom. Ria says if they inform, they will be caught for driving under 18 and will be in jail. She says DCP Panday has come home and he is handing their hit and run case.

They all 3 walk in via backdoor and listen to their conversation.. Pandey discusses case with Raj and seeks his opinion. Raj also opines same. They wall in corridor and inspector sees them and says booom. They get afraid. He aks if they are listening to their chat. They say no. Raj asks how did they come in. Jogi says he heard police has come and thought of entering like a thief and listening to their conversation. DCP asks them to come and listen directly. They all sit in a hall. DCP discusses about case again and says children must not have run. Jogi jokes.. and thinks girls force him to speak first. DCP asks what is he thinking. Jogi continues. Raj says all these 3 will be awarded by police for their bravery tomorrow.

Adi calls all 3 over conference call and says if they go for award ceremony, they will be among parents and police and will be caught easily. Jogi says they will send parents on stage instead. Adi says even then seeing police, they will panic and will blurt out truth, so it is better not to go there. Their argument continues.

Precap: Ria, Jassi and Jogi panic seeing inspector who met them at accident venue. Inspector looks at them.

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  1. oh no the prcap that inspector was the same inspector at the accident site
    looks like the kids will be caught
    im sure the culprit is abhimanyu and his friends for sure

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