Parvarish 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 11th February 2013 Written Update

raavi is walking when she feels someone is following her when she turns sees jeet. She says stop worrying about me i will manage. promise. jeet says i know i am taking you to a lawyer. Raavi has her classes jeet says that you will only miss one lecture. they both leave.
Sweety gets to know about threats from kidnappers gets shocked. lucky says bidhayak is behind them. they dicuss about bad politics. Sweety says that to tell jeet that they are with them. sweety says that i think till parents get strong and force kids to follow the truth till then bad people will get power.

rinku and rocky come down for tutions when sweety asks lucky to drop them off. sweety says that raavi matter has gone worse and rinku question about it?
at lawyers place, lawyer says that you have to keep

in mind what you are filing against; bail or threat notice. when her kid calls and they have little cute talk. Raavi asks about her family. lawyer says tht i understand your concern that is why i want to carefully draft this matter and we need to take media’s support to pressurize police to provide protection. raavi asks whether they can harm lawyer says we cant tell. lawyer says you can go i will submit papers today.

at night while coming home jeet notices pepole talking on side when he goes tenants say that they cut power and generator and they got a threat call from them to convince jeet to take case back. one tenant is angry and says put your family in danger not mine. society’s manager tries to convince jeet to take case back. jeet in deep thought.
At home, pinky says that this was left from it. she says many ppl came home and called her. everyone is worried. pinky says that we have no right to bother others. jeet says that i didnt know matter will go this far. lawyer calls jeet to say that papers have been filed if she can come home to give him papers. jeet says we cant move back; we have filed a case against them. pinky is worried. jeet motivates pinky saying we live in a democratic country. sunny says i am hungry. pinky gets up to cook. rocky and raavi come home SUNNY drags rocky to finish some level. jeet says waas everything okay? raavi says yah rocky is with me so.

all 3 kids, rocky says level done. rocky says i will leave. sunny asks him to stay raavi says he wont he has to go home early now. snny is like why? what is at home? raavi says asks who is at home? sunny does ask. raavi says ginny and rashi talk a lot and rashi says everythign to me. raavi says i heard tht guest is beautiful. rocky laughs adn says no. raavi is like then you are staying. rocky says i dont have to go home. sunyn gets exicted rocky asks i will tlak to mom 1st. sweety agrees.

at home phone is ringing jeet scared to pick up. he does someone says i told you to take one case back you filed 2nd case. dont tell me tht i didnt warn you. he says watch what i do to you.
someone rings bell. jeet opens adn sees lawyer and opens it. lawyer is scared to come in when lawyer says sorry my sonu; jeet is shocked to see kidnappers at his place. they are all dressed up as lawyers. jeet is shocked. one of them what is all this? he shows a knife to jeet and enter his house. they lock the door. kidnapper says if oyu do anyting then i will kill lawter. pinky is shocked rocky and raavi come out of rook shocked to see kidnappers. rockys says what are you doing? raavi says look… kidnappers shusshes them. kidnapper says dont talk. he says lawyers son is with us. dont do a mistake; otherwise her son will be killed. he shows them a knife.

lawyer says they kidnapped my son; plz save my son. jeet says dont worry no one will do nathing.. rashi and sunny come and they are shocked. they come and hug parents. jeet says everyone is with me. tell me what you want. kidnapper says we came to do a deal should we sit and deal. he screams sit. pinky says sit evryone. they all sit. they close all curtains adn take out phone connections. kids crying. he asks for cell phones. when rocky runs to room and one kidnapper beats him. they try to take his cell phone. they do in end.

precap: kidnappper says take case back in morning at 10. i am giving you time till morning.

Update Credit to: cool127

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