Begusarai 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Soni says to Ananya that i couldnt find out about Adarsh’s mysterious girl, ananya says we have to find his secret before he is alerted, once we find his truth then we will get him to our side, Soni says its not that easy and Adarsh has gone to patna, Ananya says Mayank can help us, Soni says no, dont tell him, Ananya says we dont have otherway and i know Mayank is master in computer hacking, we can find out about that phone number.
Adarsh comes to meet some Abdul, Adarsh says to Abdul that how dare you blackmail me? Abdul says i am just taking my chance, i should get benefit for your hiding your truth from Maa Thakurain, Adarsh puts gun in his mouth and says i will bury my truth with your deadbody, you have any last wish? Abdul says forgive me, my kids will become orphan, i will not tell anyone, forgive me, Adarsh says good, be in your limits, he leaves from there.
Soni says that there is scheme, if you give 10,000rs then they will give us 5lacs after 2months, Mayank says call them, Soni says their number is switched off, Mayank says i will track their number, tell me number, Soni tells number, Mayank says its private number, seems like its some influential person, Soni says i wont be able find that person, Mayank says i have got their address, lets go and meet them, Soni says no he might be dangerous, Mayank says i will take my brother in laws, they are most dangerous, Soni says no then they will Maa Bindya and we wont be able to go, Mayank says right, we will go tomorrow, he leaves, Soni notes down address and deletes it, she says Mayank wont be able to go now, address is of Patna.
Adarsh comes to mysterious girls’ house, he smiles at her and goes in.
Bindya looks st some girl’s photo, man says this girl has destroyed my boss’s business, Bindya says this is interesting, man says i have listened my boss’s voice only, i havent met him, Bindya says then tell your boss that his work will be done.
Shakti recalls how Garv took Ananya in his arms, how Ananya said that he has given her pain for life. shakti sees Ananya standing in his room and smiling at him, he looks at her in mirror, she smiles, he smiles at her, Garv comes there, Shakti is seeing all this in mirror, Garv smirks and hugs Ananya from behind, Ananya is happy with him, Shakti is jealous seeing them so close, Shakti breaks mirror with his hand, he shouts no, its all turns out to be his imagination. Shakti says bindya maa is right, woman is fire which can burn any woman. Shakti imagines his inner soul, soul says you destroyed Ananya’s life and blaming her only? why are you jealous of Garv and Ananya? Shakti says i wont answer you, Shakti says she is Garv’s wife too, your 4brothers are her husband, Shakti says shut up, soul says it means you still have Ananya inside you, you are jealous of Garv, you love Ananya. Shakti says i dont care about Ananya, soul says you cant runaway from truth, you are lying, you are lying, Shakit says no, he breaks mirror, his hand is bleeding.
Soni shows address to ananya and says its of Patna, Ananya says this means he is in Patna not in Dehli, Soni says i dont understand why Adarsh is lying to family, they listen someone walking noise, Soni says if someone is listening our talk? Ananya says i will check. Ananya comes out of room and doesnt find anyone, she is stunned to hand mark on wall, she checks that its blood on wall, she is confused.
Its morning, Samar says good morning to Badi Amma, Badi Amma asks where is Bindya? Samar says she is not at home, she went for some work, Badi Amma says why did you let her go? she needs rest, Soni says you know Bindya ma can never be stopped by anyone. Garv comes there, Ananya says good morning, Garv doesnt answer her, Ananya says i will serve you. shakti comes there too. Ananya looks bandage in his hand and recalls how she had seen blood hand mark on wall. Garv asks what happened? Shakti says sometimes when you play with fire, your hand gets burned only.
Garv looks at Shakti and asks Ananya can he get puri? She smiles and serves him, Garv holds her hand and says you have magic in your hands, i havent eaten this kind of food, Ananya smiles and gives him one more, shakti is jealous. Ananya comes to Shakti and serves him, Garv asks ananya to get ready after breakfast, he asks why are all looking at him? its not sin to take wife on hangout, Badi Amma asks how did you get this idea? Garv says lshe serves us food, all the time she is cooking so its my duty to take her out, he asks her to come to him, ananya comes to him from Shakti, Garv aks where will you want to go?
Girl is looking food, Adarsh comes from behind and hugs her, girl says this will not work, i am cooking for you, Adarsh says i have come to romance with you, Girl says you are not romantic, you dont come to me often, Adarsh sys now i have come so i will erase all your complaints, he pulls her closer and gets romantic. Someone knocks door, Adarsh sees Bindya Maa’s goons from window and says if Bindya got to know about Bhavna?
Ananya says i dont know, Badi Amma says take her to shopping, Ananya says yes and Soni will come with me too, Garv says okay then, Shakti gets up from there, Badi Amma asks him to finish food, he saysa my hunger is served with their talks only, he leaves. ananya serves puri to Garv, he says enough, will you kill me with your oily food? he leaves, Ananya thinks that there is something wrong with his behavior.

PRECAP- Garv brings Ananya to park, he gets close to her but shakti comes there. Garv says my wife has come out with me for fisrt time, Soni you click our picture, Shakti says she is my wife too so photo will be with both of us, both brothers sit beside Ananya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. disgusting writers sale mc

  2. Writers are so cheap how can a girl to be five persons wife it’s soooo disgusting

  3. Seriously yaar, how can they be so cheap, total crap this serial is, making a girl wife for 5 guys itself is disgusting and in top of it this drama by the girl to make one another jealous, from where do they get such stupid storylines.

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